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Is Islam an Insecure Religion?

Updated on September 23, 2012

The question certainly is valid. And, in a modern society in the 21st century, where there diverse beliefs and opinions about religious beliefs, I think the answer is a definite "yes". Some readers will cite that other religions are also insecure, citing some extreme behavior eons ago that have absolutely no validity today-that was then, not now.

Islam is not inferior to other religions, but is the most insecure of them all. By insecure I mean, simple cartoons, negative press, cheesy campy videos incite its followers to kill, cause chaos, and destroy those who present satirical or sarcastic points of view about their Muhammed or Quran. The slightest deviance from the Quran or Muhammed teachings is not tolerated and those who do it face the most ridiculous punishment, that I am sure God would not call for, Man, yes, but not God.

Why is Islam so insecure that one cannot slander it, disapprove of some of its teachings, make satirical comments of? Other religions in the 21st century face the these situations all the time, everyday around the world, yet, you do not see Catholics or Christians killing or destroying another for their point of view. Even the Jews are often subject to satirical and offensive items, do you see them killing or acting like petulant teens who just really want to raise hell. Those Muslims who claim to be offended are really venting and doing Satan's work really quite well by killing and destruction- Satan's Modus Operandi, yet, these Muslims fail to see it because of the hate and vile they spit out because of a cartoon or video! Maybe these are dumb Muslims, the uneducated, who have nothing to lose, so why not, destroy and target your anger. While educated Muslims may be offended, their intellect probably prevents them from acting the anger out against imaginary culprits. They do not automatically follow whatever some religious states as dogma.

Islamists claim the religion is tolerant of others, yet, just like in Germany under Hitler, or in the USSR under Stalin, if you say anything against it, cause slander or mock it, you are quickly silenced either by a visit from police or blind followers, which threaten and beat.


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    • god2us profile image

      Thuan Nguyen 5 years ago from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

      Every religion has its value. Buddhism has its good aspects, Christianity has its good aspects, and so does Islam. All religions have good things, and all the things that God has brought to humans have given value in each developmental era. Some have timeless value, while others are only valuable and appropriate at one point in time.

    • SwordofManticorE profile image

      SwordofManticorE 5 years ago from Burlington

      Sorry Perry, my question wasn directed to TTT.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      Scholars, at least some, seem to question the validity of what Mohammed claims. Some think he was just copying Jesus and his teachings to a degree and inserting his own tribal arabic customs and beliefs. Anything is possible since no one really does know.

    • SwordofManticorE profile image

      SwordofManticorE 5 years ago from Burlington

      Who did mohammed claim gave him the message of the quran?

    • ticktacktock profile image

      ticktacktock 5 years ago from Serbia

      SwordofManticorE ,If QURAN is inspired by man,prove it.Evidences,evidences ..dude.Anyone could throw words even a child.

    • ticktacktock profile image

      ticktacktock 5 years ago from Serbia

      the extremists are 1% of the Muslim population and there were many condemnations against what you called terrorists attacks but it s normal for you to assume that because you take your information only from what american TV channels broadcast and what newspapers publish.As I TOLD YOU CHECK GOOGLE. and tell those bashers to stop kissing me up by sending flirting msgs to my inbox.I am married woman:)

    • SwordofManticorE profile image

      SwordofManticorE 5 years ago from Burlington

      The quran was inspired by a man, not God.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      well, sadly the extremists within Islam really give it very bad press, Muslims really need to be loud about their disapproval of this. They are rather a quiet bunch, probably afraid that they will suffer from being vocal about it.

    • ticktacktock profile image

      ticktacktock 5 years ago from Serbia

      Me too,say whatever you want to say.You wont change the fact that Islam is the fastest religion in the Globe and you and your Islam bashers here or there wont stop the light of Islam from shining. The more they hurt and insult Islam,the more Islam becomes more fast growing and strong.Go and check Google to see what happened to America and the whole world after the inside job of 11 sep.many Americans converted to Islam ,Islam is the the fast growing religion in the USA and to see what happened to Danmark after the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published 12 commissioned cartoons,just surf on Google.

      I was an orthodox and I married a muslim man,he is the best man in the world.I choose Islam not because he forced me to convert or threatened me to behead me,he never talked to me about Islam or has ever told me do this or do that .My advice is read about Islam and go find good muslims,take them as friends ,you will see the difference.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      @ticktacktock- the long dissertation looses whatever point u are trying to make- in modern day, 21st century life, many of the practices and customs of islam simply do not fit in a modern society-stoning, beheading, treating women as 2nd class citizens, killing in the name of Allah is not good PR. history is history and has little to do with today

    • ticktacktock profile image

      ticktacktock 5 years ago from Serbia

      Still to you John and now to perrya ,

      “…We may feel certain that if Western Christians, instead of the Saracens and the Turks, had won the dominion over Asia, there would be today not a trace left of the Greek Church, and that they would never have tolerated Muhammadanism as the 'infidels' have tolerated Christianity there. We (Christians) enjoy the fine advantage of being far better versed than others in the art of killing, bombarding and exterminating the Human Race." (Bayle P., Dictionary, 'the article Mahomed', 1850.)

      If any religion was spread by the sword, it was Christianity. Catholicism was literally forced by sword on all of Europe with the exception of Ireland.When the Catholics went into South America, they just continued the sword policy with the Conquistadors.As new places were found in the Pacific, they did it again unlike Muslims who ruled Spain for about 800 years.They never used the sword to force the people to convert.Later the Christian Crusaders came to Spain and wiped out the Muslims. There was not a single Muslim in Spain who could openly give the Adhan, that is the call for prayers .I have here some good examples which show the tolerance and justice of Islam.One is when Palestine was conquered. Umar Ben El Khattab, Muslim Caliph came in person to Jerusalem (637), where he signed the famous Peace Treaty. The story ran as follows:

      The Caliph left Ali ibn Talib in Medina as his deputy and himself left for Jerusalem. He had only one attendant with him and only one camel to ride. Umar and the attendant rode the camel by turns. It happened to be the servant's turn to ride on the day when they were to reach Jerusalem. "Commander of the Faithful," said the attendant, "I give up my turn. It will look awkward, in the eyes of the people, if I ride and you lead the camel." "Oh no," replied Umar, "I am not going to be unjust. The honor of Islam is enough for us all."

      The Patriarch had prepared himself to meet with the most powerful ruler of his time, Caliph Umar. From where he was standing, he saw a tall man walking, dressed in ordinary clothes, while holding the rope of a camel, and surrounded by Muslim generals; another person was riding on the camel. For a moment, the high priest, used to the pompous way Heraclius had carried his affairs, was confused as to who the Caliph was. Was the Caliph the man riding on the camel or the one pulling the camel? Eventually, recognizing the Caliph, he surrendered the key of the city.

      Next the Caliph signed the treaty of peace. As follows:

      "From the servant of Allah and the Commander of the Faithful, Umar: The inhabitants of Jerusalem are granted security of life and property. Their churches and crosses shall be secure. This treaty applies to all people of the city. Their places of worship shall remain intact. These shall neither be taken over nor pulled down. People shall be quite free to follow their religion. They shall not be put to any trouble..."

      The gates of the city were now opened. Umar went straight to the place of the Al Aqsa Mosque, where he said his prayers. Next he visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the city. He was in the church when the time for the afternoon prayer came.

      "You may say your prayers in the church," said the Bishop.

      "No," replied Umar, "if I do so, the Muslims may one day make this an excuse for taking over the church from you."

      So he said his prayers on the steps of the church. Even then, he gave the Bishop a writing that said the steps were never to be used for congregational prayers nor was the Adhan [call to prayer] to be said there.

    • ticktacktock profile image

      ticktacktock 5 years ago from Serbia

      Michael Jon,on which planet do you live?from where do you pick up this idea : I suppose it is possible in regions where people are given the choice to convert or loose their head.?is it from pamela Guller ? If you have any mind please use it.You really make me laugh at the poor historical culture do you have?dont say in the begining of your statment I SUPPOSE to give us an imppression that you have a mind.Maybe you have it,but its sunk into the sand.well,can you tell me who force 20000 americans every year convert to Islam according to NBC news report ?and who rises the number of british converting to Islam from about 60,000 in 2001 to about 100,000 in 2010?is it Al Qaada?Jihadists?perhaps,you think that for the Britain is ruled by the Arabian saudi king Abdullah.

      I suggest for you to study history and to use your mind.,you dont know for sure that christianity was spread by the sword in some times and places. in the dark ages, Charlemagne killed a lot of people because they refused to convert. also, the spanish conquistador es forced christianity upon the natives of north and south america. but for the most part seems to me that in the past the Christians are the ones that have been more violent than the Muslims. I was surprised when I learned that when the Jews were being prosecuted by the Christians, the Muslims are the ones that treated them fairly, and for 800 years the Jews lived peacefully and flourished under Islamic rule.

    • Kyledude profile image

      Kyledude 5 years ago

      And yes I have read the Quran. It is quite evident that Mohammed and his followers performed oral sex on one another on a regular basis.

    • Kyledude profile image

      Kyledude 5 years ago

      Quds, Islam is a brutal pole smoking religion. Let's not sugar coat it.

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 5 years ago

      Powerful topic; I have been through most of the comments and respect everyones right to their opinions.

      I live in a place which is turbulent with people who CLAIM to be followers of Islam. Let me clarify what I mean by "claim"... Islam does not ask to go about slaughtering people and causing massive destruction. It talks of peace and tolerance though funnily enough, what we see on our tv sets are politicised drama in the name of acclaimed sects.

      This said, I believe that no religion or opinion should be made fun out of. Respect and love; be human and you follow every religion.

      I think Samraj19 has done a great job simplifying the matter. :)

    • profile image

      Samraj19 5 years ago

      Each Religion in the world is acting like a telecom service providers for establishing the communication between men and GOD some uses out dated technology and some uses modern technology, it is up to the individual to adopt the service providers based on the availability at their living place

      I believe both Jesus and Mohammad said that they are the router to establish the connection and acting as a modem to pass common men prayer request to GOD

      There are fanatics in every religion with their false beliefs and false assumptions/understanding creating disturbance to other common people

      I guess (from what I studied from my History book), Mohammad had an Army to fight back and get his lost ground which is being wrongly perceived by some fanatics and created an Army in the name of Jihad or Holy war to kill innocents. Few of such false believers is creating bad name for the entire Religion as a whole

      Ideally, Islam evolved at the last (around 500 AD), which suppose to be evolved with a modern philosophies, but not sure why so much of hatreds and intolerance spread across the world :)



      Buddhism - 500 BC


      Islam - 500 AD

    • SwordofManticorE profile image

      SwordofManticorE 5 years ago from Burlington

      Religion is dead

    • Michael Jon profile image

      Michael Jon 5 years ago from St. Louis

      I disagree with the statement that Islam is the fastest growing religion. I suppose it is possible in regions where people are given the choice to convert or loose their head.

      It is widely known that the goal of Islam is to dominate the entire earth, perhaps this will happen after the rapture of Christ's Church. But as long as the Holy Spirit is in the earth, Islam cannot in no shape or form dominate the world's population.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      In the 70's, in Ireland, there was much discord between Catholics and Protestants .

    • profile image

      Raul 5 years ago


      “Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah,” were his instructions to one of Mohammed's military leaders (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 992). Muhammad also congratulated a faraway king on accepting Islam and “killing the polytheists” under his reign, even as he directed another military leader to “invite” a neighboring tribe to Islam and then slaughter them if they refused:

      Then the apostle sent Khalid bin Walid… to the Banu al-Harith and ordered him to invite them to Islam three days before he attacked them. If they accepted then he was to accept it from them; and if they declined he was to fight them. (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 959)

      Khalid’s famous announcement, “If you accept Islam then you will be safe,” is echoed by Jihadists like Osama bin Laden to this day.

    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 5 years ago from Morocco

      perrya,I think I answered that question already in my first comment here and never God approves of the murder and destruction because of a cartoon or video.

    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 5 years ago from Morocco

      Can you tell me how Catholic spread in the whole Eroupe except Ireland?and why couldnt Muslims who rule India for almost 8 centuries force Indians to convert to Islam or rather kill them all because they oppose them?

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      Well, james-wolve seems to be a Muslim that is overly sensitive and and therefore, insecure, about his religion. He seems unable to see anything bad about islam. Raul, presents many interesting points and seems to indicate that Islam is a intolerant religion, forced conversions etc. Like I said, Islam reminds me of facism\communism, where if anyone challenges the law of islam, they are silenced.

      Again, people are critical and insult many other religions other than Islam without murder and destruction, yet, do this with Islam, and you get a lot of insecurity from many followers that propels them to act out . How can anyone say allah approves of the murder and destruction because of a cartoon or video?

    • poetvix profile image

      poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

      While I feel it is everyone's human right to chose their own religion for themselves, many of the acts perpetrated by radical Islamist are terrorist acts be they done in the name of religion or not. They are not the first group to do so historically but they surely are the most prevalent now. It was stated in this comment thread that it must be right because it is the fastest growing religion. That assumption is logically flawed. First, it fails to consider all that die because they oppose it as was brought up. Secondly, it assumes that just because more people chose it, it must be the correct answer. Ask any teacher. Typically, many more get some answers wrong than the very few who get them all right. Thirdly, let us not forget what another religious text says on the matter...(paraphrased) The road to hell is wide and many shall pass through its gates. The path to heaven is narrow and difficult and few will enter.

      Thank you very much for a most interesting read about a topic too many are afraid to truly examine in our PC on steroids, lunatic, current political climate.

    • profile image

      Raul 5 years ago

      Following Mohammed's flirtation with preaching relative peace and tolerance at Mecca - a 13-year disaster that netted less than 100 followers (mostly friends and family) - Muhammad changed tactics during his last ten years. Once he obtained the power to do so, he began forcing others into accepting his claims about himself at the point of a sword. In many places in the Hadith, he tells his followers that he has been commanded by Allah to fight unbelievers until they profess their faith in Islam (the Shahada).

      During these later years, Muhammad did not seem at all bothered by conversions that were made under obvious duress. These included that of his sworn enemy of Abu Sufyan and his wife Hind. According to Muslim historians, when Abu Sufyan went to seek peace with Muhammad, he was ordered instead to embrace Islam. The exact words spoken to him in Muhammad's presence were, "Submit and testify that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the apostle of Allah before you lose your head" - (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 814). He did.

      The entire city of Mecca followed suit, even though the residents and leaders detested Muhammad and had resisted his preaching from the beginning. Most of them "converted" to Islam the day that he marched through their city with an army so dominant that little resistance was offered. Only the most credulous of believers would think that the city's religious epiphany just happened to coincide with the sword at their necks.

      Meccans who would not change their religion were forcibly expelled from the city following that last Haj (Quran 9:5). The Christians and Jews living in Arabia at the time suffered the same fate on Muhammad's deathbed order. They were given the choice of either accepting Islam or being forced off their land (Sahih Muslim 19:4366).

      The Jews at Khaybar were not at war with Muhammad when he ordered his warriors to attack them. Even his faithful son-in-law, Ali, whom he chose to head the mission, was somewhat perplexed as to the pretext on which they were to assault this peaceful farming community so far away from Medina:

      Muhammad said: 'Proceed on and do not look about until Allah grants you victory', and Ali went a bit and then halted and did not look about and then said in a loud voice: 'Allah's Messenger, on what issue should I fight with the people?' Thereupon he (the Prophet) said: 'Fight with them until they bear testimony to the fact that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger' (Sahih Muslim 31:5917)

      The Jews were caught entirely be surprise, of course. Their wealth was stolen and their women and children taken and distributed as slaves by the prophet of Islam to his men. Muhammad even took a woman for himself - after ordering the death of her husband.

      Before he died, Muhammad sent his warriors against pagan Arab tribes, such as the al-Harith, demanding that they either convert to Islam or be wiped out (naturally, they opted for the Religion of Peace). He cursed Christians and Jews to the very end (Bukhari 8:427).

      According to al-Shafi in "The Ordinances of the Quran", Muhammad "defeated the people until they entered Islam by hook or by crook." Muslims are taught to follow in the way of their prophet. A devotee under the reign of Umar put it this way "Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, has ordered us to fight you till you worship Allah Alone or give Jizya (i.e. tribute)" (Bukhari 53:386).

      Likewise, Abu Bakr, Muhammad's closest companion and immediate successor, pressed Jihad aggressively in foreign territory against people who did not want war and were of no threat. In a letter sent to the Persians, the caliph bluntly stated, "You should convert to Islam, and then you will be safe, for if you don't, you should know that I have come to you with an army of men that love death, as you love life."

      Down through the centuries Muslims have forced Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, pagans and others to accept Islam, either by bluntly offering them death as an alternative, or by making their lives so miserable (ie. taxes, denial of rights...) that the conquered convert to Islam under the strain.

      Forced conversions persist among extremists. Recently in Egypt, a Christian girl was kidnapped and told that she would be raped if she did not convert. In 2010, an 11-year-old Christian boy in Pakistan was kept enslaved in chains (1, 2) by his Muslim landlord, who proudly told the world that he would liberate the lad if he embraced Islam.

      Neither of these examples of attempted forced conversion was condemned by Islamic organizations, even in the West. From the Muslim perspective, the victim in each case still technically retains the choice to convert. In fact, some even lauded the Pakistani slave-owner for being magnanimous in offering freedom and debt relief to his subject for embracing Islam.

      Since Muslims believe so sincerely that their religion is truth, they often can't help but feel, on some level, that forced conversion is more of a favor done to the subject - a case of the end justifying the means. As Muhammad said, "Allah marvels at those who are brought to paradise in chains" (Bukhari 52:254).

    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 5 years ago from Morocco

      If Islam was spread by forcing people to convert,would anyone here please give me some plausible answers to this questions:

      1.Who forced the famous English singer ,Steven Demetre Georgiou(Cat Stevens) to Islam?

      2.Who forced Fr. Antony ,a Catholic priest in Sri Lanka,to convert to Islam?

      3.Who forced Khadijah 'Sue' Watson - Former pastor, missionary,Professor, Master's degree in Divinity to convert to Islam ?

      4.Who forced Tony Blair's sister-in-law Lauren Booth to convert to Islam ?

      5.Which Muslim Army forced Indonosia and Malizia to convert to Islam ?

      5.What made Goethe,the greatest writer of the German tradition in the German culture area.says :

      in his act "West-oestlicher Diwan" (eng. west-eastern divan) the following:

      "Jesus felt pure and calmly thought

      Only the One God;

      Who made himself to be a god,

      Offends his holy will.

      And thus the right (ness) has to shine

      What "Mahomet" also achieved;

      Only by the term of the One

      He mastered the whole world"

      (WA I, 6, 288 ff)

      and he wrote to his friend Herder, 1772: I would like to pray like Moses in the Quran:(Sir makes room for me in my narrow chest and makes my deal easy for me, and undo the ribbon of my tongue.)Now let s have a look what he says about Quran:

      IX. SAKE NAME.


      CAN the Koran from Eternity be?

      'This worth not a thought!

      Can the Koran a creation, then, be?

      Of that, I know nought!

      Yet that the book of all books it must be,

      I believe, as a Mussulman ought.

      That from Eternity wine, though, must be,

      I ever have thought;

      That 'twas ordain'd, ere the Angels, to be,

      As a truth may be taught.

      Drinkers, however these matters may be,

      Gaze on God's face, fearing nought.

      He believed that Quran is from God and revealed to Mohamed through angel who sent from God.

      Let s move to Tolstoy,a Russain giant in the world of literature,to see what he says about Islam and Mohamed.Here I suggest to read a book called:The last days of Leo Tolstoy by Vladimir Chertkov, his closest friend.Let s start from the moment when The Russian woman who married the Muslim E. Vekilov, wrote to Tolstoy that her sons wanted to convert to Islam, and asked for his advice. This is what the writer answered her: “As far as the preference of Mohammedanism to Orthodoxy is concerned…, I can fully sympathize with such conversion. To say this might be strange for me who values the Christian ideals and the teaching of Christ in their pure sense more that anything else, I do not doubt that Islam in its outer form stands higher than the Orthodox Church. Therefore, if a person is given only two choices: to adhere to the Orthodox Church or Islam, any sensible person will not hesitate about his choice, and anyone will prefer Islam with its acceptance of one tenet, single God and His Prophet instead such complex and incomprehensible things in theology as the Trinity, redemption, sacraments, the saints and their images, and complicated services…”

      Yasnaya Polyana, March, 15th, 1909

      We can adduce another letter of his which explains his world outlook which formed as a result of his long painful search for the truth.

      “I would be very glad if you were of the same faith with me. Just try to understand what my life is. Any success in life- wealth, honour, glory- I don’t have these. My friends, even my family are turning away from me.

      Some- liberals and aesthetes- consider me to be mad or weak- minded like Gogol; others- revolutionaries and radicals- consider me to be a mystic and a man who talks too much; the officials consider me to be a malicious revolutionary; the Orthodox consider me to be a devil.

      I confess that it is hard for me… And therefore, please, regard me as a kind Mohammedan, and all will be fine”

      There r some other who admired Islam and Mohamed ,so reread carefully what did they say to detect which a big crime the western main stream media,and western culture in general do against the Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, and as some of the former monotheistic religious clerics hide that the Prophet Mohammed was the Prophet ,which is described in detail in the Thora and Bible, do the intellectual class in the West nowadays the same: instead of respecting him at least( in order not to say: admitting his as a Prophet),they insulting him and his Religion in the rudest way.

    • profile image

      Marcus 5 years ago

      Satan established Islam using illiterate Muhammad whose heart was full of hatred. When Muhammad was meditating in that cave, his heart must have been full of hatred and prejudice. The Arabs hate Jews and they must have hated Christianity as well. The danger was that the Arabs wanted to keep their people from Christianity and Judaism. Then they needed a religion that was as attractive as the monotheistic religion of Rome.

      This combination of hatred in his heart elected him to serve the evil one. To be elected by the evil one, you have to be hateful, vicious, spiritually illiterate, and debauched, which requirements Muhammad possessed.

      His reactions toward the jews and the Christians when they didn't accept his demonic religion proved that he was vicious, hateful, and illiterate. His concubines is proof that he was debauched.

      After Satan built whitewashed Judaism, then he built pagan christianity, and demented Islam. Of all the religions, Islam is the most sadistic and insatiable religion. Asia is ruled by Islam in addition to scattered dementic Islamic all over the world. But it is not enough. Instead of focusing on these crazy and demonic Islamic seeds that they have and that are poor and miserable all over the world to improve their conditions, they, instead focus on conquering the whole world for their governors who work for Satan hiimself. What those demonic people failed to understand, because the spirit of Islam is as illiterate, polygamist, vicious, and sadistic as Muhammad himself who think keeping one rock makes his religion monotheistic, is that the 3 main doctrines--Judaism, Catholic with his protestant seeds, and Islam belong to Satan. They are divided because Satan wants to divide and conquer. The other religions of this world, except for that of the Righteous Creator who created everything, are demonic as well.

      When our Righteous Creator removed the Righteous Elects in 1st Century A.D. all religions who would later be established in the Roman Empire would be of the demons him/herself. The wicked the people are, the harsher their kings and priests who worked for Satan would be. That is why the Islamic kings and clerics are vicious and they trained the Islamic people to be vicious demonic hosts for the evil spirits that would inhabit them.

      Islamic demons are not only vicious, but no matter how much schooling their hosts received, they are the most illiterate. Because they cannot reason why they cannot be satisfied with what they have. Our Righteous Creator is too wise to let one group of demon-possessed people to rule the whole world.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      Well, we agree to disagree. Insecurity breeds intolerance to protect your views and forces them on others. History is filled with them. But I do agree that Muslims are totally fanatical in their belief that THEIR religion is the best, which of course, is BS. They cannot even accept other religions infringing on their customs.

    • bje117 profile image

      bje117 5 years ago

      The growth of Islam is often a forced growth where Christians and animists are punished and killed if they refuse to convert, so one must take into account forced conversions. Also, if you are starving and the world ignores you, but radical Muslims protect and provide for you, you are going to convert to survive, not so much because you truly believe.

      As for being an insecure religion, I would disagree. i think it is the opposite. I think most Muslims are so indoctrinated in their belief that they have no doubt, no room for other gods and practices and because it is the state religion and the government enforces it and the school enforces it and one is punished for not following the rules of it, then there is a strong incentive to hold fast to it.

    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 5 years ago from Morocco

      I hope I didnt offend you .Even if we don t agree on some issues but I respect you and your opinion.Sorry once again.

    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 5 years ago from Morocco

      Islaam is without doubt the best religion.That s why it is the fastest growing religion in the world but the media as it is in the hands of the westerners who are afraid of Islam,they deliberately attack Islam and its prophet.You know that media is continuously broadcasting and printing information against Islam. They either provide misinformation about Islam, misquote Islam or project a point out of proportion, if any bomb blasts take place anywhere, the first people to be accused without proof are invariably the Muslims. This appears as headlines in the news. Later, when they find that non-Muslims were responsible, it appears as an insignificant news’ item.The Oklahoma city Bombing as an example.Were they not ashamed of themselves when they discovered that the the terrorists were Christian Americans?werent the FBI ashamed of themselves when they rely on or rather drew conclusions from speculation with breathtaking speed. "Knowing that the car bomb indicates Middle Eastern terrorists at work, it's safe to assume that their goal is to promote free-floating fear and a measure of anarchy, thereby disrupting American life," the New York Post editorialized (4/20/95). "In due course, we'll learn which particular faction the terrorists identified with—Hamas? Hezbollah? the Islamic Jihad?and whether or not the perpetrators leveled specific demands."I wonder what kind of investigation was that?dont you think it was a kind of partiality and racial prejudice ?Let s have a look on those you trust to enlighten and broaden horizons of their readers:

      Syndicated columnist Mike Royko wrote (Chicago Tribune, 4/21/95):

      I would have no objection if we picked out a country that is a likely suspect and bombed some oil fields, refineries, bridges, highways, industrial complexes. . . . If it happens to be the wrong country, well, too bad, but it's likely it did something to deserve it anyway.

      What s that?anyway,that prophecy was fulfilled when Iraq was invaded.

    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 5 years ago from Morocco

      Judging Islam by its followers or by misbehaviors of Muslims is like judging car by its driver.if a person who does not know how to drive sits at the steering wheel and bangs up the car, who will you blame? The car or the driver? But naturally, the driver.If you want to judge how good Islam is then judge it according to its authentic sources: the Glorious Quran and the Hadeeth Saheeh.


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