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Is it just our Imagination?

Updated on November 6, 2014

Are Miracles Real?

Some believe in miracles and some don't. I have seen first hand miracles and have even been involved in a few!

My Miracle!

I experienced my own miracle just a couple of months ago. I was driving in unfamiliar territory and turned onto a one way street. I did not see a one way street sign so I turned into a parking lot to turn around and go back out, as this was not the turn I wanted to make. All at once I see cars flying towards me coming head on! I screamed and hit my emergency flasher and was waving them to go around! They were almost hitting me and each other! They were furious with me and with good reason, but I didn't do it on purpose! I kept saying, I'm so sorry! They were yelling and screaming profanities at me and even a few gestures were made, Finally , the light changed to stop the flow of traffic and I was able to turn my car around in the right direction! God was with me or His angels! This could have been a real tragedy for myself or others. I shook and trembled all the way home from the thoughts of it and what could have happened. I kept thinking, Did that really just happen? Trust me, it really happened!

What constitutes a Miracle?

Miracles can be a lot of different things. Mine was almost a fatal one.Thank God it wasn't.

But, there are good ones also. Like the birth of a baby, a baby's smile or sparkle in it's eyes! What makes a baby do that? Even as a newborn they smile in their sleep. Dr's try to say it's gas. I don't think so, when my babies had gas, they cried! I believe it is them being happy that they are born, life has a way of making us all smile.

So what constitutes a miracle can be almost anything in life, because life itself is a miracle!

A sparkle in a baby's eyes and a big smile!

The Best Miracle We Have is Our Free Will.

We are all born with the ability to have our own free will. This is something that God gave to us so that we can make our own choices and that He wants us to love Him from our own will.

Some will choose it right away,some are born with it, and other's have to find it the hard way. Some may not find it until their dying breath.

We will all find out that God will humble us before Him. The timing of it will be different for all of us. It will be His timing and at His pace. We will all be on our knees, begging, praying, crying, and asking for forgiveness, when our time comes. This I know, for the Bible tells me so! And I believe it with all my heart! Amen!

Our free will.

This video is one that will certainly make you think! No one person can nor probably ever will be able to prove or disprove that God exists. It is our own free will to choose to believe or not.

Free will.

Real or imagination?

The beauty of life is our free will.


  1. We get to make up our own mind as to what we want to do, or not do.
  2. Be what we want to be, or not be.
  3. Live as we want to, or not.
  4. Choose how many children we want, or not.
  5. Go where we want to go, or not.
  6. Live in a house, or a hut.
  7. Love who we want, or not.
  8. Our lives are made up of choices that "we" get to make. How did that happen? Is that real or our imaginations? It is real! God made sure that He gave us free will!


Is it our imagination? I would say that if there is anything that has ever been real, it is our God. For without Him, none of us would even have life. He is Life, the Truth, and the Way.


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    • Carol McCullough profile image

      Success In Life 3 years ago from U.S.

      Amen, God is love, and he shows us mercy everday!