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Is Our Life On Earth Merely Passing Time?

Updated on March 8, 2017

Temporary, passing clouds.

Is our life a mere time pass?

Everything seems to be a mere ‘time pass’ here! Education, employment, family life, wealth seeking and acquiring properties, all the above seems mere time pass. Just think a little deep! What imprint man leaves on the earth when he departs from the exhausting attempts as above? Can anyone here carry a grain of sand when they depart? What is the use of all, the pleasure seeking exercises, trying alternative things when one is fed up with! Instances are galore in our own life. Just jot down how we started our earthly career and the ever changing targets when we grow! It was first mother’s care, toys and natural instincts that governed our baby days. Games with other children in the neighborhood amid the homework season in the home, which seems very grueling for toddlers. When we grow up, schooling ordeal continues with strict discipline both in the Home front and school. Yet, we always try to find leisure and holidays to play and enjoy! Basically everyone seeks joy and happiness amid the schooling and homework. We want to play outdoor games with the chums. Well, we finally make it to the senior school levels. Really we need to pour more over the books than watching TV or surfing on the net.

Purpose of Life!

The present world situation!

Maturity is slowly entering into our life. We start thinking about careers and choose the advantageous curriculum to earn well and settle in life comfortably. More than 90% of students aim for this. It is but a natural tendency. They attend career counselling along with academic preferences. Many people choose the computer line which seems fast growing but they are not aware that IT sector is reaching the saturation point. Hence newer avenues are invented by big companies to keep the momentum. Alas, the political conditions in various countries curtain the employability of local graduates in foreign soil. The boom has gone now with President Trump enacting strict laws to curtail immigration of students of many countries. He wants to give first preference to American citizens. Also the Brexit is one more problem that definitely curtails employment from immigrant countries.

I was just thinking about the ocean surface which is never calm at any given moment. If it seems to remain calm at a given time at one place, it raises furiously in another place causing much sorrow to the people at the adjoining lands. The weather is absolutely unpredictable as in the financial markets. The political scenario everywhere is not encouraging. War clouds are hanging in Korean peninsula, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and in some West African countries. The situation in the gulf countries too is discouraging. The oil economy is falling precariously. Once the richest on earth, Saudi Arabia is finding difficult to make both ends meet! Why this long narrative? To show the common man that the life on earth has become a mere time pass and there is nothing to exult here.

If the end is right?

Our mundane life without any tangible aim!

We take birth, eat and grow, sleep and fear at others. If we could make a time chart with our life, half the life is spent in sleep, quarter time is spent on work and moving around, quarter time is spent on recreation including gossips, attending clubs etc. At the end of the day, are we happy and enjoy a peaceful sleep? Mostly NO! More time is spent on worrying about the future, the wellbeing of our kith and kin, comparison of life style of neighbors and peers. Can we affirm that we have spent our life usefully? What were your targets during the entire life? It is nothing but money, since we feel that money can solve many of our problems in life. Sadly, it is not the case! Money can give you comforts but not contentment born happiness. Money can buy a mattress but it cannot guarantee sleep! Money can take you to the best Doctors but they cannot prolong your longevity! If they were capable of prolonging our life, many of the V.I.Ps of the past would have survived now!

Even the latest medical expertise could not save many of the political leaders around the globe! They may try to restore some health with their costly injections and infusions but what is lost cannot be restored fully! Then think about human achievements on earth. We may pretend about the scientific and technological inventions, the computer era, the internet age and many strides in medical and space technologies. As we tackle each epidemic, newer viruses are attacking the poor people in many countries like the Ebola and Zico virus!

Well, there is only one question left. Are we happy with our life on earth and are we really proud about it? The majority of the population will say emphatically, ‘there is no charm in this mundane life; everything seems like a passing cloud. Nothing seems real here. Sufferings seem to grow around the world for one and all since we seek pure unadulterated joy and happiness! Nowhere, in any of the world scriptures, pure unalloyed happiness is guaranteed excepting in the spiritual path! Our ancestors have realized this truth many thousands of years ago by undertaking meditation in deep forests for thousands of years. They realized that all earthly happiness is mere illusion. They found that spirituality alone could grant lasting happiness!

It is ultimate liberation!

The earthly life has no charm!

Do you enjoy your life on earth?

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