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Is Satan now divided against himself?

Updated on October 6, 2013

The writer has always wondered if Satan is now divided against himself however a recent event has made him ask the public same question. It is known that some Christian sects like the Jehovah Witness do not belief in miracle because they claim that the days of miracles are over. Funnily enough, even some Christian sects that do belief in miracle only do so depending on who performed it. Many Christians simply pray and have faith that their prayers would be answered even after they attended events that had promised them miracles like miracle night etc. that is why same prayer is prayed many years and over and over again. In the past, God would either answer a pray immediately or speak clearly to his servants on the time one’s request would be granted or God would say his own position on the matter.

There are many people claiming to be Ministers of God and Christians have slowly and unwittingly turned Christianity into politics where preachers stand on the pulpit to speak against other Ministers or Christian sects/doctrines. The most frequently attacked Ministers are those that have some powers which other Christians claim are questionable. The alleged true Ministers that posses oral power without manifestations are the ones that are quick to attack others. The writer has read and come across many Christians that speak against preachers like Prophet T. B. Joshua, Benny Hinny, and Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy among others that claim to perform miracles on television or other media. The funniest part of the attack on these preachers is the urgent need to save the people so that they will not be deceived. Some people even claim that the miracles are staged by these preachers while others claim that such miracles are not performed with the true power of God. But who are you to Judge them and the source of their power? Why is it that those that speak and point fingers are usually those that have no such powers?

Jesus Christ did not gain followers because he told them he was Jesus. Those that followed Jesus did so because of the great power in him. That is people believed that Jesus was who he claimed to be because of the powers he had and the life he lived. The followers of Jesus Christ also had same powers when and after Jesus had left them. Jesus basically promised them that such signs of powers shall follow them. Where are the signs now? How many alleged Christians have such powers? Why are the few that claim to posses such powers and show it are called devil? Of a truth, there are many Christians in the world today while little miracle or no miracle follow them. That may explain why the large number has failed to purge the world of evil.

There are lots of comments online after a video showing the deliverance of a Nollywood star, Jim Iyke, by Prophet T.B. Joshua went viral. Some people claimed he was paid to act while others lamented on why Nollywood acting should be extended to the churches. This is not the first time people are speaking against any form of miracle. Some Christians claim that Prophet T.B. Joshua is not a real man of God. Same goes to other preachers that perform such miracles on air. Then if their power is from the devil, does it mean that Satan is now divided against himself?

Jesus was accused of using strange Gods to heal but he defended himself by saying that no house divided against itself shall stand. That is Jesus claimed that Satan cannot cast out Satan. The truth is that same bible also mentioned fake prophets among others so it is easy for people to find a biblical verse that would support their accusation. That is the ambiguity of the bible which successfully led to the founding of many Christian sects. The most difficult of it is that the bible is inspired by God so readers rarely take time to know who speaks in the verse they read.

The main point is that it is better for us to mind our own business and practice our own religion and Christianity as we deem right. Let us leave judgment to God and avoid politics in religion in an effort to win members or to bring down others. If others must fall then they will fall at the appointed time set by God because it is written, “who commands and it comes to pass if the Lord has not approved?”


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 4 years ago

      Thanks Laurie for your input. I think God has to judge all not us because our bases of false prophet is relative to our belief and doctrine. But if the said false prophets should avoid detection here on earth definitelt they will account for their actions somewhere.

    • profile image

      Rayne123 4 years ago

      Good hub, well written

      I think the only problems is there are too many "false prophets" whom speak or say they speak the word of God.

      These are just the evil wanting to rule the world.

      God has everything set right now he knows what is to be done.

      We are living the times of the bible now, the wars, the plagues.

      History repeats itself.

      Like scripture says

      "Vengeance is mine I will repay says the Lord