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It All Adds Up - Chapter 3 (Continued)

Updated on November 22, 2014

The Destiny Number...Why Are You Here??

The destiny number is computed by first using the
letter conversion chart (page ten in Chapter II) to
convert all the letters in the birth name to numbers and
then adding them together. What is my goal in life?
What will I be most successful in doing? What is the
best direction to take? These questions, according to
Adrienne (1988:37), are answered by the letters in our
birth name. She also says it is important to remember
that your destiny number (as derived from the letters in
your name) is the area that must be explored, mined,
and developed in order for your soul to progress.
Your first name gives your most personal lessons;
your middle name often contains hidden abilities you
do not consciously try to develop (or ones you do not
like); and your last name carries the characteristics
shared by your whole family. Jordan (1965:73-74) says
the destiny number is "the prophecy in your name".
The story of what your life is to be, what you were
born to do, and the part you are to play on the stage of
life is written in the scroll and symbols of the name
given you when you were born.
With every birth, she continues, a soul is born. Life
is not a matter of uncertainty and chance. Our names
are written in the Lamb's Book of Life -recorded and
tabulated there by the letters and numbers designating
our names in the same way our births are registered on
legal records required by law. Every name given at
birth is both a Divine command and a Divine promise
of opportunity and personal privilege for those who
keep faith with the destiny number. With regard to
other names we have in life, she says nick names,
name changes, or married names are but channels
through which the destiny number, factored from the
birth name, is worked out and expressed. Goodwin
(1981:31,32) states all of us are gifted in one direction
or another, with our own natural talents and abilities.
We can discover these abilities by finding the sum of
the numeric values of the letters in our birth name.
The destiny number is computed by converting all
letters in the birth name to numbers and adding them
up. Someone named Bob, for example, would use the
letter conversion chart and covert BOB into 262. Then,
by adding 2+6+2, get a result of 10, which would
reduce to (1+0) one. The master numbers 11, 22, 33 &
44 are not reduced to a single digit. The destiny
number reveals the mission or lift purpose. It tells what
God's plan is for allowing our physical manifestation
and continuance.
The Number One Destiny Number
If the sum of the converted letter values in your
name reduce to the number one, your mission in this
Life experience is to be a leader, pioneer, innovator
and an example to others. It will be almost mandatory
that you be self-employed. You must develop the
willpower needed to stand on your own feet and
succeed by your own efforts. You will first have to
recognize your own individual abilities. Then, assert
your independence, then ultimately reach the highest
levels of attainment. You will do well in any
leadership position. Career prospects favor exploring,
design, teaching, contracting, entertaining, promoting,
producing motion pictures, television or theater
The Number Two and Eleven Destiny Number
Your mission in life is to be a peacemaker. You are
here to bring harmony and cooperation to the word.
You have the task of using patience and your ability to
see both sides of an issue. You should cultivate the arts
to make use of your sense of timing and rhythm. You
will desire close personal ties so marriage is highly
recommended. Do not lose yourself by trying to please
others. You will also have to overcome your fear of the
unknown. Use your sensitivities to tune into your inner
strengths, this will help you from being too sensitive to
what other people say. You would find a home for
your abilities as a gardener, musician, psychologist, or
in computer work. Number eleven is the Master
Teacher who must share insights and become an
example for others. Fame is very possible.
The Number Three Destiny Number
If the letters in your name reveal a number three
destiny, you were born to express yourself in words by
writing, speaking or acting. You are here to bring joy
to others and to show others what possibilities exist.
You belong on center stage. Explore the arts. To be
successful, do not scatter your energies to spread
yourself to thin. Spiritual studies are favored. Be aware
that living for pleasure can led to problems in your
relationships and your general well-being. You will be
popular and admired. You will have luck with
finances, but should guard against extravagant
spending. You will be youthful and appear younger
than your age throughout your life. You are also
Triangles in business and relationships are likely.
The Number Four and Twenty Two Destiny Number
With a number four destiny number, your mission
in life is to be hard working and disciplined. Your life
will revolve around work, building, finances and
practicality. You must learn to define your
environment so you can get it in order. You have a
great capacity for responsibility. You are very much of
the earth. Your mission is to be a builder, a manager,
an efficiency expert, a chef, banker, bookkeeper, or to
do government or institutional work. Work on being
more flexible. Find a way to express your emotions or
your relationships and your health will suffer as a
result. Have enough confidence in your abilities to ask
that you be paid what you are truly worth. Number 22
is prone to have work-a-holic tendencies. You are also
very capable working with your hands. Import, export
or other international opportunities exits for number
The Number Five Destiny Number
Your destiny is to promote enlightenment through
new ideas. You can accomplish this through work in
sales, sport, advertising, new concepts, TV, radio,
acting or performing. With a five destiny, you will
have many jobs and personal relationships. You can't
withdraw so don't lose out from a fear of change.
Marriage may be too confining for you. If you feel
boxed in, you may be prone to extramarital affairs.
You will not adhere to routine and you love to rock the
The Number Six and Thirty Three Destiny Number
Your destiny is to live a life of service to others.
Develop your friendly, responsible qualities. Do not be
interfering. Guard against jealousy. All service areas
will appeal to you. Welfare work, the ministry,
teaching, healing, singing, anything domestic - this is
the destiny of the number six. You will take great pride
in your children. If you take on too much
responsibility, you may wind up playing the martyr.
Your fear of losing control is a barrier to spontaneity.
Number 33 is the master healer. Ultra responsible, 33
sacrifices and restores balance.
The Number Seven Destiny Number
Your mission in life is to learn, understand and to
pass on that understanding to others. You are destined
to be the thinker, the studious intellectual who reveals
hidden truths. Fields that attract the seven destiny
person include the spiritual, metaphysical,
philosophical and psychological. Sevens also enjoy
working in nature or with animals. Avoid being
sarcastic, elitist or overly withdrawn. Being inflexible
and not very adaptable can make the seven destiny
person very hard to live with. For this reason, many
sevens live alone. On the seventh day GOD rest, so,
seven destiny people need quiet time for prayer and
meditation more than most others.
The Number Eight and Forty Four Destiny Number
If you have an eight destiny number, you must
expect to be placed in positions of responsibility and
leadership. Your mission in life is to exercise power.
This power must be based in the knowledge of spiritual
principles or there are destructive tendencies. Eights
love what money can buy. They enjoy the
accouterments of wealth to the point of being
somewhat ostentatious. Eights succeed in sports,
banking, government and business administration.
They tend to be more involved with career issues over
domestic ones. Female eights often adopt children and
will want a career outside of the home. A house keeper
would be needed to prevent burnout. The advice of a
44 can be very liberating. 44 is the self made
millionaire and/or becomes a house hold name.
The Number Nine Destiny Number
The number nine destiny is a high calling. You are
here to work for world unity through your tolerance,
compassion and humanitarian ideals. This energy can
be positively expressed by teaching, healing and the
arts. All fields of a cultural nature suit the number
nine. Expect to do much group work and to work with
people of all nationalities. You will have opportunities
to met famous people. You must develop a
philosophical mind and learn not to be too attached to
the material world. The true destiny of nine is to be the
hand of GOD on earth. In relationships, nines are
tolerant, expressive and loving, but they are also so
generous and responsive to others as to cause irritation.
Learn to give for the sake of giving.

The Heart's Desire Number - A Light in the Darkness

The hearts desire number (also called the soul
number, soul urge, motivation or the ideality number)
is determined by adding together the converted
numerical values of the vowels in the birth name.
Javane and Bunker (1979:23) reason, if one embraces
the theory of reincarnation, the soul number indicates
what you have been in previous life times. Not easily
recognized by others, the soul number is what you, in
your inner secret self, desire to be. Sometimes this urge
can be so strong that it can over come all other
vibrations and when this happens, according to
Lagerquest and Lenard (1999:239), your soul number
will call you to people and places that resonate with
your own energy. Understanding the hearts desire or
soul number provides insight into what will motivate
others as well as the true inner nature of the person you
are dealing with, regardless of how they appear on the
outside. Goodwin (1991:37) says the heart's desire
number is concerned with deep inner longings. These
longings express those matters which seem most
important to the person, and these important matters
are influential in determining the person's point of
view, the principles on which they act and their general
approach to life.
Occasionally the heart's desire number may be
visible so that others are aware of it. For most people,
however, the hearts desire number reveals information
which is below the surface and rarely expressed
openly. While many people seem almost unaware of
their own soul urge, they can readily identify with it
when it is described. Goodwin goes on to say that to
the outside observer, the delineation of the hearts
desire number often serves as the key to an
understanding of a person, clarifying their actions and
approaches in a most revealing way. Jordan
(1965:108,109) says the heart's desire number reveals
what you will desire to be or do and that no person,
sect, or regime has the right to prevent or destroy the
urge within the soul to live in tune with it's own inner
governing force. What motivates me? What's
important to me? How do I make decisions? According
to Adrienne (1988:87) these questions are answered by
the heart's desire number. Additionally, the heart's
desire number is "your instinctive knowing" and as
such reflects the foundation of your beliefs and
attitudes toward life, your inner motivations, values
and priorities.
The heart's desire number is found by converting
the vowels in the birth name to numbers. Using the
conversion chart, Bob Jones would have an 8 heart's
desire, since e = 5 and o = 6 then 6+6+5=17 and 1
+7=8. The heart's desire number reveals what an
individual chooses to do, be, or have-deep within. It is
the hidden motive and drives one to their goal, or,
causes one to feel unfulfilled. These are the nine basic
heart's desire numbers.
The Numbers One Heart's Desire Number
If the sum of the converted vowels in your name
reduce to the number one, you have an inner fortitude
that gets you through tough times. You don't want to
take a subordinate position. You want to take the lead,
to take charge. You want to work on your own and he
recognized for your efforts. You will resist rules and
will break up tradition. You prefer innovation, not
The Number Two and Eleven Heart's Desire Number
You want to be at peace. You prefer to follow
rather than lead, negotiate rather than force. You are
prone to be depressed if your self-esteem is wounded.
Yielding, quiet and tactful, you love to be in love.
Number 11 wants to live by their ideals to enlighten
and inspire others.
The Number Three Heart's Desire Number
With a three heart's desire number, you want to
have fun, friends and the social life. Follow your
creative urges. You have a talent for persuading others.
Gifted with psychic abilities, you are prone to
daydream. You will enjoy music, games, sports and
travel. You love to entertain. Be careful of gossiping or
using flattery. Be sure to think before you speak and
that you don't talk just to hear yourself speak.
The Number Four and Twenty Two Heart's Desire
You want to be known for being the salt of the
earth-dependable, hard working and trustworthy.
are a good disciplinarian and can excel in detail and
routine work. Be careful you don't work too hard or
become too stern. Try not to be too narrow-minded.
You are a very good "How To" person and could write
instructive materials. Your cautious and conservative
approach make you someone others can lean on.
Number 22 wants to build an empire. The impact of 22
can be international. Twenty two works and works and
works. Work with film is possible.
The Number Five Heart's Desire Number
You desire personal freedom very highly. You
want to live, not just exist. You will probably marry
late so you can explore first. Working 9 to 5 will be too
confining. You excel in sports, sales, adventure,
traveling and you enjoy physical gratification.
The Number Six and Thirty Three Heart's Desire
You desire to be of service to others and may even
unconsciously attract responsibility. You want a secure
home and family life. You enjoy teaching and telling
others what to do. Try not to worry too much. Let go
and let GOD. You can't save every body. 33 wants to
heal the planet.
The Number Seven Heart's Desire Number
The seven heart's desire seeks knowledge and
wisdom above all else. You want peace, quietude and
serenity. Time is needed to perfect your work.
Perfection is more important to you than popularity.
You want to be recognized for the quality of your
work. You are very spiritual and intuitive.
The Number Eight and Forty Four Heart's Desire
An eight heart's desire wants power and control in
order to shape your surroundings. You are serious,
hard working and dominant. You want to be the boss,
to manage, to direct and to restore balance. You also
want money and material power. Female with an eight
heart's desire will be ambitious for a career or
volunteer leadership. You will show anger before fear.
Forty Four wants to liberate others with truth.
The Number Nine Heart's Desire Number
The number nine gives one the desire to be
everybody's big sister or brother. You are open,
generous, warm, philosophical, romantic and intense.
Although you feel you can do anything, you may have
trouble making up your mind. Try to avoid mood
swings or depression over matters out of your control.


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