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Is My House Haunted?

Updated on October 27, 2010

An Unexpected Presence

What an interesting question that I had to finally consider asking myself.

We live in an old farmhouse here in the Deep South. We are surrounded by 62 acres of woods, orchards and grasslands. The former owners of the property and builders of the house have long since passed away, and we acquired the house unexpectedly.

The person that owned the property, the daughter of the original owners, was looking for someone who was willing to live in the house for an extended period of time, maintain the property and make the repairs as needed for a more than reasonable monthly payment. There was a potential for a lease option on the property as well. My wife and I interviewed with the owner, and we were under consideration for the property until someone more qualified came along. So she leased it to them. We were not happy, but we got over it.

About 8 months later, the landowner called me and asked if I was still interested. I asked her what happened to the people that were more qualified, and she told me that there had been a terrible auto accident, and the couple had been killed just a short distance from the house. They left a family of 3 teenagers behind. On short notice, we helped them pack up and move out and they got situated at their grandparent’s home about 40 miles away. We moved in and began to complete the repairs and modifications that the first tenants had begun. In the moving out and in process, I had a chance to view some pictures of the deceased mother. She was young, in her late thirties with pretty blond hair.

For awhile things seemed okay, but my wife seemed a bit uneasy about things. She has always been sensitive to “certain feelings” about people and places, and she felt very uneasy about living here. There were a lot of little things going on that were unexplained. The dogs would follow invisible objects across the room wit their eyes, and would growl at something that wasn’t there.  Soon, things were suddenly misplaced then reappear again, and objects would fly off of a shelf as if they were tossed. This would happen on a somewhat frequent basis, about twice or three times a week. The toilet would frequently flush by itself.  There would also be shadowy figures off in the corners of the room that we would all see peripherally, but would disappear when we looked head on. I have always been analytically minded, and tried to come up with a rational, scientific explanation for it all, but sometimes I just couldn’t.

Then the touching started. We all felt it, especially in the bathroom. It was if someone would come up behind us and gently rub against us as if they were squeezing past, or a loving embrace. I actually believed my wife was standing behind me one day when I was at the sink, but when I turned around she was not there. No one was. This has happened several times to all of us. I learned from a friend, a “paranormal investigator” hobbyist, that if you confront the presence it may leave. The last time it touched me, I shouted “if you really want to touch me, here I am. Go for it!” and it never bothered me again (knock on wood). I have tried communicating with it, but nothing really happened.

Being of very strict Christian upbringing, my wife decided to bless and anoint the entire house with olive oil. Her father is a pastor and he taught her how to do it correctly. Since then, these “happenings” seem to be aimed at her. The only things that fly off of it shelf now are things that she puts up, most specifically a picture of her father. My theory is that if the presence was once the woman of the house, and she is unsettled, then she resents my wife as being the new woman of the house.

So then about a month ago, I am driving in late at night and I pull my truck into the backyard and park in the carport. As I am looking at the bathroom window, I see someone standing in the bathroom. It is a blonde haired woman, and I assumed it was my wife (who is blonde). I walked in to greet her and everyone is in bed asleep, including my wife. I walked in to check on her, and she was sawing logs. I walked into the bathroom and the hair on my neck began standing up. I felt the presence.

I began checking the different “haunted house” websites, most of which were a joke, and discovered that some of the things that we are experiencing are real signs of a presence. The touching, the toilet flushing, the dog’s reactions, and the items flying off the shelf are all valid signs of presence.

If the presence is real, I don’t feel fearful of it. I have tried to communicate with it because if it is the mother of the three teens, then I feel for her. She was suddenly snatched up out of this world when she wasn’t ready to leave.

As readers, what do you think? I would really be interested in your feedback and experiences.

The entire content of this writing is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America.

© 2010 By Delbert Banks.


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    • Sparklea profile image

      Sparklea 5 years ago from Upstate New York

      I, too, am a very strict born-again Christian. However, I cannot dispute the existence of ghosts. (I wrote a hub about my experience in a haunted bed and breakfast in Gettysburg). However, I am not afraid of ghosts. I so trust the Holy Spirit that lives in me. Your story is extremely interesting. I agree with Dolores Monet -above- that you should ask the spirit to leave. I hope you eventually write a follow-up hub on this experience. Blessings, Sparklea :)

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 7 years ago from East Coast, United States

      Interesting story. I think that I would call the spirit and tell her, politely to leave. I understand however, that ghosts can not affect the physical world. If objects are being thrown around, it may be a demon. :(