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Is it Better to Give or Receive?

Updated on August 28, 2015

Giving vs. Receiving

The jury is still deadlocked. The debate is still lively. No one seems to know the answer, although there are plenty of good arguments to sway the majority to one side or the other.

Giving is how it all started, one man proclaimed. But, giving becomes ineffective when there is no recipient of the gift, shouted another man.

The debate went on and on and still after much lively discussion, no clear answer emerged.

Giving and Receiving Are the Same

And then, out of nowhere, a frail, elderly woman cleared her throat and said, "The answer is clear".

The room was completely quiet as she slowly began to speak,

"The answer is clear", she repeated.

The two opinions that you discuss can not be separated, because they both are One.

Everyone starred in amazement as this fragile woman continued.

Without the Receiver, the Giver can not Give, and who can Give unless they have Received.

You all debate this as if these two rival one another, yet, it is clear that Giving and Receiving are the Same.

How can this be was the sentiment that filled the room.

After pausing for a while, seemingly to catch her breath, the older woman continued.

During this Holiday Season, many will chose to Give.

But, what will they Give?

Some will give toys to children and others will give gifts to loved ones, because the spirit of giving is in the air.

However, what is equally important is whether their Gifts will be Received.

Many times we're excited to be the recipient of Gifts, but, we often neglect the value of receiving and it is looked upon as being less spiritual of the two.

Nevertheless, we can not place one above another, because they both must exist in order to complete the other.

Therefore, in the Holiday Season remember as you place your Gift under the Tree, that both Giving and Receiving are the Same because they complete one another.

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