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It Is Not Finished....The Rest Is Up To You.

Updated on November 8, 2009

It Is Not Finished, The Rest Is Up To You.

Imagine being spread across rough cut wood,
and having your fingers splayed open,
as they hammer, pound and drive,
a railroad sized spike,
between the ligaments of your palm,
palms that gave so many healing,
held tiny babies and blessed them,
folded in prayer and trembling
in the garden of Gethsemane,
think of how it must have felt,
to have two more spikes rip through your feet,
splitting the foot bones with a cracking sound,
the cries of agony rising high over Golgotha,
feet that led so many to a kinder God,
that walked among men in righteousness,
unlike any ever seen since.
then came the hoisting of his weight
pulling on the whip marks,
opening the sores on his back
as he was raised high in the air,
all his muscles straining
intense torture as the hands and feet
took the burden of the spikes impalement.
then when he thirsted they cruelly gave him vinegar,
get a cup and take a sip of what he ingested,
later came the spear into his side,
sharp metal piercing flesh, ripping organs,
already bloated by hanging.
And yet he cried with compassion,
"Father Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
Thousands were crucified, but only he,
has been immortalized for over two thousand years,
all the rest went on to obscurity,
except for the thief he pardoned
with one of his last breaths.
Think of these things the next time you are tempted,
then dig your thumbnail into the palm of your hand,
and remember that his pain was

ten thousand times worse,
then yours could ever be.
It was our sins he paid for,
our goodness is his receipt for the mighty cost
of redemption through his sacrifice.
yet He was resurrected in 3 days so
so that we too can be resurrected,
after we suffer the pain all of dying that
all men must face since the Garden of eden.
Think of him as your best friend,
who laid down his life for you,
so that you can live forever.
then it starts to become worthy,
to be worthy of his greatest love.



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