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Isaac Promised To Abraham & Lot As The Prophet To The Cities Of The Plain

Updated on May 24, 2019

Abraham And Sarah Beyond Her Natural Child Bearing Years


Abraham's Guests

This is a combined translation of the Qur'an and Genesis in sequential order. The former text is ultimately derived from The Quranic Arabic Corpus, University of Leeds, and words are duly considered, and adapted, in reference to other translations, and scriptures. Some Arabic words, such as, Rabb, meaning, One-exalted, are given a Hebrew equivalent, in this case, Adon, meaning Lord. The Hebrew Torah text is from the Masoretic, Dead Sea Scroll, and Samaritan sources. Words in brackets are due to the merger of two different sources where one is lacking the complete text, or else for clarification. Words in square brackets indicate an interpolation, usually where a transliteration is insufficient to convey a coherent meaning. The Arabic source/s from the bracketed numbers are given a cross-reference designation, S for Surah, and the relevant number, and verse.

(1) And Lot (2) [was] indeed [one] of the messengers (3) when he said to his people, (4) “Do you (5) commit the abominable! Nothing has preceded you with it from-[amongst-]any single-one of the peoples! (6) Indeed, you (7) approach the males (8) in ardor, rather than the women, (9) and you set roadblocks, and commit wickedness in your assemblies! (10) Nah, you [are a] people [who] commit excessive sin!”

(11) And naught was his people's answer, except that they said, (12) “Bring God's punishment upon us, if you are of the truthful!”

(13) “Drive them out of your town! Indeed, they [are] people who retain purity.”

(14) He said, “My Adon, help me against the people, the rake-hellish-ones.”

(15) Has a hadith (narration) reached you; the honoured guests [of] Abraham? (16) Then inform them about Abraham's guests.

(17) Yehovah also (appeared) to him (through a form of bliss) by the (plains/)(great trees) of Mamre even as he sat at the opening to the tent in the day's heat. (18) And he prostrated to the earth.

(19) And he said, “My Adon, now, if I have found grace in your eyes, I pray You not overlook Thy servant.”

(20) And certainly our messengers came [to] Abraham with glad tidings. (21) And (22) when they entered upon him, and spoke (23) he lifted up his eyes, and he gazed, and beheld three ordinary-men standing all together. And when he saw, he hastened to meet them from [the] entrance of the tent.

(24) They (said,) “Shalom.”

(25) He said, “Shalom. (26) [You are] a people-way-off-the-beaten-track? (27) [Now,] please, [let us] fetch a little water, and you [may] wash your feet, and lean back beneath the tree, (28) and I will fetch a portion of bread and stay your(pl.) heart(sg.). Then, after that, you shall pass through, for upon such grounds you came through to your servant.”

And they said, “Just so.”

“[By all means,] act according to your word.”

(29) Then Abraham went swiftly into the tent to Shar-ree and said, “Swiftly; three measures of fine flour; knead, and make (bread) cakes.”

(30) And to the herd ran Abraham, then fetching a young, good, and tender calf (31) he went to his (extended) family, (32) giving it to the servant, (33) so he swiftly acted unto him. (34) And he did not delay to (35) (come) [forth,] (bringing) an (ample,) (roasted) calf. (36) Then he took butter and milk, and the young calf which he had prepared, and he stood by them beneath the tree, so [to] eat. (37) And (he) set (him) before them.

(38) He said, “Will you not eat?”

(39) But when he saw their hands not reaching to him he felt uncertain of them, and felt weary about them. (40) (Then he felt a) fear (about their) [presence].

(41) He said, “Indeed, we [are] fearful of you.”

(42) They said, “Fear not.”

(43) “Indeed we have been sent to Lot's people.”

(44) And they said to him, “Where is your woman, Shar-ree?”

And he said, “Behold, in the tent.”

(45) And they gave him glad tidings of a learned son, (46) thus We gave him glad tidings of a forbearing boy.

(47) And (God) said (to Abraham), (48) “Your wife Shar-ree, do not call her Shar-ree by name, for Sarah is her (new) name. (49) Indeed we bring glad tidings to thee.”

(50) He said, “Do you give me glad tidings, despite old age being over me? So, about what are you bringing glad tidings?”

(51) They said, “We give you glad tidings, in truth, (52) of a knowledgeable lad, (53) so be not of the hopeless.”

(54) He said, “And who despairs of his Adon's mercy, except those who are astray?”

(55) And We gave him glad tidings of Yitzhak, a prophet from-amongst the righteous. (56) And We blessed him, Yitzhak too. And of their seed; [both] a doer of good, and a doer of evident wrong to himself.

(57) “Return I will, return to you at-this-season of-invigoration (Spring) (58) and (59) behold, (60) I will bless her, and also give to you (61) a son, (to Sarah,) (from her,) (62) your woman, (63) and I will bless him. (64) And I will bless her, and she will come to be nations, kings of peoples shall come to be from her.”

And Abraham fell on his face in prostration, but laughing [within], and he said in his heart: He shall be brought forth to a son of a hundredth year? Should Sarah, a daughter of a ninetieth year, bring forth? (65) And Sarah listened at the tent's entrance, and [that was] behind him. (66) And Abraham and Sarah had entered aged days. No more was it to Sarah as a woman's course. (67) And Sarah laughed within, saying, shall rejuvenation come to me, after being worn out, and my adon aged?

(68) Then his wife came forward with a loud voice and put [her hands] to her face, and she said, “A barren old woman?”

(69) And his wife was standing, and she laughed.

(70) And Yehovah said to Abraham, “What is this? Sarah laughed, saying, is it really true I may bring forth, me, and I am aged? (71) For Yehovah, is such a thing beyond-precedent?”

(72) They said, “Even so, said your Adon. Indeed, He [is] The All-Mighty, The All-Knower.”

(73) “Unto the appointed time I will return to you, at-this-season of-invigoration, and Sarah shall have a son.”

(74) And Sarah disassociated herself saying, “I laughed not.”

For she was apprehensive.

Yet he said, “No, for you did laugh.”

(75) Then We gave her glad tidings of Yitzhak, and after Yitzhak, Jacob.

(76) She said, “Woe to me! Shall I bear a child while I am an old woman, and this-one, my husband, an old man? Indeed, this [is] surely an amazing thing!”

(77) They said, “Are you in-amazement from God's decree? The mercy of God, and His blessings rise upon thee, oh People [of ] The House. Indeed He [is] All-Praiseworthy, All-Glorious.”

(78) [Thereafter, Abraham received the Priesthood under them.]

(79) So the plain-men arose from there, and they looked-down upon [the] presence of Sodom, and Abraham walked-along with them to send them off.

(80) And Yehovah said, “Am I to shroud what I am doing from Abraham? (81) And Abraham shall come to be, becoming a great nation, and awesome-in-magnitude, and every nation of the Earth; they are blessed in him. (82) Indeed I know him, for the sake of which, he shall ordain his sons, and his house after him, and they shall guard [The] Way (of Yehovah) to perform righteousness, and justice.”

So that Yehovah brings on Abraham that which He spoke about him.

(83) And Yehovah said, “Since the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is already-great, and because their weighty-sin is maddening, (84) now I will descend and see if they have done a fullness according to her cry coming unto Me, but if not, I will know.”

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Abraham & Lot

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