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Is a baby born sinless

Updated on March 22, 2013

sinner or innocent

sinner or innocent?
sinner or innocent?

Born Sinless !!

Born Sinless!

Islam teaches that every child is born sinless with a pure heart and an inner instinct to realize the oneness of God. It is the parents or the environment that deviates this child to associate partners with God ( in the form of multiple gods) or to reject God altogether.

Christians are taught that since the fall of Adam all men who are born according to the course of nature are conceived and born in sin, children, from conception, are sinners, and the christian bible states that an unsaved sinner cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

what happens then to all christian babes that are still born or die before birth ( miscarriage ) are they condemned to eternal damnation in Hell.....

Islam says noooooooooo !! life begins at the moment of conception.... all are muslim, all are sinless, innocent of any wrong doing. 


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