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Is This Place Haunted? , Do You Have Paranormal Activity? Have You Ever Seen A Ghost Cat Or Ghost Dog?

Updated on July 23, 2013
Do you have paranormal activity going on at your house tonight.
Do you have paranormal activity going on at your house tonight.

How To Tell If Your House Is Haunted.

You need to keep in mind that ghosts are quite often found in places where tragedy has taken place but not always. If you have a ghost or paranormal activity going on in a brand new home you may need to take a look at the history of the location. It may just be that there may have been another house or structure on the same location in the past and something bad may have happened there. So ask around or check at your local county deeds office to see what may have been in the same location in the past. In larger areas you can do a search on the address in your local newspaper to see what may have happened there over the years.

If you really want to know what is going on in a location spend the night there. Ghosts and entities like the dark and you're more likely to see paranormal activity after dark than you are in the daylight hours. But always get permission before you spend the night anywhere. Even in a public place you may get permission if you ask.

While your there listen for noises and take a tape recorder along to record the sounds you may hear. You may not always hear the voice that you capture on the tape recorder. Quite often we catch voices on the tape recorder that we never hear. If you hear or record human voices of people that are not there then you have some great evidence of paranormal activity.

If your checking out a place that is reportedly haunted take photos of the rooms that your investigating as soon as you get there and take photos when you leave. If things are moved then you may have paranormal activity. But be sure that you or no one with you moves anything while your there. Take along personal items like keys or a lighter because some ghosts like to be playful. Quite often ghosts will move or take things. Keep careful notes and photographic evidence when ever possible. 

Are you aware that quite often there are cold spots in locations where ghosts are present. If possible purchase a digital thermometer so you can take the temperature of any possible cold spots. If you're in a room or other location and it suddenly gets very cold all at once you may just have paranormal activity going on.  

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Cold Spots In A House Are Often The Signs Of Paranormal Activity.
Cold Spots In A House Are Often The Signs Of Paranormal Activity.

How To Know If You Have Paranormal Activity

Strange Smells Are Often Smelled In Some Locations.

Strange or unusual smells are quite often a sign of paranormal activity. If you smell perfume or flowers and there are none around then you just may have paranormal activity going on. One house I know of in Charleston South Carolina quite often has the strong smell of roses on the second floor of the house. And this happens even when there are no roses or flowers anywhere in the house. Quite often you will smell flowers , perfume , or other strange smells where there is paranormal activity going on.

But always look around carefully and see if you can find a logical reason for the smell. Sometimes even stored candles can put off a strong smell. And we have also found stored cleaning materials giving off smells that people at first thought had to be paranormal. So before you decide a smell is paranormal look around carefully for the source of the smell.

Are You Seeing Shadow People In Or Around Your House.

Are you seeing shadow people in your house or around your house. Quite often you will catch a movement out of the corner of your eye and maybe just for a second or two you'll see a human form. You may be seeing shadow people. More and more people are reporting seeing shadow people.

Many people wonder what shadow people are and why are more and more people now seeing shadow people. I myself have seen shadow people in several different locations and I really wonder what shadow people are and why do I see them. Are shadow people ghosts or are they something else. Have you ever seen a shadow person? Why not tell us all about it below.

Have you ever saw a shadow person? If so why not post a story about it below.
Have you ever saw a shadow person? If so why not post a story about it below.

In this video Mike St. Clair of VIPER Paranormal shares a video of what looks to be an apparition of a ghost dog appearing at a childrens birthday party.

This is not Mr Jeeves but he looked exactly like this cat. Mr Jeeves was a ghost cat in St Augustine Florida.
This is not Mr Jeeves but he looked exactly like this cat. Mr Jeeves was a ghost cat in St Augustine Florida.

The Ghost Cat Of St Augustine , Mr Jeeves

Do you have doors or windows that open on their own. Or do you lock up your house and come home to find things moved that you know were in different locations before you left. I live in a house where a door that goes out onto a back porch is quite often opened even when I set something in front of it. And I know for a fact that no one else is opening the door. I also once lived in a house where cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen would all be open when I would come home or go back in the kitchen after being asleep all night. It was very clear that I had something paranormal going on.

Do You Have Lights Or Appliances Turning On Or Off By Themselves?

I once lived in a house where some of the household appliances would turn on by themselves. A TV in a downstairs living room would just come on and a cat I had at the time would leave the room as soon as the TV would come on by its self. And quite often you could walk towards the TV planning to turn it back off and it would just go off. I unplugged the TV to stop it from happening and when I unplugged the TV a radio upstairs started doing the same thing. So I knew I had something paranormal going on.

Have you ever had paranormal activity going on at your house. Tell us what happened to you in the comments section below.

Your Pets Will Often Let You Know If You Have Paranormal Activity.

Your pets will quite often let you know that something paranormal is going on in your house. So watch your pets carefully and if you see them acting strange you just may have paranormal activity going on in your house. My big yellow cat quite often runs and plays with something that is not there. He rolls over and shows his belly to who ever or what ever it is. He does the same exact thing when I play with him so I really do believe that something paranormal is going on in my house.

Pets Can And Do Become Ghosts Also.

I once lived in a house in Charleston South Carolina where there was the ghost of a small dog. At first I thought I must be really losing it the first time I felt it jump on the bed with me. But then my Mom and a friend of ours came to spend the night and they slept that night in my bed. Just a few minutes after they laid down on the bed the little ghost dog jumped up on the bed and walked up between them. They saw nothing but they sure felt it. And I guarantee you they were two of the most surprised ladies you have ever seen. I lived on there for quite a while and I would often feel the little dog on the bed and quite often when I would be setting in the living room the little dog would jump up on my lap. I could feel it plain as day. I was never able to find how the ghost of the little dog came to be in the house but it was there.

And on one occasion when my Mom and her friend returned over 500 miles to my Moms house the little dogs ghost went along for the ride and that night my Mom said it jumped on her bed and on her couch. She also heard it running in her hall that night but by the next day the little ghost dog was back in Charleston and it jumped on my lap that night just like a happy little dog would do. Over the years since I moved out of the house where I lived I have expected the little dog to show up but it never has.

The Ghost Dog Was A Little Scottie When He Was Alive.

Only several years after moving out of the Beach House where the ghost dog was did I learn the story of how the little dogs ghost came to be in the house. When the old lady died who I had rented the house from her granddaughter called and told me that her grandmother had passed away. We got to talking and I told her about the ghost of the little dog that had been in the Beach House when I rented it. The granddaughter laughed and told me her mom and her mom's little Scottie had been killed in a car wreck when she was a small child. She said the little Scottie's ghost had always visited her Grandmother who had lived a couple of doors down from the Beach House I had rented. She said her grandmother had owned the little Scottie before she gave it to her daughter before the daughter and little Scottie were both killed in a car wreck about 15 miles away on the Savannah Highway. The granddaughter said that her grandmother had quite often told of the little Scottie's ghost visiting her and jumping on her bed and in her lap. And so it seems the little dog's ghost not only visited the Grandmother but me also.

Ghost Cat In St Augustine Florida

While I was living and working in St Augustine Florida a number of years ago I encountered a cat ghost who was known as Mr Jeeves. I would see him in the evenings and late at night when I would come home from work.

The strange thing about Mr Jeeves was that he could eat. Oh yes that cat could eat. I bought him many cans of cat food and watched him eat it and I didn't catch on until I was calling him one night and the next door neighbor told me all about Mr Jeeves the ghost cat of St Augustine. The little girl that owned him and the large Himalayan cat named Mr Jeeves were both killed when they were hit out in the road in front of where I lived in St Augustine. The little girl and her cat were buried in the same coffin but with in a few days the cats ghost was back begging for a hand out. He would be setting there and while you watched him he would just vanish. As long as I lived there he would never come in the house.

He would show up on the air conditioner looking in the window at me when he wanted me to come outside. I would carry a can of cat food outside and he would eat it. What was really spooky was if other people pulled up in the parking lot or walked up he would vanish. And no he was not running away. I know that I could see him and the lady that lived next door could see him. She was the one who told me she thought there was some reason the cat couldn't go inside. As long as I lived there I saw Mr Jeeves and I'm sure he's still there. And if you're wondering yes I did pet and rub him but he wanted no part of being picked up.

Have you ever seen , heard , or felt the ghost of a pet or other animal. Why not tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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Have You Eve Heard, Seen, Or Felt What Could Have Been The Ghost Of A Pet Or Other Animal?

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Post your comments or questions about , Is This Place Haunted Now. And thanks for reading my Hub Page.

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      It seems I'm not fated to see or hear paranormal activity. A friend and I have been to several places reputed to be haunted without having any experience that could be called unusual at all. Not saying it can't happen, just that it doesn't happen to me, at least, not yet!

    • Lifefusion profile image

      Josh Woods 

      6 years ago from United States

      I don't believe that my house has paranormal activity, but I have had what I believed were paranormal events happen to me when I was a child. I brush them off as imagination now, but I do have a consistent dream that is very unsettling to me.

      In this dream I am always laying down asleep in the same exact location that I am actually asleep outside the dream. In the dream I become aware that someone or something is near me, not touching me, but non the less holding me down. I cannot look directly at the form in front of me, but it is fairly clear in my peripheral vision. I am trying to scream for someone, whoever is actually physically there in the house at the time, but I can't quite get it out. I hear a voice that says it is now ok, then I suddenly actually wake up.

      When I wake up it is always in a stressful sweat and I for a brief moment think that I see the figure in front of me. The figure is small...very petite, but with a large oddly shaped head. The figure doesn't move or fade into the darkness, yet implodes into itself with a very tiny shimmer of light. It happens so fast that it almost seems like the effects that you would get when rubbing your eyes or a long period of time.

      What I find so odd about this dream is that I have been having it a few time a year for ass long as I can remember. Inside the dream I am always at the same exact location I am in the real world. For example; if for some reason I decided to sleep on a park bench...inside the dream I would be on the same park bench with all surrounding details identical to real life.

      One night that I had the dream my wife had used my phone while I was asleep. I keep it beside my bed, but she had placed it on her dresser. In the dream that night my head was being held towards my wife's side of the bed and I could see the silhouette of my phone on the edge of her dresser. When I really awoke I found that my phone was gone and in fact was on my wife's dresser.

      This dream is something that I have almost grown accustom to. It does not startle me as it did in the past, but it will always make me wonder if it is just a dream or something more.

      If anyone has had a similar account I would love to know. Sorry for such a long comment.

      Thanks for the haunting tips CrazyHorseGhost. I look forward to more of you great Hubs.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Im living in a duplex with people who keep burning Chinese hell money? I found out that a boy 15 years old hung himself, it is my neighbors son!! Right now I'm hearing banging downstairs in my basement. My son woke up 1 morning burned w/ 3 scratches, now scratches that look the exact same are recently scratched in my walls? Ect Ect. Please help!!!

    • profile image 

      7 years ago

      i dont enjoy the activity that's going on its 70 degrees in here and my bedroom is 30degrees i wont sleep in there is has scared me to death help

    • profile image 

      8 years ago

      very interesting article. I love reading about the paranormal.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      I love stories of paranormal activity. I have saw ghosts and had paranormal activity going on around me all my life.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I enjoy learning about paranormal activity. Good article and subject matter!


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