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Is There a Difference Between Animals and Human Beings on Spiritual Plane?

Updated on June 4, 2020

My Curiosity as a kid:

As a kid, I used to wonder… In what way, human beings are superior and different from animals or fishes or birds, etc. on spiritual plane?

Analytical comparison between the two:

My analytical study was telling me that no much difference existed between the two. Let’s take an hypothetical illustration:

When a puppy is born, it is dependent on its mother for food. Similarly, when a child is born, it too is dependent on its mother for food.

When a puppy grows over a period of time, turning into big elderly matured dog, time arrives for his so called marriage. Thereafter, small puppies are born to this couple after the wedlock. He plays a role of a father like any human being. At this stage, he will try to bring some food to his puppies if possible.

Human beings also somewhat play a similar role in a different fashion. Small Children are sent to schools and colleges for their education. This education helps them to get jobs, start businesses, earn money, which in turn is used, for running the family (Which includes taking care of their small children). Now, in case of dogs, they need not have education or a monthly salary for their survival.

Lets proceed a little further. Both have to go through the old age phase of life where the body immunity decreases followed subsequently by death. During death, unfortunately, neither of them can take along with them whatever is earned during the life time, be it Cash, or Villa or Car, etc.

So the question to be pondered is, in what way is a human beings are superior and different from animals. Both of them go through similar phases of life in slightly different fashion.


Superiority by way of Intellect faculty:

As discovered by ancient Rishis and Sages of India, a human being, in addition to a Conscious Mind, possesses an Intellect (Buddhi) where the “Power of discrimination” lies. With the application of this Intellect faculty, he can at his Will through spiritual practices rise up towards knowing the ultimate truth of human birth i.e. God realization or Self realization or Soul realization. We cannot expect any animal to take up some spiritual practices for its Liberation (Moksha). Only human beings can do it.

Ultimate truth of human life:

If human beings do not utilize this god gifted Intellect/Buddhi faculty in human Mind for making progress spiritually, then how is he to be considered more superior to animal or other form?



Whatever money is earned, whatever we possess like car, bungalow, including the respective spouses and kiths and kins, etc. is all to be left here on this planet and cannot be taken along with us at the time of death....

Only fruits of actions, done by us come along with us. And accordingly, the future birth environment is set for us to continue climbing the spiritual ladder once again.......

King Alexander’s Last Words:

“Bury My Body, Don’t Build Any Monument. Keep My Hand Outside, So The World Knows That One Who Won The World Had Nothing In Hand When Died.”


© 2020 Suraj Sangodkar


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