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Is the world going crazy??

Updated on August 12, 2015

Are people really happy? they don't act like it

Maybe someone can tell me what is going on here. You go to the store, the gym, or anywhere, people aren't happy, friendly, or normal. You turn on tv, there are creepy shows about witchcraft, darkness and demons everywhere. You turn on the news, random groups of varying people just murdered people or people have been killed, school shootings, crazy people at stores fighting, people being killed over road rage, war, invasion, and yeah, your next door neighbor was just caught smuggling child porn into their home because they're a registered sex offender!! holy sh**!!!!! what on EARTH is going on here???

you call a company to get help, and get some really rude weird crazy customer service rep who tries to talk over you, yells at you, lies to you then gets off on your reaction and hangs up. Wtf just happened there?! I just want to cancel my membership, my booking- do i really have to go through all THAT just to make a simple cancellation??? In any business, you have mentally ill customers yelling at you, trying to fight you or accuse you of all kinds of things *headscratch*, she seemed so nice and normal??

You go on a date, you think, he SEEMS normal? she SEEMS nice?? but 20 minutes down the road you realize- ok they're a jerk, or creep. They have no real manners, or they decide they want to be disrespectful- or reveal to you they practice santeria. Ok COME ON REALLY??? what on EARTH is going on here these days??!! are there ANY truly normal people left?? ANY? everyone seems to 'APPEAR" normal, but everyone has their run down 'skeletons' in their 'closet' (full of some dead person probably). It just seems to get more and more gruesome and grotesque out there. Everyone seems to have this very bizarre "dark side" now and this 'DARK SIDE" is nothing you want to encounter or deal with.

Are there no such thing as calm, kind happy genuine decent positive human beings anymore or is everyone just a product of this dumbed down evil mind controlled brainwashed society, depressed, miserable angry on heavy medication, just wanted to unleash their inner demons on everyone else. It really seems as if, the world is not only going crazy, but went CRAZY long ago, and crazy is the new IN!!

Ah yes, if you are, weird, creepy, angry bitter, strange, morose, and UNHAPPY, then all the other 'weird, creepy, angry, bitter, strange, morose, unhappy" freaks out there WILL SYMPATHIZE with you and connect with you and have NO problem befriending you. They say "the law of attraction" which is complete hogwash. If the law of attraction was so true, why is it that sociopaths only attracted NICE PEOPLE, and nice people only seem to attract "PREDATORS." I mean, where is this law of attraction?? positive seems to attract all the negative that hates it and wants to bring it down, THAT is the real law of attraction. Now, they like to say that if something bad happens to you, YOU SOMEHOW ATTRACTED IT!! how CRAZY is that?? It's somehow the VICTIM'S fault if someone does something bad to them...

do people catch my drift?? EVIL is taking over this planet, any kind of evil, wrong, unjust concepts are taking over, while anything normal decent Godly or good is being shunned. This is the new NORM in this crazy warped world we live in. There is so much more going out there but will leave that for the next few stories out there


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    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 

      3 years ago from California Gold Country

      Evil may be growing, but we also hear more about it from many different sources.

      It used to be that we got 5 minutes of news every day on the radio.

      When President Kennedy was shot, there was no way to check the news-- no 24 hour news networks, and of course no internet.

    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 

      3 years ago

      That is another way to put it, but the world is very sick at this period and time

      with all world conditions worsening yes this all leads to something the grand finally of satans system, he has had his turn to prove his accusations about humans, without interference on God's part, what you see is a reflection of

      responses to anything goes , with out restraint, desperate moves .because it will soon be a New earth with people who want to live in a peaceful world, no war , no sickness, no prejudice, a clean earth global.

      Yes Jesus Rules.


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