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Is it not ridiculous that mankind retains their Ego?

Updated on September 7, 2015

Representative galaxies!

How can man can feel so big?

With the last breath, the mind is snatched away. Yes, like the Atma or Self, mind exists ever and it will be either merged in the self or come out of the self. When it is merged in self, there is no creation at all. When it comes out of the self, creation commences. In Hindu scriptures, the time span of each aeon is specified and in the same order creation happens. When one aeon ends, there will be dissolution of created universe. The process is mind boggling.

First, the gross earth is submerged in water. There will be devastating flood and every thing will be submerged in water. During that time, all the beings dissolve into the cosmic flood. God or the Self alone remains. It is said that Lord Mahavishnu will be sleeping on a leaf during the flood.. There will be an intervening period or contact period between two yugas or aeons. Everything will be in perfect equilibrium. Just before the creation starts, there will be a stir and the equilibrium gets disturbed and creation starts. Hence, whenever the scientists imagine about the age of the earth, they mean the present earth only and they never accept the existence of creation prior to the present one.

Now, let us start from the fundamentals of time period governing each yuga or aeon. 1. Kaliyuga or dark age or iron age consists of 4, 32,000 human years. 2. The next yuga is Dwapara yuga or brass age is twice the period of Kali which is equal to 8, 64,000 human years. 3. The third one is known as Treta yuga or silver age which is thrice the period of Kali and hence equals to 12, 96,000 human years. 4. The fourth one is Sathya Yuga or Golden Age which is four times of Kali yuga which again equals to 17,28,000 human years. All the four yugas combined to gether is known as one Maha Yuga which is equal to 43, 20,000 human years.

Readers may be intrigued about the mention of human years in the above para.. Evidently the time scale of demigods or Devas is different from that of human beings. 360 human years is equal to one day of demigods. Hence the Kaliyug is merely 1200 years in the scale of demigods. Thus in the time scale of demigods one Mahayuga is equal to 12000 years of demigods. One thousand such Mahayuga is one day time for Brahma, the god of creation and one thousand Mahayuga is one night for Brahma. The life of one Brahma is 100 years in the same scale. Hence, the age of Brahma is equal 100 x 360x 2x12000 years of demigods. Multiply the same by 360 and you will get the number of years in human scale. Every single day of Brahma sees 71 Manus reining the world. The present age of Brahma is 51 years running? Hence I leave it to the readers to find out the age of the earth since the creation!

Scientists can investigate the present earth alone and found out it is around fourteen billions old. This is only an approximation based on carbon dating or position of planets etc. When compared to the above cycles of Yuga, what are we? We live hardly for seventy or eighty years average. In rare cases, people live until the ripe age of 100+. I just want to ask one question. “What is the size of man in the entire creation? He is less than the size of a ‘nano particle’! Is it not a wonder that man boasts and prattle with Ego?

Time cycles of Yuga (Aeon)


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