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Is Your Child a Psychic Kid?

Updated on July 14, 2013

The lady in the mirror. Look closely!

Do you see her?  The lady in the mirror?  Usually people see her lips first!
Do you see her? The lady in the mirror? Usually people see her lips first!

My alter ego's poem.

Was there ever a time when a poem with no rhyme brought a shock to the heart? Was there ever a heart that was moved to the core by words of one loved who lives no more? Was there ever one passed who returned to this world to share a breath with those who haven’t known death? I’ll tell you true if you promise to speak of it not. Do you promise? Can you be bought?

I’ve been one of the living few who hears spirits whisper, I truly do. All around me they speak in tones heard by almost none. Almost none that is, but one.

Why do they come to me you ask? They feel they need to complete an incomplete task. I’ve felt their souls cry out in pain, and to help them I have my peace only to gain. I answer their calls and help them through to finish that which they still remain here to do.

When done with their need their color turns bright. “Thank you my Friend,” they whisper as they fade to light. It does my own soul such joy to know that they have at last been cleansed of their final woe.

My Sweet Baby Girl

My Girl

This was written by me using my pen name, Heidi Cain. There are some venues that do not understand the idea of writing a poem or anything else about seeing and/or speaking with spirits, thus I need to go “undercover” as it were. Sad but true. I’ve seen spirits since I was a baby. I’ve also heard them and spoken to them. Long long ago (why is it that I always want to say “in a galaxy far far away” after that phrase) I used to check houses for spirits and clear them if necessary. A job that very seldom gets boring! I don’t do that any longer. Since my daughter was born (now eleven), I will not take the chance of any attached spirits, especially dark ones, coming home with me.

The delightful family gift of seeing/hearing spirits has been passed down from Grandma to Mom to me to my child. My daughter seems to even gotten a double helping which is both a blessing and a curse. She is terrified of the voices she hears and the people she sees, unless they are the ones who passed young. She also sees and hears passed animals, and that she doesn’t mind one bit! It is extremely hard for any child to know there are spirits about and feel helpless to do anything. Those children with the extra gift or two have confusing and difficult lives at times. My daughter is one of the lucky ones because when she tells me Grandpa is in her room talking to her, I KNOW she isn’t making it up. I also can help her deal with her fear and if necessary, tell Grandpa she doesn’t want to see or talk to him right now.

Being a child with such an enormous amount of Light around her, she attracts those that are no longer on this Earthly plain, just as I did as a child. The difference is that I was raised by a scientist/atheist and was told from day one I had a vivid imagination and needed to get over it. That was hard, because you see, the spirits don’t care that your Dad doesn’t believe in them. They only care that you can see them and if you can see them you can help them. It took me 27 years to accept that I wasn’t crazy or imagining things and to learn what I needed to learn to either help or banish those that came to me. I had the help of a Cherokee Medicine Woman to whom I will always be grateful. The rest I learned via trial and error. My point here being that if you hear things go bump in the night and then your child comes to you with fear in their eyes and tells you there’s a ghost in the house, stop a moment before foo-fooing. Stop and ask yourself, what if? Because…what if? What if they really are seeing spirits? Is that something YOU would want to deal with alone? Would YOU want to be told it’s all in your imagination when you know it isn’t?


My husband has asked me to write a “how to” book for parents of psychic kids. He has asked me to do this in case I die and he has no idea what to do when our child comes to him, and she will, with the fact that Uncle Geryl is in the living room watching TV with her. My husband, a patient man, didn’t have any beliefs one way or another about the spirit world or psychic abilities. Then he met me! He watched me clear houses and felt the difference in the clearing. He has been tapped on the shoulder, had whispers in his ear and has had things thrown at him. He has watched me turn things on and off with a wave of my hand through the air, a gift that like most of my abilities comes in handy but one should never count on completely. Now he wants a “how to” book so he can help our daughter when she needs to know how to banish a dark spirit. When she needs to know why she felt like her heart was exploding when the neighbor was having a heart attack. When she wants to have a way to help the child spirit who is just looking for his mommy. So, a “how to” book it is. I’m on chapter 4 and it’s going to be a long one!

Man and Cat

The lower spirit is one of my old cats that passed a few years ago.  The upper one - unknown, but from what I gather he is an old Tuyunga Indian.
The lower spirit is one of my old cats that passed a few years ago. The upper one - unknown, but from what I gather he is an old Tuyunga Indian.

Wrap Up

To wrap up, there are children out there who are highly Empathic, Mediums, Telepathic, and Clairaudient, see Auras, are Telekinetic, etc. etc. One of them could be yours. Do you ignore their fear, their pain and confusion? Do you tell them they are lying or have too much imagination? If so, then you do them a great disservice and possibly damage them for life. I know whereof I speak. Listen to them. HEAR THEM. Talk it out and research how to help them. If you need further help, ask me. Thanks for reading!


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