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It all started with a seed. ( a thought) .

Updated on July 20, 2015

It all started with a seed. ( a thought).


It all started with a seed. ( a thought ).

‎It all starts with a seed.( A Thought).

‎Life is nourished by the earth.
Should the soil be fertile.
The winds carry the rains.
Lush vegetation is in abundance.
Life as we know it comes into being.

Crops are harvested.
Fruits and vegetables are good for all
forms of life.

There are different kind of species.

We are conditioned by our natural environment
and habitat, to behave and process thoughts.
according to our ‎race colour culture or creed
Our education level and up bringing determines
our way of life, depth and moral standing.

Our religion and god determine our place of worship
and ethnic standing.

Our personality is made up of various factors, we
should‎ take nothing for granted.‎

Our childhood.‎
Young adult.
Mature adult.‎
Senior citizen .

The cycle of life, engraves our values ‎as well as what our family and children
will inherit‎.

The vessel of life.
Memories are the proof of the souls exsistance.
A moment, may capture your heart with a smile.

Love, can not be trusted.

Yesterday plants our deeds which we shall reap today.
Behold death there is nothing to fear?
What would you die for?

Me the Noble truth that I was faithful to my goddess
Till ashes are left of my being.

My very exsistance embodies the very exsistance of my divinity.
Yet I have learned that the world is cold.
I am watching the story unfold, I hope I grow to be 43‎gray , wise and old.


‎Dad Black Dillinger Jabu Ncala, I am a glimpse of, your greatness.

Death dare not steal the memories of our past glories.
There is nothing to fear, even the shadows sleep, yet in
the light.‎

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala‎‎


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