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Is There Really A Ghost?

Updated on March 4, 2018
Thelma Alberts profile image

I'm a natural born Filipina who is living in my adopted country Germany for more than 4 decades. I love traveling.

Have you ever heard about people who have seen a ghost somewhere in their homes? In old haunted houses like castles where tremendous and tragic things happened? Have you seen one? Do you believe them? Is there really a ghost? Do they really exist? Those are the questions we can not answer although there are lots of reports and books about those people who had experienced seeing them. Me in my part, still have doubts about their existence although I have experienced seeing one. It´s up to you if you believe me or not but I am telling the truth.

"Ghost" eye
"Ghost" eye | Source

How I saw the ghost?

Last year after we moved back to Germany from Ireland, we did not find a flat immediately to rent that was appropriate enough for our needs. Well, appropriate enough for our wallet and for our taste. We stayed at my friend´s furnished house for a few months as my friend and her family live in another country. We enjoyed our stay there as we had enough time to look for the right flat that suited us. We even celebrated our Christmas and New Year there. The very good thing was, my friend did not let us pay for the rent, for the electricity and water. She allowed us to stay at her lovely home as a good friend. "That´s what friends are for", she said. Well, every now and then her daughter visited us and we felt like we were a family. Her daughter slept in her room at the cellar whenever she visited us and her home. So we did not lock the door.

While we were waiting to move on to our new flat, I was busy working as a massage therapists at a Thai Massage salon as a part time jobber. I enjoyed doing my job and meeting other people and working with Thai women who have different mentality than the Germans. Again, I have to adjust to a different kind of mentality especially as my workmates spoke Thais most of the time and the appointment book was written in Thai. They sometimes wrote in the German language so that I could understand. Well, I survived!

A few days before Christmas last year, I experienced the most paranormal thing that ever happened in my life. I saw a ghost! I was in the middle of my sleep when I heard Angus, our Cavalier King Charles spaniel dog, walking around the hallway in the house passing our bedroom back and forth. I was awakened by the noise of his collar which has a lot of tags from vaccinations and dog taxes. (We have to pay dog taxes in Germany.) Because of the noise, I looked at the door from the bed and saw a thin man in white hooded clothes with a lantern on his hand. He held the lantern up high to his forehead as if he was looking for something. His hooded clothes were like the one that monks wear. I saw him just for a second passing our room door which was open, for Angus bed was beside the door. Angus was very quiet then.

I was so scared. My husband was beside me sleeping. I could not wáke him up because I was scared that the burglar (that was what I thought at that moment) could hear me and might harm us. It was useless anyway because my hubby wears eyes cover and air plugs while sleeping. I was scared to death but did not give a sound. I thought, let the burglar steal what he wants. Material things can be bought but not my life. I was thinking for a moment that it was my last breath. I could not move. I was breathing fast and was sweating cold sweat. I could have kicked my hubby out of bed but my life is so precious. Our lives are precious. I have a bucket list to do and to accomplish. So, I did not do anything to attract the "burglar´s " attention.

It was only a second that I have seen the "burglar". A second that seemd like a whole life for me. I was listening what the "burglar" was doing but it was quiet. A very ghostly quietness! I could only hear my heart beating fast. The man beside me was sleeping like a baby. Soundless. I must have slept from fear after that.

The next morning I heard my husband making his tea in the kitchen. Then I remember what happened. I got up from bed and asked him if there were things gone from the house. Silber cutlery, antiques furniture and many others. I looked around the house and there was nothing gone. I had to explaine what bothered me. It was weird and funny at the same time. I told my hubby the story just the way I told you now. If it was not a burglar, who was it?

I told my friends´ daughter when she visited us what I have experienced. She said that something like that happened before with her mother and grandmother. They said, it´s the ghost who is looking after the house when they are not at home.

The "Ghost" Park

The park nearby the house where I encountered the ghost.
The park nearby the house where I encountered the ghost. | Source

The Second Visit

I almost forgot about the appearance of the ghost when one night in February this year, I was again awakened by the noise of Angus collar. It was the same sounds that awoke me. But my face was not looking at the door. My face was directed to the wall when I slept at that time. I was alarmed by Angus sound. I could not move. My eyes were wide awake but I was not able to see the ghost. I could feel him though. He was staring at my back. My breathing was fast, there was a cold feeling that I felt. I could sense that the ghost was at the edge of the bed, near my hubby who was asleep. I didn´t know why I felt that it was a man ghost. I felt that the ghost was angry but I don´t know why. There was a chill on me.

I have no idea when I went back to sleep. I only knew that I could not sleep one more night there. I decided to sleep at our own new flat although the bed was not ready yet. Luckily, our bed was delivered on that day I decided to move to our new flat.

Thank you to my friend E. for allowing me to write this story.

Ghost or No Ghost?

What do you do when you see a ghost?

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The "Ghostly" Park

The  park nearby the house where I encountered the ghost.
The park nearby the house where I encountered the ghost. | Source

Ghost Film

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