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Islam, is at risk, as is Christendom

Updated on February 29, 2016

Confusion is rife on planet earth

Only Truth Will Suffice along with Spirit


The God of Abraham, Isaac [the half-brother of Ishmael], and Jacob, advises at Jeremiah 17:5, 6, that, anyone, who allows himself to be misled, will not know, when good comes, and will be in a spiritual drought. But, Jeremiah 17:7, 8, agrees with Psalm 1:1-3, that, anyone who places his trust in Yahweh/ Jehovah, will be spiritually blessed.

Although Islam cast doubt on the Bible, it should qualify this, as there are thousands of manuscript copies [MSS] available today. Some 6000 in ancient Hebrew, and 5300 in Koine Greek. Of all ancient books, the Bible is the best attested, as to its transmission. Errors arising from translations, can be easily detected. Those translations that utilized the Textus Receptus as a source, contain three notable errors [along with many more minor errors]. These are 1 John 5:7 [Comma Johanneum], 1 Timothy 3:16, and Revelation 1:11. The king James version [KJV] and others use the Textus Receptus as a source.

The Quran, on the other hand, is said to be written 300 years after an illiterate man was told to memorize 23 years of content. This when compared to the 1610 years it took about 40 'secretaries' to write down inspired utterances, that make up the Bible, should invoke honest research.

The honest candor of the Bible, should not negate its accuracy. Those who made a distinction between the Prophet and the Messiah, in their questioning John the Baptist, only exposed their ignorance of prophecies. The prophet like Moses as described at Deuteronomy 18:15 to 19, was to be a "brethren" an Israelite. Scripture clearly identifies Jesus the Christ as this Prophet [Acts 3:22, 23; John 12:49]. A Muslim by their non-acceptance of Christ's death, also refuse the benefits of this ransom [ 1 Peter 1:3; John 3:16; Romans 5:12; Romans 6:23].


The Muslims claim that the prophet mentioned by Moses at Deuteronomy refers to Muhammad,

a strictly Muslim prophet. Do the FACTS support this claim?


Deuteronomy 18:18 says: A prophet I shall raise up for them from the midst of their brothers,

 like you, and I shall indeed put my words in his mouth, and he will certainly speak to them ALL



Verse 19 says: And it must occur that the man who WILL NOT LISTEN TO MY WORDS




Jesus, the Messiah, was "The Prophet," the long-awaited one foretold by Moses. (John 1:19-21,

25-27; 6:14; 7:40; Deuteronomy 18:18, 19; Acts 3:19-26). His ABILITY TO PERFORM POWERFUL WORKS and to DISCERN matters in a way BEYOND the ordinary caused others

 to recognize him as a prophet (Luke 7:14-16; John 4:16-19; compare 2 Kings 6:12). More

 than all others he was one in God's "intimate group." (Jeremiah 23:18; John 1:18; 5:36; 8:42). He regularly quoted earlier prophets as testifying to his divine commission and office.

(Matthew 12:39, 40; 21:42; Luke 4:18-21; 7:27; 24:25-27, 44; John 15:25)

 He foretold the manner of his own betrayal and death, that as a prophet he would die at Jerusalem, "the killer of the prophets," that his disciples would abandon him, that Peter

would deny him three times, that he would be resurrected on the third day- many of these prophecies being based on earlier prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures. (Luke 13:33, 34; Matthew 20:17-19; 26:20-25, 31-34) Beyond this, he foretold the DESTRUCTION of JERUSALEM and ITS TEMPLE. (Luke 19:41-44; 21:5-24 also Matthew 24 and Mark 13) The precise fulfillment of all of these within the life of those hearing him gave SOLID

 BASIS FOR FAITH AND CONVICTION AS TO the fulfillment of his prophesies

relating to his presence. Compare Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21.


John 1: 19 reads: Now this is the witness of John when the Jews sent forth priests and Levites

 from Jerusalem to him to ask him: "Who are you?"

Subsequently John denied being 1. Christ 2. Elijah 3. The Prophet.

The distinction made above between Christ and The Prophet is erroneous since in reality Jesus is the

Christ [or Messiah] [John 1:33, 34] and the Prophet [Acts 3:22]. The error lies with THOSE who

questioned SINCE if they were interpreting Scriptures correctly to begin with, would NOT

 have made a distinction, and would IDENTIFY CORRECTLY the Messiah or Christ.





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    • True Truthseeker profile imageAUTHOR

      True Truthseeker 

      8 years ago

      WG, it was because of Muslim relatives attempts at converting me to Islam, that my search began, in earnest, to validate or invalidate their claims.

      Islam like professed Christianity, has some things correct, and some incorrect.

      They both share fallacies as mentioned earlier, namely, Immortality of the Soul, and Eternal Torment.

      The size of a religion or its apparent success, in no way signifies Divine approval. Both Islam, and professed Christianity, are NOT favored in Yahweh/ Jehovah's sight, as the Bible reveals.

    • worldgrandeur profile image


      8 years ago from The Moon

      I read an aricle today about religions! Do you know that Islam is going to be the ruling religion on earth in five years? Did you know that in America only, an american person embraces Islam evry five minutes? have you ever wondered why? Have you every had the curiosity to read a bit about Islam? Please refer to Dr. Garry Miller and you will know why. Just a thought.

    • True Truthseeker profile imageAUTHOR

      True Truthseeker 

      8 years ago

      True Christians who seek to worship Yahweh/ Jehovah in spirit and truth [John 4:23, 24], realize that there is only ONE true faith, ONE baptism [Ephesians 4:4- 6]. They therefore DO NOT practice interfaith.

    • worldgrandeur profile image


      8 years ago from The Moon

      I don't thing Islam is fainitng or something. Hundreds of people are embracing Islam on daily basis but I am sure that Christianity is receding slowly bcz a Christian can embrace any religion unlike muslims who can't so this will pour on the behalf of muslims and islam.


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