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It All Comes Down To Choices

Updated on June 19, 2013

One and only chance

A life-time opportunity just happens once: would you like to see your future?

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How are you feeling today?


Everyday Choices

Life is about taking chances.

Everyday we come across many different opportunities, big or small. We come across them so often we do not even realise they are the choices that determine our path for that day. But if those choices are continuously made every day, it then becomes routine. Once it has become routine, it is quite difficult to change our habit.

We come across choices every day, as I mentioned above. For example, "would you like a cup of coffee this morning?"or "how are you feeling today?", and so on. Now, you may think that the last question is not really about choices. But lets break it down:

Option A:

"I'm feeling very good thank you, you?" - This answer implies no significant problems, or anything worth mentioning. The day is going to be a good one. I am happy today and I feel good.

Option B:

"I'm okay. Not one of my best days, but I'm doing fine thanks, you?" - This answer is considered the "in-between" response. Maybe you have something you would like to share, but unless it is specifically followed by the questions "Do you want to talk about it?" or "Is there something going on?", the day proceeds normally.

Option C:

"Awful. I wish I could just stay at home all day." - Now THIS answer is the one that might trigger a reaction. The person who is listening will want to know why you are not feeling particularly great today and may ask an infinite amount of questions (if a curious person).

This proves that the answer you decide to provide (which often come naturally) is a choice that can change the course of the day. You have made the choice to expose your problems or your true feelings to the other person, and this choice of yours has created interest in the other person. This will determine the next series of questions that will or will not be answered later on. You chose to share this information. You chose to open up.

In conclusion.. this is a choice as well.

Good or Bad?


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Was this the right choice? Time will tell.

This is the most popular question with the most popular answer. Time is the answer to everything. If you have a problem, time will heal. You want to talk, it is not the right time. You want to go out, it is closed at this time.

Time seems to be everything, and we have simply no control over it apart from living every second we have, because the only time we can control is the one we live in.

Seeing what the future holds is something we all want to know. But if we had that opportunity, would we take it? Would we sacrifice living the moment every day and every second to know how we lived in 10 or more years time? There would be no thrill to live anymore (some say), but we could avoid making horrible mistakes (other suggest). No one really knows what they want when this questions is asked. People might regret saying 'yes' or 'no' if this really happened.

Problem avoided... but here comes another one.

You think you may have avoided the biggest mistake of your life, and you can thank whoever for that, but the truth is that when one problem seems to have gone away... another one is on his way. It may not be a matter of life and death, but small things like the choice of sleeping five more minutes in the morning can change the course of the day.

The decisions you make have also determined the people you now know. You may not have known the same people or have had the same friends if you hadn't made those decisions... whether right or wrong. I sometimes, think about the friends I have now and the ones I don't have but could have had if I had decided to go and live somewhere else in the world. You may travel and meet new people, but it is always because you chose to travel on that specific day, at that time, with or without other people.

Some decisions might appear stupid when you think about them later on that day or later on in life. But if you hadn't done them, then you probably would have made other decisions which would have influenced you in another way.

Choices are infinite, your job is to narrow them down


Do not get involved.


My choice, my life.

No one can say it was a good or a bad choice because they are not you. They can suggest things and hope you will not have to have big problems later on in life, but the decisions we make are the people we decide to be. Some decisions we take are due to our personality. We want to appear in a certain way to other people and decide on things such as smoking, drinking, having a driver's license, going to university, getting a job, building a family.

Small things lead to big things, but only time will show what these small choices of yours have matured in.

We all make decisions. We all make mistakes. We all know how to forgive. The problem is whether we want to. Your choices make who you are, whether you like it or not. People get out of your life just as they got in. Please do not feel deluded if something does not work out the way you wanted it to work out. It might be because you did not see it coming, it might be because you did not understand each other. Everything goes back to one beginning: the first choice. The first moment you thought "I want to be friends with that person" or maybe something more as well, or just a working relationship.

Everything starts and ends with a decision.

And it is yours to make.


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    • randomizing profile image

      Jaded 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      @MsDora I am happy you liked my hub! :) thank you very much for your comment.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      You surely broadened my perspective on choices. You're right, sometimes we're not aware of the opportunities for choices, so we're not aware of their significance either. Thanks for your enlightening presentation.