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Is Death Simply A Transition?

Updated on July 23, 2015

What Happens After Death?

Quite a number of people are trying to suppress this question and avoid thinking of the unavoidable death, because they find it scary and hard to deal with.

However, another considerable amount of people are trying to find the answer to the same question, because they somehow instinctively know, they need to put the threatening unknown to rest, before they can fully enjoy and be present in this life.

What if death is merely a transition to a new life? More than 50% of the world’s population believe in reincarnation, according to the video “Evidence of Reincarnation”, which you will find further down.


What Does Reincarnation Actually Mean?

The word "reincarnation" derives from Latin, literally meaning, "entering the flesh again".

(See Wikipedia).

Have We Lived Before?

There are a number of documented cases of people, especially children, who remember their previously lives. They remember their name, their sex, their previously family, where they lived and in some cases they are able to speak a language from a previously life, a language that is, that they have absolutely no knowledge of in their present life.

If you remember any past lives, please add your comments at the end of the page.

Boy Claimed He Was A World War Fighter

Where Does Religion Stand - Regarding Reincarnation?

Quite a few religions believe in reincarnation, however, they all have different views on, how reincarnation works. Not only do they have different views on reincarnation, they even have different branches inside each religion with different views on the subject.

Brief overview of the 4 big religions stands on afterlife:

Buddhism: The Buddhists do not believe that each of us have an eternal soul, or a unique "self", which incarnate in a new body. They believe, we are re-born with a "stream of consciousness", in simple terms: we are all part of the universe and not individual entities.

Christianity: Christians do not believe in incarnation. They believe in divine judgement, which will either give them eternal life in Heaven or eternal damnation in Hell.

Hinduism: Hindus believes that our soul incarnate in a new body. They believe you will be re-born as a human, an animal or a divinity until you get the final release.

Islam: A few Muslim sects believe in reincarnation, but as an overall Muslims do not believe in incarnation.

What do the experts say?

Statistics About Children Who Remember Past Lifes

  • 60% of children who claim past-life memories are male
  • 70% of the children claim they died a violent or unnatural death
  • 90% of the children say they were the same sex in a previous life as they are now
  • The median time between claimed death and birth is 16 month
  • 20% of children claim memories of the time between death and rebirth

(Source: The Science of Reincarnation, U.Va. psychiatrist Jim Tucker investigates children’s claims of past lives by Sean Lyons)

Research In Reincarnation

Even though 2.500 claimed cases of reincarnation has been investigated and approximately 50% has been verified, by the only scientific research project in the USA dealing with reincarnation, "The Division of Perceptual Studies" at the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, it's a Gothic knot to scientifically prove that reincarnation is a scientific fact.

Our scientific world today is built on a science, which assumes that consciousness "lives" in the brain. When a person dies, there is no longer any activity in the brain and therefor, according to science, nor any consciousness that can live on - be born again in another body and still have consciousness and memory of a past life.

However, our scientific paradigm has changed several times throughout human history and there might be reason to believe that it's about to happen again!

Cardiologist Challenges Our Present Scientific Paradigm

Cardiologist, Dr. Pim van Lommel, has written the book “Consciousness Beyond Life” based on his interview with patients, who experienced Near Death Experiences.

Many of Dr. Pim van Lommels patients died from cardiac arrest, and had no brain activity for up to 5 minutes, but still they could tell, after being brought back to life, what they experienced in that time and what went on in the operation theater. The researcher concludes that consciousness does indeed not live in the brain and that our present scientific paradigm is walking on thin ice!

In other words: Consciousness does not die when the brain dies!

Do You Have Any Past Life Memories?

See results

Discoveries Brings New Questions

Consciousness does not die along with the body. So where does it go?

Many people, who have experienced Near Death Experiences, talk about being surrounded by unconditional love - a feeling so strong that many find it hard to return to their bodies and continue life. They feel an urge to stay in this total feeling of accept and love, and when they are brought back to life, they are changed forever.

If you have anything to share about Near Death Experiences or memories of past lives, please do so below.


Please Share Your Thoughts About Reincarnation Or Near Death Experinces

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