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Is There Truly Freedom In Religion?

Updated on February 18, 2017

Are You A Prisoner Of Religion?


The following paragraphs do not mention any religion in particular but the whole concept of religions and how they are taught. It is not about what religion is right, but rather what religion is right for you personally.

Is Religion Based On Geographic Location?

Do you believe that if you were raised in another part of the world would your religion would be different?

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My Thoughts On Religious Freedom

In reality the only way to have true religious freedom in life is to find out for yourself what is right for you. Yet parents, friends an everyone you meet only serve to disillusion you, to make decisions for you that alone you would never have come up with. Even if your parents were atheists that would most likely cause you to believe in no religion at all just like them. Only if you were raised by a pack of wolves since birth could you live free of any religious beliefs that others have around you. Then you would truly be able to come to conclusions on your own.

Religion is the complete opposite of breathing, in that it is not something that occurs naturally within yourself. It comes from outside of your mind. If people kept their religion to themselves and never congregated to form the various faiths in the world then their would be billions of variations of religious beliefs in the world. The reason their are several big religions in the world today is that somewhere in human history people were convinced that another person’s religious views are right and their’s were wrong. That’s why numerous religious sects start with just one person, they indoctrinate other people with their ideas and convince them it is true. Yet these people would have never come to that conclusion on their own, they had to be led like sheep.

How can religious freedom exist when instead of you telling yourself what is correct other people who claim they know more than you inform you what is correct? If God or Gods exists why are these people any better or holier than you are? Weren’t we all created equal by God or the Gods? How come a human being when they are born doesn’t immediately know about God or Gods? It is all so puzzling.

Still religion is something that should be self-taught and self-realized. Religion is the answer you have come up with to identify the higher powers in life, such as God or Gods. It also is important to determining your path in life and what happens when you die. With so much stress associated with choosing the right way of life it is understandable why people get frustrated or lost and can’t find the answer themselves. That is why they choose another person’s answer, which might be wrong for them.

Religion should be like love, you should seek it, but not rush it, and never force it, otherwise you end up living a lie. Similar to true love, true religion can be hard to find. Arranged marriages are something that most Americans would never agree to, so why do we accept religion that has been arranged by or parents?

I am not saying that in the various religions of the world that nobody has any freedom. I am not saying that as a human being and as a religious being you are not able to pursue happiness, that you are being kept from attaining your dreams. I am simply saying that you were not given the free choice to choose your own religion because you were influenced by preconceived notions from society. Even if you willfully choose to have no religion in your life that is because you have become alienated to the point that you no longer know what to believe.

When you grow up most people have the opportunity to choose whatever profession they want, with out being told so by their parents. Yet religion is the complete opposite of this. If you don’t believe in what you parents tell you and you voice your opinion then you are not socially excepted by them. You are considered wrong or blasphemous for simply believing in your own thoughts rather than those you have been told. God or Gods designed you to think like this so how can you be wrong?

People believe there are strength in numbers, this is true in that if a huge group of people have the same religious beliefs then the question of God, Gods, or spirits makes sense. Alone their is doubt in the human mind if he/she is right but when other people are united in their beliefs then it serves to confirm our own undecided minds. Yet in reality you are sacrificing your own opportunity to find the answers you seek using your own mind.

Most people would agree that the Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Norse Gods do not exist. The respective people who believed in these Gods just went along with them until the culture gradually converted to other religions. This killing of religions has happened numerous times in human history.

True Freedom in the world starts in the mind, but with people telling you what to believe you have mental chains that restrict your own thoughts. People who have been indoctrinated since birth to believe in a religion can not even grasp that it might not even be right for them. They have already become slaves to religion. Even as I right this I have become a slave to religious notions my parents have told me and thus my mind has been altered. The day will come though when we all will learn the truth.


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