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Is it absolutely true that there is a God?

Updated on March 4, 2012
The "Eye of God" in Outer Space
The "Eye of God" in Outer Space

If there are two possible options and you have committed yourself only to one you therefore not sure if the option you haven’t try has any merit.

Why must we think that our body should be at every place in order for us to be there? If our existence consists of a body and a soul why is it so that we focuse so much of our attention on the body when in fact the body is the least importance? Why can't we travel through dimensions without the body - is this not a possibility?

There are those who have confirmed to me that they think what my extreme skeptic position is going for is the denial of the existence of the supernatural. They seem to have believed by saying that there is no absolute truth proves that the notion that they is a God is not completely true.

Since some of us refuse to admit that there is absolute truth, than we shouldn't also admit that the idea that there is a God is absolutely true. My answer to that proposition is true - because if we admit that there are no absolute truths than the notion that there is a God is questionable. But at the same time it does not exclude conclusively that they may not be a God.

On the flip side of the previous assertion, we can now say since there are no absolute truths how can we say that there is no God. If the reasons given to disprove the existence of a God are not absolutely true, than it’s not reasonable for one to assume that my extreme skeptic position is going to deny the existence of a supernatural? However though, what my position do revealed, is the ability for us human to open our minds to all possibilities instead of depending only on truth that are tangible and can only be asserted by our five senses.

The information we gathered on an object is part of the interpretation of its existence, but how do we know for certain that the information we know is all that is to be known about the object. This is why I argued that the fact we haven't explore all the dimensions, we shouldn't be so quick to completely confirm propositions without understanding all the conditions and laws that maybe necessary to have the full picture of their understanding.

Some may argued that there are no truths that can come out from the interpretation of the supernatural forces. Others may hold the position that the truth that derived from the abstract interpretation of the supernatural forces is not the same truth as the one from the tangible world. The difference between the two is that one requires faith and the other rely simply on scientific measures.

A person could not have grown spiritually until he is conscious of the world around him and to achieve consciousness one must get rid of the ego. Once the ego is gone, the person becomes wiser, and faith is now possible. The person who gets rid of the ego will become respectful but not fear. Spiritual growth is a gift from a higher power; it gives comfort to the mind. Those who possesses it are humble and even with all their power; they showed respect to even the least powerful being.

How do we refer to a theory that is accepted by one group of people and rejected by another? Do we say that there is only one truth and that anything that can't be proven is not true? There are a few things on this planet that we have not yet proven to have had the answer for their existent. For example, the great Pyramids of Kuhfu and the theory of evolution, both have not yet proven to have been completely understood, and still we question the existence of God whose understanding lies in faith.

Other than our five senses, they maybe other ways to prove that a form exists and faith could just be one of them. Just because we cannot rationalized faith doesn’t mean it’s meaningless. We should really think of faith as a gateway to other dimensions, which in this case imply the stronger our faith the more accessible are those dimensions.

Dimensions in that sense refers to a place within our existent that is accessible through thinking that can produce elevated thoughts. The infinite space for thoughts is the mind, in order to explore all its dimensions we must always used and elevated thought, for anything less will stop the elevation. In order to see what is hidden before your eyes, you must use an elevated thought for your mind is the tunnel that lead your eyes to clarity.

You do not know what is true until you begin to filter your thinking by using a higher grade filter. A filter that doesn’t allow fragments of misconceptions to penetrates. A filter that is maintain by our elevated thoughts and will only allow the purest form of knowledge to filters through, and that purest form of knowledge is simplicity.

Numbers are also part of our knowledge that is base on simplicity. We know that numbers exist; it's a method that we have invented so that we can measure the quantity of things. Numbers are not abstract entities, by that I mean numbers are not tangible, they do not have personalities, they can't behave on their own, there are imaginative, there are not like us humans who think.

One thing about numbers that we claim to know for sure is that they go into infinity. Meaning if we were to start counting, the numbers would be endless. We don't know what infinity is we accept infinity as being endless. Likewise, we say that space (the universe) is endless, but we don't know that for sure, scientist accept this theory as being the truth just like they have accepted that there are infinite numbers.

Likewise, God represent infinity to the Christian. They have not seen God nor can they prove that God exist. They simply have faith that God exist just like the scientist have faith that numbers goes into infinity or the universe is endless. They faith in God allows them to believe that if they praise this God that good things will come their way.

Some have claimed to have faith, praises God but yet did not have they wishes come true. Scientist have claimed to have discovered new formula that can prove the theory of evolution, yet no laws have been accepted. Unlike a theory, the concept of God is accepted by most because of faith. Faith invites people to believe, and the evidence is manifested through their behavior - they conduct of life. This concept is one that troubles the Atheist, because to him faith is not comprehensible because it's not logical.

What is the difference between Atheist and Christianity? The Atheist might be able to convince some people that there are no Gods, but he can never change the Christian mind. The Christian doesn’t need proof to ensure him that God exist, his truth is in faith. Now can we say that faith does not exist? It would seem if we haven't been able to derive to a reasonable conclusion of things that are right here on Earth how can we then understand spirituality.

Since faith can not be proven by scientific method the atheist will most likely say it doesn’t exist. But would that be a good assessment from the atheist perspective. May be to the atheist it is, but not to the Christian. How can we actually say that there is no such thing as “faith” when in fact we haven’t explored all the dimensions? If someone has faith than whatever he has faith in exist to him.

Whether it is God or a woman shouldn't matter. The fact that God is imaginative does not disprove the conditions that leads to a person having faith for faith exist only in the mind. The only difference here is that the faith from the woman perspective can be disproved depending on the criterion of the faith holder. May be the faith he has for the woman depends on certain condition in order for the woman to get his faithful approval.

The idea that people believe in a God shouldn't really be viewed as delusional by the atheist. It is an idea that is berried in faith; it is only through faith that the concept of God becomes real. It is an idea that can not be proven via scientific method. Perhaps, it's a spiritual concept that cannot be understood unless one is knowledgeable enough to tap in other dimensions that exceed traditional thinking. I honestly don’t think it’s an intelligent way of thinking by committing ourselves to solve all of our problems through scientific measures.

If there are two possible options and you have committed yourself only to one you therefore not sure if the options you haven’t try has any merit. To have denied it only on the ground that it’s not logically sounded is to hold the position that logic governs all problems. By that we’re saying in cases where logic does not apply our problems cannot be resolve, when in fact the other route may provide us with alternatives that may help us link the unknown from the three dimensional world to the spiritual world which may goes beyond three dimensional conception.

Of- course I cannot explain the spiritual world, but it doesn't mean that it’s not accessible. This is why we shouldn’t think in one dimensional, thinking that scientific measures are the only way is thinking in one dimensional. It is only by open up our minds to new queries can we become aware of the unfamiliar grounds which can alert us of other possibilities. Having this understanding would than open new doors for new possibilities. As a wise woman once said those who knows, now.


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    • Emilia_Lamberto profile image

      Emily Lambert 

      7 years ago from New Carlisle, Ohio

      Coolbreeze, your comment is exactly how I feel. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed reading.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      We all search for a higher deity in the sky that answers our prayers and makes miracles. Some search and search and give up their faith because of bad events that keep occurring in their lives; and through logic that the individuals prayers weren't answered they conclude there is no god. But where is the one place most do not look? Is inward. There is a Buddhist saying I read that says " Enlightenment for a wave in the ocean, is the moment it realizes that it is water. just a thought to share with you.

    • Coolbreezing profile imageAUTHOR

      James Dubreze 

      9 years ago from New York, New York

      Hi! Mike I really NV you my friend -

      You left no room for an argument, your logic is sound and I respect your opinion completely. Although there are those who can dispute that there are mystical things out there, proving it would not have been possible.

    • MikeNV profile image


      9 years ago from Henderson, NV

      We as humans can not solve simple problems yet some of us choose to believe we have the answers to questions that are so complex they defy logic. I've read and watched information on parallel universes, string theory, m theory, the big bang theory.

      What we do know for sure is that Religion is a creation of man. God, a Creator, etc. is something one must decide on a personal level.

      We know and perceive things from our own unique experiences. If people need to believe in a higher power to make themselves feel better about themselves then they should do that. But they should also always respect the right of others to believe how they see fit.

      For the only true and real and undeniable answers are not available to us as humans with our limited ability to comprehend. Faith is just a belief in a hope. What is true is what will be revealed or not revealed at a later date.

    • gtoste76 profile image


      9 years ago from Toronto

      Good answer to steve's comment coolbreeze. I agree

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 

      9 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      I really enjoyed the fact that you believe that there is an almighty God, I have believed in God since I was twelve and he has brought me through many troubles and siutations. God is my strength and hope for eternity. thanks your reminder that God is my all. creativeone59

    • Coolbreezing profile imageAUTHOR

      James Dubreze 

      9 years ago from New York, New York

      Well, God bless you Orris

      As for me, my faith is determine by how i feel and behave towards others. I believe if I can manage to eliminate hate, envy and jealousy from my personality, I have done something good for myself. And that is what I refer to as good faith.

      I think the reason why I fell free and at peace with myself is because I have manage to eliminate these characteristic from my personality. However though, it does cause one not to strive for too much in life.

      Once you have done that, you will no longer sees the world the same. You will then separate the material world from the spiritual one.

      I do have some weaknesses nonetheless. Sometime I wish i was strong enough to overcome them, but I often give in. However, I know the reason why I keep given in is because I'm missing something in my life.

      And the fact that I have separated my life from the material world, makes it harder for me to get what I need to make my life complete. Sometime people seems to think that they know what you want more than you. Meanwhile it is only their interest they're seeking.

      They want to help you, but only with strings attached. There are times when you have no clue as to what they want - at this point you can only let your faith guide you - listen to your six sense.

      The brain is an amazing thing, and ever one was able to utilize even 25% of it, that one could cause miracles.

      As it is now, some people have the ability to heal or make themselves seek just by thinking.

    • Steve Orris profile image

      Steve Orris 

      9 years ago from NE Ohio

      My faith in God is a gift I treasure. Even the faith I have is from Him. I will never completely comprehend the concept of God. I can't even understand the Bible fully and it's not that big of a book.

      Until you experience something for yourself you don't understand it. But do we always experience reality, or do we experience our perception of reality?


      I heard of a pastor who (for some weird reason) enjoyed hanging around a friend of his at work. His friend prepared dead bodies for burial. The hearts and livers sometimes wear out. The pastor asked if the brain ever wears out. The mortician said that he had never seen a brain worn out. Actually, he had never seen a brain even used part way.

      God is probably wondering why he gave us such a wonderful brain when we only use it a little. Someday we will know much more than we do today and some questions that seem so deep today will be so trivial later. At some point all thought must rely on faith. Faith in something or Someone. Choose wisely. What you put your faith in determines your future.


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