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Is the world changing for the better?

Updated on October 4, 2013

Is it?

Space travel is possible and even becoming slowly accessible to the upper classes of society. In addition, most new scientific discoveries attempt to make the world a better place. This is however not always the case – through the invention of weapons of mass destructions, such as the nuclear bomb, wars killing millions have been nearly omnipresent. Despite the existence of deadly weapons, I believe that science and the advancement of the human race are indeed changing the world for the better.

Many discoveries may change the course of history in a positive way. Such as example may be found in the discovery of the therapeutic uses of penicillin in the early 20th century. Shortly afterwards, its discoverer, the Scottish scientist – Alexander Fleming, began to adverstise its uses as the worlds first antibiotic. By the year 1950 penicillin’s chemical structure was understood and the British government initiated mass synthetic production. Today, penicillin is available in most countries in various forms and is still used to combat many severe infections. This scientific advancement has indisputably lowered the death toll from simple and curable infections making the world a safer place.

In contrast to penicillin, other chemical substances have been produced, which have horrific and devastating effects on living creatures, including humans. Chemical weapons of mass destruction, although discovered in the last decade of the 19th century were used for the first time in 1917 during the battle of Somme in World War I. Sarin gas is still in use today in the Syrian Civil War, despite international laws, which prohibit its productions, storage and usage, Such inventions have indeed created a world, in which humans wage wars, which have terrible consequences.

However, not only do new scientific developments affect the world, political organizations and national governments normally affect the current situation of the world. For example the United Nations founded in 1948, after the aftermath of World War II, has been authorized by all governments to create peacekeeping forces to attempt to make the world change for the better.

In Conclusion, I indeed believe the world is changing for the better, despite the presence of numerous dangerous and deadly inventions. Humanity is moving positively forwards due to various scientific and political advancements, which achieve the creation and sustainability of peace in a global scale.

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