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Islam and Science

Updated on May 19, 2019
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Has been teaching history in FG LADC college, Pakistan for 3 years and has researched about various civilizations during the year 2018.


It seems amusing when one finds a paradox explained by science being explained by a religion centuries ago, in an era when scientific knowledge was very limited and scientific instruments which we use now and the laboratories we have now were not even a part of someone's imagination.Well, being a Muslim and a reader of Quran, I'm amazed by the way this book told mankind about truths which took science centuries to prove after them being told by a man who could not even read or write(referring to Prophet Muhammad). Amazed by this, I decided to take some of my time highlighting a few of these marvels put forward by a man who carried within him, a sea of knowledge.Quite often, people who follow Islam as their creed, believe that believing in modern scientific theories might harm their religious believes and accepting them might pave way for the endangerment of their religious ideologies and values.What they need is to realize the fact that these vague notions of theirs, believing it to be impossible for Islam and science to co exist, are terribly wrong.They can adopt to scientific laws while keeping their creed intact and unharmed.Here are a few paradoxes explained by Islam which are linked to scientific researches:

  • Formation of the universe.
  • Formation of mankind and other life forms
  • Concept of immortality.
  • The existence of parallel dimensions.

People often oppose the possibility of science and religion working out there way together because:

  • Atheists are often disillusioned by science into believing that no such thing as God exists.
  • Orthodox people are often of the psyche that approving scientific research to be true might cripple their monument of religion.

The Big Bang Concept and theories about Expansion of the Universe

As Allah states in Quran:

" And then we said kun (be)and the world was created. "

The universe came into existence as a result of the Big Bang.According to this theory, there was a highly concentrated ball of matter that exploded and kept expanding, giving way to the formation of the countless galaxies and stars present in our cosmos.Upon thinking about it, one often wonders that what might have been the cause of that explosion?Also upon concentrating a bit on the above verse, Islam described the concept of Big Bang centuries before science did.

Atheists who are often disillusioned by science, argue that it wasn't God the One Who created the universe as anything like a Deity has no value in science. Well, according to the theory of matter formulated by a chemist, Dalton,

" Matter can not be created or destroyed. "

This proves that the huge ball of matter that gave way to the Big Bang and consequently the formation of our cosmos could not have appeared out of nowhere.There must have been some force that created all the matter in our universe.It could not have been a coincidence for all the matter to exist, as coincidence has no scientific value.

Islams concept about Human Life and Its scientific explanation

1.Concept of Adam being the first human.

Allah states:

:" And then we created Adam from a clot of (congealed) blood and told the angels to bow down before him. "

The fact that Adam and Eve were the first humans to have inhabited the earth was unknown to science till now.However Islam clearly explained it more than 1400 years ago (refer to following link):

2.No one can achieve immortality.

It was clearly stated by Islam,

" No doubt we sent man in the world and to us he shall return. "


" No doubt every living soul has to taste death one day. "

Recent science researches have shown that death is the ultimate end of all life forms in the universe.Even if we achieve immunity from all fatal diseases, we can not prevent our cells and body organs from aging, and in such cases, age serves as the cause of a person's death.Islam has been the first religion to deny the concept of immortality which was a common belief among various groups in the past.

No 3.Concept of Cells and Organs.

It was stated in the Quran that,

" Then fashioned we, the drop a clot.Then fashioned we, the clot a little lump.Then fashioned we the little lump bones and covered the bones with flesh. "

This theory put forward by Islam holds true even according to modern biological researches.This verse clearly explains the concept that our organs(lump)are made up of lots of tissues(clot)which are made of a cluster of cells(drop).

So Islam was the first ever religion to have described the details of formation of human body.This feat was achieved only by Islam.

No other religion but Islam, and no other being but Allah can have the knowledge about everything.As Allah has stated many times

"And Allah knows the best."

Existence of Parallel Dimensions

Often, people believe that the concept of parallel universes is against the fundamentals of their Islamic beliefs. However, Islam has enlightened the existence of parallel dimensions and other life forms many times in the Quran, Allah has referred to a separate world for supernatural beings dozens of times in Quran and also explained that it is impossible for us to travel between parallel dimensions. Recent science experiments have proven the existence of parallel universes, thus, the Islamic beliefs of people remain intact by admitting the existence of parallel universes or dimensions.

Most people often argue that studying everything told by Islam with scientific aspects might harm their religious beliefs. However, it was Allah Himself who has stated:

" And the changing of night from day and day from night, and the existence of even skies, there are signs in it for those who are wise."

This verse shows that Islam welcomes us to challenge its principles and fundamentals with scientific knowledge so that there is no room for doubt left in our minds.

© 2019 Nouman Hasnain


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