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Is Henryton State Hospital Haunted?

Updated on January 8, 2013

Henryton State Hospital or Henryton Tuberculosis Sanatorium as it was called is located in Carroll County, Maryland. It was built in 1922 by the Maryland Board of Mental Hygiene and was intended as the first hospital like setting to serve African Americans suffering from tuberculosis. The original plan was for six buildings along with its own utility plant, later the complex doubled in size but by then (1946) the episodes of tuberculosis had dropped leaving many beds empty.

In 1963 Henryton Tuberculosis Sanatorium became the Henryton State Hospital and was to house those with mental deficiencies over the age of 18. Originally the new plan was that the hospital would not only house, but rehabilitate and train the mentally handicapped to become more productive in society with the goal of becoming more self-sufficient. The program was indeed a great success allowing many to become working members of their local communities.

Unfortunately by 1985 enrollment in the program fell to almost nothing and the state board decided to close the facility. The facility was emptied, locked and boarded up and has sat abandoned since. Many people have inquired as to buying the place, including a group that formed just to save the complex as a historic property. Unfortunately over the years vandals have damaged many of the buildings and the site has been plagued with several fires ravishing many of the other buildings, the latest one was in April of 2012, damaging the roof of one of the main buildings. The local government had slatted the property for demolition, but was not able to afford the high costs of removing asbestos and other contaminants before demolition.

No one seems to give any viable information as to who or what may be haunting this facility, but many investigations and observations have been made there. The State of Maryland seems to have retained very little information on the site and can only produce one picture and some rough data on the hospital itself, so why are there so many sightings, noises, moving objects and people being touched by something that is not there?

There have been numerous accounts of sightings of black figures scurrying past windows and doors or down already darkened halls. There have also been many reports of mist hanging in certain spots and when you turn away and then turn back it is just gone, there have also been several reports of what appears to be a dress floating at the bottom of a stairwell and as you move down the steps toward it, it disappears.

Noises in the complexes many buildings range from completely silent, no birds, no wind, nothing, to constant shuffling or footsteps, some people have referred to it as sounding like someone is pacing constantly, never ceasing, but always in the landings between floors. There have also been numerous accounts of footsteps going up and down the metal staircases, some people have reported feeling as if they are being touched or reports of getting brushed by spider webs, (when none is in evidence) which is said to be how it feels when you get touched by a spirit.

So can we conclusively say that Henryton State Hospital is indeed haunted? Nope, but we can also not say that it doesn’t have some extremely weird things going on, having witnessed some of the things that were reported, I can attest it is a creepy place but does not necessarily give off that total “creep” vibe. Anyone else had any experiences there? I would love to hear them.


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