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It Can Never Be

Updated on March 30, 2020

Over three decades ago I become interested in the Bible, having drank from the heavenly cup once, I have not been tired to drink more



There is a common quote on the social media that says, “you cannot continue to do the same thing and expect a different result.” This utterance over the years have been found to be true. It is true in all aspects of human endeavors.

Based on the above ipso facto do I want us to see some things from the Holy Bible which is Christians’ manual from where we shall see some examples of the reality and the truth of this sentence.

1. Pray the Same Way

Pray is defined as talking or speaking to God (or deity), while prayer is the words which one says to God (deity) giving thanks and or asking for help. The word could also be used for someone who is asking of something from someone else either the person is superior or inferior to him or her, but one thing which makes the person asks of the thing from the person is that the person has with him what the person lacks.

I will want us to see one or two examples from the bible of some people who stops praying the same way and their lives becomes transformed.

(a) Jabez: The story of this man was concise and could only be found in the book of first chronicles chapter four in the bible, which is said to be written around 1721 BC according to the e-sword commentary.

Jabez is from the tribe of Judah according to this text and his name in Hebrew is written as “יעבּץ”, Romanized form is ya‛bêts (pronounced as yah-bates') which means grieve, sorrowful.

There are so many stories as per why he was christened that, but I do not wish us to dwell on that.

Now, as we know that Israelites believed in Yahweh and all the children of Israel according to the law of Prophet Moses are being instructed in the law of Yahweh as from their childhood days, which essentially include the art and act of prayer I believe this man, would have been instructed from his childhood days on the tenets of the Lord. In addition to this, he has been praying to Yahweh, offering sacrifices accordingly, but nothing changes for him, his life remained the same.

He continued like this for years, until one day he had another thought within him that the way in which he has been praying to Yahweh had to be reviewed and changed if forsooth he wants changes for himself.

I said this because the prayer he prayed according to the account given of him defied all protocols, he did not follow the normal channels at least according to the history he gave when his life changed. Assuming he followed and obeyed the normal channel the history would have been written along the line of Hannah of what he did, how he contacted the High Priest and or prophets of his days of what he needs to do that would herald the changes.

But nothing like this was made mention of, which means he may have explored those options before and having failed thereby and thought within himself one day, that he is not an alien to the promises of God in Israel he is indeed the son of the soil, in his veins run the gene of father Abraham he is also a heir of Abraham and he decided to approach the God of Abraham without intermediaries, he approached him as he was, he approached him with purpose of heart, he approached him with pure mind, he approached him as a true son will approach his parents to ask of things from them. And that was when his life changed. All the while that he has been approaching the Lord through some intermediaries, through some panels nothing changed for him, his life remained the same with the people continuing to mock him, with the people asking him to show them his God. (Psa 42:3)

And Jabez was more honourable than his brethren: and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, Because I bare him with sorrow.

And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested. (1 Ch 4:9-10)

People will according to the psalmists ask us to show them our God when our lives remain unchanged. But immediately our lives changes, the success would announce itself unto them and that was what happened unto Jabez.

Our lives have remained the same because we have not toed the path of Jabez. It is true that we are praying, but our prayers are stereotypic, our prayers follow the same pattern, what our leaders ram unto our throats is what we prayed on and about we have not for once pause to talk to God as our father, we have been going to him as a slave all this while based on the tenets we have been introduced to over the years. Until we change this and act like Jabez did, nothing substantial may not happen in our lives.

(b) Hannah: The story of Hannah is a celebrated one in the bible it is one of the commonest stories in the bible when preachers want to talk about vows and prayer, in fact some people call their gatherings Shiloh obviously in reference of Hannah’s prayer.

However, we shall discover one important thing in the life of this woman when her life would be changed and it was that she was tired of the normal routine, she was tired of doing it like before, and did it another way that year that she went with her husband and her step-wife to Shiloh.

The high Priest has done the normal routine that they used to do in the gathering, and he had dismissed everyone with words of blessings as contained in the book of Numbers chapter 6 verses 23 to 27. He was not expecting anyone to be around in the temple again, he was yet around in the temple because as a leader, he needs to stay around until everyone leaves, ensuring that everything has been tidied up by the priests and his children who will take over from him.

He was in this position when he noticed something strange, there is a woman who has re-entered the temple, and he was looking for when she will leave the temple but alas the woman did not leave the temple she sat somewhere behaving strangely after the normal prayers that have been offered and the blessings he has showered on them.

Well, he was expecting her to leave but contrary to his opinion the woman did not leave when he thought she would leave, this made him curious to know what is going on, and he noticed something her mouth was moving, like someone who was under some intoxication of wine for the overwhelming joy of seeing yet another year.

When he noticed this, he was surprised that a woman of all people being drunk at that hour of the day. What could have made her drunk at this hour and the demons in her do not direct her to where she should go to be misbehaving other than the temple which daughter of Belial was this? That was what was in his mind when he approached her.

It was on getting to her that he knew that he was neither drunk nor over joyous but was talking to his father being the daughter of Abraham too, she has the confidence to approach the throne of grace without fear or favor.

We are also the children of Abraham by faith in Jesus Christ and we have been given the boldness to approach the throne of grace confidently to ask of what we want from out heavenly father who promises to answer us. (Heb 4:16)

So Hannah rose up after they had eaten in Shiloh, and after they had drunk. Now Eli the priest sat upon a seat by a post of the temple of the LORD.

And she was in bitterness of soul, and prayed unto the LORD, and wept sore.

And she vowed a vow, and said, O LORD of hosts, if thou wilt indeed look on the affliction of thine handmaid, and remember me, and not forget thine handmaid, but wilt give unto thine handmaid a man child, then I will give him unto the LORD all the days of his life, and there shall no razor come upon his head.

And it came to pass, as she continued praying before the LORD, that Eli marked her mouth.

Now Hannah, she spake in her heart; only her lips moved, but her voice was not heard: therefore Eli thought she had been drunken.

And Eli said unto her, how long wilt thou be drunken? put away thy wine from thee.

And Hannah answered and said, No, my lord, I am a woman of a sorrowful spirit: I have drunk neither wine nor strong drink, but have poured out my soul before the LORD.

Count not thine handmaid for a daughter of Belial: for out of the abundance of my complaint and grief have I spoken hitherto.

Then Eli answered and said, go in peace: and the God of Israel grant thee thy petition that thou hast asked of him.

And she said, let thine handmaid find grace in thy sight. So the woman went her way, and did eat, and her countenance was no more sad. (1 Sa 1:9-18)

When she stopped acting the same way, when she talked to Yahweh like daughter to his father, speaking passionately with him, her story changed.

2. Pray the Same Prayer

Some of us continue to pray the same prayer but we shall be expecting different result from God. The parable Jesus puts forward about a woman who prayed the same prayer in the bible we shall see that the woman was not expecting other results, it was what she was mentioning to god that she was expecting its results and that was what the fearless judge did for her. (Luk 18:1-8a)

3. Preach or Teach the Same Way

When a teacher discovers that his students were not grasping his teachings well, he would introduce some other methods of teaching them so that he would be able to pass on the point to the students easily, quickly and retentively.

Therefore, a good teacher would always study the class he is teaching, there are certain class or set that would not grasp lectures easily and such class shouldn’t be compared with some sets ahead of them. A teacher who does that shows himself that he is not a good teacher.

Because the aim of teaching is impacting knowledge ensuring that your subjects get what they are learning even without cramming it.

This is the disposition of Jesus and you will see that, on certain occasions he would use illustrations to talk to the people, he would use parables, he would use what is happening around to speak to them because he wants them to know what he was teaching them without them cramming the topics, without them assuming the topics and doctrines of him are too difficult. (Luk 13:4; 15:4)

So, when a teacher continues to teach the same way with obvious revelation on the eyes of his subjects that they are not grasping the topic but continues nonetheless, and yet expect different result when examining them, how would he get a different result?

It is the same with spiritual life, when we preach the same way in the gathering almost always and yet look forward to changes in the lives of the people would that be possible? There may be problems like that.

The words spoken unto Job by his friends made no impact on him because they were recycling the same message, and the message was that no one could encounter problems except the person has sinned. This is what people have believed over the ages, this is what unbelievers also teach, which is in deviant to what Job was passing through that was why it made no impact in his life.

Except we have new insights into the word of God, our preaching and teachings would be immaterial to the people of God because recycling what they are hearing from unbelievers is not what they have hoped for coming to church or us.

This is the disposition of Jesus and you will see that, on certain occasions he would use illustrations to talk to the people, he would use parables, he would use what is happening around to speak to them because he wants them to know what he was teaching them without them cramming the topics, without them assuming the topics and doctrines of him are too difficult. (Luk 13:4; 15:4)

So, when a teacher continues to teach the same way with obvious revelation on the eyes of his subjects that they are not grasping the topic but continues nonetheless, and yet expect different result when examining them, how would he get a different result?

It is the same with spiritual life, when we preach the same way in the gathering almost always and yet look forward to changes in the lives of the people would that be possible? There may be problems like that.

The words spoken unto Job by his friends made no impact on him because they were recycling the same message, and the message was that no one could encounter problems except the person has sinned. This is what people have believed over the ages, this is what unbelievers also teach, which is in deviant to what Job was passing through that was why it made no impact in his life.


4. Give the Same Offering

When we continue to give the same offering, we shouldn’t expect much changes from what we are seeing and receiving from the Lord. It was when King Solomon gave offering in a different way that things changed for him, that what he has been asking for, for months was granted according to the book of Wisdom 7:7 which says he has been asking for wisdom from the Lord for sometimes before God answered him through his dream.

Some people (brethren) only give after they have been cajoled by the speaker, pastor that he sees death before them, he sees this and that before them. It is this format of cajoling that would make them take money out of their purses to give to the Lord and yet they think God would approve and accept that kind of offering. Cajoling offering probably does not come from the deepest seat of the heart of the giver.

What the bible says is God loves a cheerful giver. It is a cheerful giver who would receive pressed down and shaken together blessings, not those who are cajoled, those who are cajoled to give would also receive a cajole-like blessings from people. (Luk 6:38; 2 Co 9:7)

You want a change in status, do not give the same way again and you will receive total changes.

5. Think the Same Way

When we have the same thought recycled, we should not expect different result. When Archimedes (287 -212 BC) was contacted by King Hiero II of Syracuse who supplied a pure gold to be used for the crown by the goldsmith. He has been thinking about how to get this for a while but with no advancement until he changes his thought. Assuming his thought was not changed he may not have found clue to it. (See online Wikipedia for more on Archimedes)

There were once four lepers in the land of Israel whom their conditions have placed them at the outskirts of the country. They have been banished to be living there according to the custom of their land.

They have accepted their fate and were expecting when they would die there since their lives were not changed after they had been examined by the high priest of the land according to the law of Prophet Moses.

But things changed for them, because where they have been quarantined at, the people who supposed to be given them foods have been under siege for days if not weeks and there has been neither going in or out of Samaria by the people to their farms to get foods inside the town. The country has been besieged by the Syrian army.

And it came to pass after this, that Benhadad king of Syria gathered all his host, and went up, and besieged Samaria.

And there was a great famine in Samaria: and, behold, they besieged it, until an ass's head was sold for fourscore pieces of silver, and the fourth part of a cab of dove's dung for five pieces of silver. (2 Ki 6:24-25)

Things became extremely unpleasant for the people of the land that they started eating what they ought nay too to eat. E-Sword in her commentary of this place says this of ass’s head and the dove dung which they said became the choice food of the people of the land, and at that they were the rich people among them.

An ass's head: Pieces of silver were said to be drachms, during this time, which would amount to about 2£ 9s; which was a great price for so mean a part of this unclean animal. (Eze 4:13-16) and

Dove's dung: Bochart, Scheuchzer, and others supposedly said they are kind of pulse, or vetches, which the Arabs still call pigeon's dung. Dr. Shaw (Travels, p. 140) says, "they never, constitute a dish by themselves, but are strewed singly as a garnish over cuscasowe, pillowe, and other dishes. They are besides in the greatest repute after they are parched in pans and ovens; then assuming the name leblebby;" and he thinks they were so called from being pointed at one end and acquiring an ash colour in parching.

We can see what the people living in Samaria resorted to eating when they could not get out of the country to go to their farmland because of the siege.

And when those who ought to farm and bring things to those at the quarantined area could not sufficiently feed themselves how would they remember those in isolated places. Even if they remembered them, another major problem was they couldn’t get to them because they were outside the city, living in the isolated centers.

The situation was a pathetic one. While the lepers were in this place one day, they thought among themselves when they had no foods again to take their lives in their hands and approach the enemies camp maybe they would have compassion on them. They perhaps said this because of what happened to captain Naaman because they would have heard his story how he rose to the rank of an important person in the land of Syria, showing that the Syrians still have compassion on the lepers unlike in Israel where they would be cast out of the land.

They never knew about the prophecy of Elisha the prophet few minutes ahead of their decision. They only decide to save themselves from the danger and the pains that excruciating hunger would make them pass through when they abide at that position for, they knew what was on going in their country.

And there were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate: and they said one to another, why sit we here until we die?

If we say, we will enter into the city, then the famine is in the city, and we shall die there: and if we sit still here, we die also. Now therefore come, and let us fall unto the host of the Syrians: if they save us alive, we shall live; and if they kill us, we shall but die. (2 Ki 7:3-4)

When they did this their lives were changed.

This initial thought would amount to nothing as that of the second thought which they heard on getting to the place, and it was the thought of going to report the case within the city of how the Lord has sent his salvation unto the people.

They did not consider themselves an outcast again for if they continued to consider themselves an outcast, they wouldn’t be able to call it in. they called it in, and their lives were changed they became heroes in the land.

And when these lepers came to the uttermost part of the camp, they went into one tent, and did eat and drink, and carried thence silver, and gold, and raiment, and went and hid it; and came again, and entered into another tent, and carried thence also, and went and hid it.

Then they said one to another, We do not well: this day is a day of good tidings, and we hold our peace: if we tarry till the morning light, some mischief will come upon us: now therefore come, that we may go and tell the king's household.

So they came and called unto the porter of the city: and they told them, saying, We came to the camp of the Syrians, and, behold, there was no man there, neither voice of man, but horses tied, and asses tied, and the tents as they were.

And he called the porters; and they told it to the king's house within.

And the king arose in the night, and said unto his servants, I will now shew you what the Syrians have done to us. They know that we be hungry; therefore are they gone out of the camp to hide themselves in the field, saying, When they come out of the city, we shall catch them alive, and get into the city. (2 Ki 7:8-12)

If we can stop thinking the way we have been thinking, it is definite that our lives would be transformed by the living God but when we remain myopic and continued to think as we have been thinking before, then we shall be in grave danger.

6. Recycling the Same Training

When sportsmen wanted to play with strong team at least in a competition they will step up their training. We heard of some sportsmen when they are going to some arctic countries to play, they would go to a nearby country to acclimatize to their weather there to be able to perform. Assuming they do not do that, they would be affected negatively by the temperature of the country that is opposite to theirs.

David was able to conquer Goliath because he had a different training from the trainings the warriors on the battle field had. Assuming he had the same training as theirs’ it is certain that he would not dare confront goliath that day. (1 Sam 17)

Prophet Elisha was able to become the head of the sons of the prophets carrying on the work of the master, Prophet Elijah because he had different training from other sons of the prophets assuming he did not step up, assuming he stayed as they were, he would have remained as they were, a mediocre. (2 Ki 2)

7. Use the Same Power and Grace to Preach

It was not until the apostles use different power to preach to the people that their messages have impact on the lives of their listeners. When they were still using the “breathe on” anointing that they received of God they could not change their world, their messages had no appreciable impact but immediately they receive another grace and power superior to that, when they receive the indwelling God, they could make impacts and the world fears them.

And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost: (Joh 20:22)

To change our world, we need different grace and power we need to leave the stage we are spiritually for a higher plane.

8. Use Same Method (Style) in Farm (Work):

When the Midianites were oppressing the children of Israel for their sins. Others were doing the farm work the same way as before which put them under severe hardship again, but Gideon wasn’t doing like that, he changed his style by which he could feed his family and by that he could attract the attention of God that a person who can do like this could be entrusted with his power. (Jdg 6)

Peter and his colleagues have been using the same style of fishing but with no result on a certain day, however, when Jesus got there and introduced new method and strange method to them, things changed, and their lives changed. (Luk 5:1 ff)

9. Keep Interacting with The Same Unproductive (or Myopic) Minds

Sometimes we may find it hard if not near impossible to grow beyond the people we associate ourselves with. The apostle says,

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. (1 Co 15:33)

Greek word for communications here is “ὁμιλία”, Romanized form is homilia (pronounced as hom-il-ee'-ah) meaning companionship. Companionship is friendship. You cannot walk with someone except you have some levels of agreement (Amos 3:3) and as you continue to walk with the person he would start rubbing off some of his characters and beliefs on you such that at a point in time you would be like him and in some instances even become stronger than him in that respect. Therefore, it is said that a sheep that walks with dogs would eat what the dog is eating with time.

When we keep walking, growing in relationship with those who do not have good plans for themselves those who do not see positive things in life, soon we become like that. This was what David fled when his brother wants to discourage him, he walks to the people who could encourage him to try and he did try, and he delivered the nation from Goliath.

10. Act the Same Way

Jesus speaks a parable of ten virgins, all were believers, morally right and all what not. But some of those ladies, about five of them according to what Jesus said stop acting the way they have been acting before, being nonchalant about things, not proactive, and that was what saved them. (Mat 25:1 ff)

11. The Same Believe

Our believe to life matters. Some people die not because they cannot withstand the stress of the sickness, not because the sickness has eaten deep into their systems, not because of the metastasis but because of their belief.

Think about the father of faith, Abraham after rescuing his nephew from enemies and indeed a whole country and the kings gave him some spoils of the battle he rejected it, telling them that though his life has not changed, though he has not attained what he hopes to attain but he is sure he would get them.

And the king of Sodom said unto Abram, give me the persons, and take the goods to thyself.

And Abram said to the king of Sodom, I have lift up mine hand unto the LORD, the most high God, the possessor of heaven and earth,

That I will not take from a thread even to a shoelatchet, and that I will not take any thing that is thine, lest thou shouldest say, I have made Abram rich: (Gen 14:21-23)

This he said because of his belief. Our belief matters in all things in life. If we belief we shall make it, we shall, if we belief we shall be made whole we shall, but if we have contrary belief then there is problem.

Thus, we cannot continue not exercise the same belief about salvation, progress, wealth, breakthroughs and expect a different result. We have to change our disposition, our belief and then we shall see changes in all we are doing.


Think about Jehovah Elohim for a second, he was supremely operating before, but he was unable to achieve his aim of redeeming and bringing men, us, back to himself because people dread and feared him, he is a no nonsense God who would strike anyone who fumbles dead immediately, that is why people prefer to send emissaries, representatives to him, having seen that his utmost goal has neither been scored nor attained he decides to come as our friend, he came to lay down his life for us all and when this was done, he hits the target, through this those us, at the uttermost part of the world have been brought into his kingdom. (John 15:13 ff; 1 John 3:16; rev. 5:5)

To achieve our aim, to score our goal, we need to change our disposition, we need to change our ways of life and living, we need to stop recycling those things not bringing us progress and toe a new path, we above all need to give our lives to Jesus Christ to experience those needed changes in our lives. If we do this, we shall witness the changes our hearts desire, but if we are recalcitrant and continue with our former ways of lives and living, we shall keep experiencing what we have been experiencing ages before now.



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