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Is the Tarot Evil? Spiritual? Self Help?

Updated on February 14, 2016
"I want you to get a Tarot Reading!"
"I want you to get a Tarot Reading!"

Origins and Uses

The Tarot is a deck of cards usually numbering in 78 that was originally used for playing card games in 15th century Europe like French Tarot or Italian Tarochini. The Tarot was not known for fortune telling or divination until the 1800s. It was during this time that groups like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn attached deep spiritual meaning to these cards. I on the other hand have another use for these cards that not only draws on its origins with a completely new spin.

Tarot Game in Action
Tarot Game in Action
A Deck of Tarot Cards for purposes of Fortune Telling.
A Deck of Tarot Cards for purposes of Fortune Telling.
I use the Tarot here as one of many tools for Life Coaching.
I use the Tarot here as one of many tools for Life Coaching.

The Judeo Christian Argument & My Answer

"There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer" Deuteronomy 18:10

Can plastic/paper cards really be "evil"? If this is your stance and you really wish to take your Bible to heart in the form of literal interpretation I have a challenge for you. I challenge you to consider the purpose and effects behind their use. For what can anything be judged on but its affect on others or the world at large. Many times the Tarot is an incredible aid in self reflection,reaching emotional perspective and yes at times divination. All things that have a positive affect on the lives of men and women could certainly not be evil. Correct?

The Tarot when used for the purposes of divination or fortune telling is simply a tool for one who seeks an answer. People who are looking for answers usually seek someone who reads the cards best suited to their personality and lifestyle.

To call a tool evil is a judgement. To call a persons method for finding answers evil is also a judgement. Many churches label anything that gives answers evil to maximize emotional reaction. Many scientific advances as well as medical advances have been blocked by the church categorizing things as evil. The Churches widely do this because they wish to have a monopoly on all of the "answers." It is no longer the 7th century my friends and this is not acceptable.

For example when Freud formed his theory of psychoanalysis the Church labeled it as evil. Freud discovered that many mental problems were the result of repressing or holding back sexual desires. Since sexual desire was considered evil by the church at the time the result was that people did not discuss sex. As a result many people became married knowing little to nothing about human reproduction.

I use the Tarot as a means of Self Help and as a part of my Life Coaching Sessions when requested.

I find the Tarot to be an excellent representation of the human condition in its glorious totality. It depicts insights for our best and worst moments. It is very spiritual and insightful and not only that it can be quite fun. While Life Coaching if a client of mine is stuck on a particular issue I will ask them if they would like me to do a Tarot Reading for them.

The result of this is we usually find a way to deal with an issue or find an incredible insight that we had overlooked. I find it to be a blessing to enrich other peoples lives time and time again.

If you must judge, then the only criterion acceptable for judging to me is the end result of the action. Those that I perform Tarot readings for are left more fulfilled and much less troubled. In fact many of my Ask Nico family end up sharing the same spiritual reverie that I do for the Tarot.

I am also happy to teach my methods of card reading to others.

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