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Jesus Is Coming

Updated on August 21, 2014

When Jesus Comes. Will You Be Ready?

Photo of Jesus statue with the lamb, taken by Debra Wilson.
Photo of Jesus statue with the lamb, taken by Debra Wilson. | Source
When Jesus knocks on your door, will you be ready? Are you saved?
When Jesus knocks on your door, will you be ready? Are you saved? | Source

Are we seeing the signs? Is Jesus coming soon?

In this world today, many people are busy, way too busy to see the signs that are all around them. The television and computers,even cell phones, are getting in the way. Some spend all of their time on these, instead of having family picnics, or riding bikes with friends. The Lord wants us to love others and to spend quality time with each other, but can people stay off of their cell phones and computers? These are the big addictions of today, technology,people are so wrapped up in this that they don't see anything around them. If only people would take the time to read the Bible, to know the word, to understand what angers the Lord and what makes him happy. To understand the true way of living life right and to be ready when the Lord comes for us. What if Jesus came to your door and knocked on it? Would you let him in? We all say yes and how we have faith in Jesus, but how long would it take for us to get up and answer the door? Are you saved? Will you be ready when Jesus comes? These are the questions that we should be asking ourselves. We are the Lord's sheep and he is our master, soon he will be coming to take us all home, just as He promised. but we must be ready. Are you walking in the light of Jesus? Or just floating through the motions of this everyday world without any future. The future is with Jesus, our Lord, the light of the world, to live with him forever. Oh the busy life here on Earth. People are shopping, time on the computer, bills to pay and putting the children through school, Such stress in this life here on Earth, but what should people be doing? Shouldn't it be thanking our Lord Jesus for everything we have? It should be, but a big majority of their time is spent watching the television many hours a day. Instead of spending time outside admiring nature, they watch television programs admiring the glamor of Hollywood and the reality shows. What is the next thing? You got it, talking on cell phones, people actually go into stores with their cell phones in hand , some talking the whole time they are grocery shopping. There doesn't seem to be a thing called family time anymore, where the family, all sit down at the dinner table over a really good meal and turn the television and the cell phones off, starting the dinner with prayer, thanking our good Lord for a wonderful day and all the many things he does for us. If people would do this for each meal, then families would be a lot closer. People let so many things get in the way of Jesus, their love for money, mansions and fancy cars.People think that money makes them who they are,the fancy clothes and the very expensive cars they drive,it's all about how to look good and what to purchase. They become way too busy to be bothered with the thought of Jesus returning to Earth. But he is coming my friends. We do not know the day or time but we wait and we wait patiently. People set aside time to read Fifty Shades of Grey, but do not set aside time to read the Bible.Everything that is happening today,it is all in the Bible, the word of God is law,He is the maker of all creation.If those would only take the time to read it,to get a great understanding of how we are to live our life here on Earth, also to get a close relationship with Jesus our Lord and Savior.People tend to blame the weather changes on global warming or anything the media throws out there. Do you see the signs? Earthquakes, tornadoes, sinkholes, hurricanes,wildfires, hunger, sickness, wars and rumors of war. I could go on and on.These things are all around us.Do we really believe that our Lord in Heaven is happy with the way we live? With the way we act and think? He can't be. And no matter how many signs there are, still so many do not think that Jesus even exist and they choose to turn their heads or close their eyes and ignore the signs.People are so interested into other people's lives, the celebrities and drama television shows, that they would rather see those things than to see the reality, of the sad part of life,.floods,wars,birds falling out of the skies,dolphins washing up dead on shores,homeless families on the streets, our military Men and Women coming home injured .The real reality is that we need to take the time to see the signs and to know that soon our Lord and Savior will be coming for us. Look to Jesus and follow him on the path to Heaven. This world will not get you there. It is Jesus who will come for us and get us there. Jesus tells us to turn to him, to ask for what we need. Just as asking your Father here on Earth for things.Jesus is our Savior in Heaven, above all earthly things. As said in the Bible, PSALM33:4 & PSALM33:5 For the word of the Lord is upright, and all His work is done in faithfulness,He loves righteousness and justice; the Earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord.And He rewards those well who walk the right path behind Him. Then why do people choose to turn their backs on Him? We need Jesus in our lives, He protects us and keeps us safe.He gives us so many things to look forward to, a wonderful home in Heaven, to live with Him and our loved ones forever,paved with streets of pure gold and no more sickness,no hunger, no pain and most important of all, love and lots of it. He loves us so much that He died for our sins and he suffered greatly on that cross .If we will follow Him on this path of righteousness, He has promised us an eternal home to live with Him in Heaven, And on Jesus, we can depend.He will never let us down and is always there for us. He sends us signs to let us know this.Though some choose not to believe in Him and have no faith.In times of troubles they want Him near, that is usually when some choose to call out to Him,they use Him only as a last resort.Jesus wants us to need Him all the time, in good times and bad. I have always said, if you can get out of bed to go to work, then you can surely take the time to go worship Jesus in Church. Many think that you do not have to go to church to believe in Jesus, and this may very well be. But don't you want to learn all that you can about our Lord? the Church is our Lord's house, I'm sure that our Lord would be very pleased that you are taking the time out of a busy day, to take your family to His house to learn the word, to make good christian friends. This making Him very important in your life.Make Jesus the head of your home, teach your children about Him, talk to your friends about Him, invite people to go to Church.To have Jesus in our hearts makes us very happy, so when we meet those who don't have Jesus in their lives,they can see that we smile a lot when we talk about Jesus, because He makes us very happy, we are waiting for Him to come one day, and to take us to Heaven. To we believers, this will be the greatest day of our lives.As we love and adore Jesus,our Master, We will be able to finally live with Him and walk with Him,and see the light.Oh the sound of the trumpets, that glorious day. We look for Jesus. At the end of each day when you watch the evening news, hearing the daily events, you will see that it's all around us,the ways of the world are so full of wickedness. Brother against Brother, Mother against Son. Is there any hope? Yes, It is by these signs that we can change our ways and follow Jesus. He is the one who can make good things happen or He can make bad things happen.Jesus gives us the choice.We can either see the signs that He is sending or we can choose to ignore them.I believe that if you choose to ignore them, then you will lose so much.You will lose all that Jesus has promised.Do you see how natural disasters are hitting the Earth? the droughts,the flooding. These things are all happening at once, just in different parts of the world. The seasons are changing, not in their order anymore. This all predicted in the Bible, it is getting to where you cannot tell one season from the other. Nations against nations. In Revelation 3:19 It says, Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent. That is telling us, that if we just would stop sinning, we can be forgiven by our Master. All we have to do is ask for forgiveness and have faith.But people continue to commit sins such as, murder, adultery, stealing, lying,homosexuality.The world has gotten so far away from Jesus.Many children do not even know who He is. He wants us as parents to teach our children well and bring them up right, teach them respect,love and how to care for others property. Jesus sends signs everyday, to let us know that we need to get right with Him. He is preparing a home for us in Heaven and if we are true believers of His sacrifice on the cross and realize that His blood has made us perfect, then we will get our names written in the lambs book of life.How wonderful this all is. With man not taking care of the Earth, Many,many things are being destroyed and the world is in chaos, people are sinning on this Earth and not loving their neighbor as we are suppose to do.Isn't it better to have Jesus in your life?He is the only way,the truth and the light. Only He can save us. In Mathew24:29, we are told that Immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give it's light, and the stars will fall from Heaven, the powers of the Heavens will be shaken. Are these things not happening now? The Earth is shifting,the stars fall from Heaven.We should not ignore these signs,The signs are sent to us for a reason.Letting us know that we should be repenting of our sins and turning to our Lord.Without Jesus in our lives we are nothing, we can do nothing. We are to love our Master in Heaven whole heartily. Do not put anything above Jesus, money and fame will not get you into Heaven. But Jesus will. Put your fear in the Lord, for He is mighty and powerful.There were days when He performed great miracles,He made the lame walk,the blind see, the leapers were healed. Keep in mind that he can still do that and even more. If you want to live in Heaven forever, turn your life around and turn to Jesus. He will not let any harm come to us.He will keep us safe through the night and through the day.Do not become of the ways of this world. Look up to the Heavens and ask Jesus for forgiveness. I don't know about you but I'm thinking Jesus will be coming soon. It is all in the signs that He is sending to us. Giving us a chance to repent and ask for forgiveness. He wants us in Heaven with Him because He loves us so much, so much that He gave His flesh for us and left many good teachings And He will be coming for us soon. Are you ready? When Jesus knocks at your door, will you open it for Him? Will you welcome Him in? . Please turn to Jesus today. And ask Him to come into your heart. The signs are all there.

Statue of,Jesus on the Cross, taken by Debra Wilson
Statue of,Jesus on the Cross, taken by Debra Wilson | Source

Are you Ready for our Lord and Savior to come?

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Are you Ready

When Jesus comes to Earth soon, Will you be ready? Do you take the time to look around you? The signs are all around us.Jesus loves us so much that he has prepared a home for us to live with him in Heaven.There is no greater love in the world.Do you have Jesus in your heart? Do you know how to get him there? Ask him in prayer to come and live in your heart and to cleanse you of all your sins.Then instantly you will feel the gladness and joy of Jesus in your heart.

I would much rather walk with Jesus,with Him,I am protected!

5 stars for My Lord Jesus


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    • Debraw50 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      I do believe that we are living in the end times, The things that are happening now are predicted in the Bible. People now is the time to turn to God and ask forgiveness of your sins.That we may go to Heaven and live forever with our God,where there is no sickness, no crying, no murders, no lies,. Only good things are in heaven, the angels, our friends and family,and the best of all our Father who is in Heaven...God


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