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God gave us all we need ........ why do we need More?

Updated on December 8, 2010


Is it heaven on earth or hell?

Some say we all have the answers within our own self.  Others pray for the resolve. Many chant, meditate and gain a calmness within.  At the end of the day, it is the end result that matters to us most.  If we are having a torturous day......I suppose that is the hell on earth.......and when one feels the peaceful, tranquil feeling of love, productivity and just in general a feeling of well being...guess that the heaven aspect of earth.

     After God created such a wondrous universe and everything in it, he gave us free will and all the senses we need to fulfill our existence here.......... Why can we not find the answers?  Granted some issues seem so large, vile, unimportant, urgent, trivial, traumatic, dramatic confusing as well!  However did we not create most of them?  Would not the majority of people agree that due to our insatiable lust for more........and more of all that accommodates us in the short term.......that we have manifested our own self destruction?

    Once we are given instructions, and we so choose to alter them,  there is no warranty or guarantee that our product will run smoothly!   We are products ourselves....   and we concluded that we could be better than our maker intended.......somehow I feel our warranty has been altered here on earth!   As for answers,  I feel certain we hold them too, not to say we can face them well or deal with them truthfully , none the less answers are here for us to obtain.

     Guidence is still Gods method  of helping us and reminding us of his promise  of an etenal life with him for the main question at this heaven or hell on earth?   I would say both.............Sometimes  for me it is who is asking me too many questions......... well I don't have all the answers ya know.........

                                 thinking to much,



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