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Your Key To Spiritual Victories: The Cross Of Christ

Updated on April 1, 2016

Are you willing to face the cross of Christ in exchange for his Glory in you?

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Manifesting the Glory of God Through Hardships

The primary purpose of the Cross of Christ is to empower the Christian believer with the glory of Christ. It is designed to eliminate or crucify every thing that pertains to the dark human nature and passion of man and resurrect everything that pertains to the divine nature, including power, love and a sound mind: the kingdom of heaven, an indescribable treasure within man. The Cross of Christ is like a spiritual vice grip that forces all that is divine within the believer up to the surface. Ultimately, the cross provides the conditions for overcoming the world. It should therefore be embraced with joy instead of being avoided.

Types of Crosses

For the believer, the Cross of Christ can come in a number of challenging disguises, including psychological limitations such as fear and shame, financial hardship and threatening physical conditions such as cancel or chronic illness. The Cross of Christ is also in affect when we stand up for the gospel of Christ and spread the good news to those who may not be willing to accept it. Many times peoples’ livelihood might be threatened by the message of the gospel. Such lifestyles that involves such illegal and unethical activities such as drug dealing, gang banging and prostitution may feel threatened by the preaching of the gospel.

Glory of the Cross

Many reasons exist as to why every believer should embrace and appreciate the Cross of Christ, one of which is for the number of benefits it produces. Christians who endure the Cross of Christ one hundred percent are on the verge of translation into the glorious realms of the heaven. Jesus Christ promised that those who served him a hundredfold will not only benefit in heaven, but in this present life also. They will be called over comers and will do the greater works, including raising the dead. The one hundredfold Christian over comer holds authority over death, hell and the grave. They have overcame human nature. Such believers will be able to fully express the glory of Christ within them. These Christians are so Christ like that they get to decide whether or not they want to die a natural and peaceful death or whether they desire to be translated into eternity such as the biblical prophets Enoch and Elijah and several other great Christians mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. All things are possible to such a believer. In fact, Jesus Christ addressed them that would go all the way (one hundredfold). “He that believes in me and lives, shall never see death,” states Christ in His message to the disciples. “I tell you that they are some standing here that will never see death.” These scriptures clearly imply the authority that has been given over the power of death. This authority is given to every believer who is bold enough to claim it, no matter what shame and embarrassment such acceptance may bring.


However, embracing the Cross of Christ one hundred fold could mean rejection by family and friends who will think you are gone completely out of your mind. They’ll say such thinking is attributed to insane people. But in order to thoroughly endure the cross and over come all of its associated challenges, the Christian must be willing to release those people and things that are closes to his or her heart, including mother, father, children, friends, jobs, homes, cars, natural thoughts and beliefs originating from this world system. Those that overcome, those that embrace the cross one hundred fold, are worthy to claim the full measure of the kingdom of God. They have sacrificed human nature. Overcoming the cross of Christ requires that the believer avoids nothing. He or she must confront every person, condition and circumstance necessary to overcome the world and its powers. Though a believer fears and tremble, she must not bow down to any condition or circumstance that is seen and understood with the natural mind. Enduring the Cross of Christ demands excising our faith in the power of God. This enables us to create circumstances that are necessary to bring forth the glory of God. When we embrace the cross and its challenges with faith, we invite God on the scene and He performs through us and for us. Our challenges and problems are soon eliminated and great peace and joy are established in our hearts and minds. The fullness of God manifested within us more and more as we overcome the challenges of the cross. Our faith in God grows until it is perfect.

Prayer and Fasting

In order to embrace the Cross of Christ, you, the believer, must be passionate, determined, persevering and fully aware of the great reward of enduring the cross. A believer must forsake his own natural mind and ways exchange for the spiritual mind and ways of God. On occasion, the believer must pray and fast in order to take control over the natural body with its wayward passions and lusts. Prayer and fasting can unleash the measure of the Holy Spirit within the believer, allowing him or her to subdue and eliminate the natural ways and ideas of the body and mind: human nature. When the Spirit is at its highest, the soul flourishes with joy and gladness. Therefore, embrace the Cross of Christ with all your power and determination without hesitation. The faster you embrace it, the quicker you will come to a place of glory and greatness within your life.

In this case, the Christian believer will suffer rejection due to provocation of the word of God. Nevertheless, the outcome of suffering the cross will be several times more rewarding.


The bible is full of great men and women who faced the Cross with joy. In fact, one of the key individuals was Christ. The benefit of the cross was so great that Christ was able to endure it with great enthusiasm. It is His perspective of the cross that we must imitate. In imitating Christ, we must face our own crosses with joy, whatever they may be, in order to unveil the glory of God or the resurrection power within us that raised Jesus from the dead. According to the world of God, “we must count it all joy when we face numerous trials and tribulation along the way to our redemption.” Once this is accomplished, the glory of God is made perfect within us as it was in Christ Jesus and all the other saints. Apostle Paul embraced the journey of the cross from every direction, suffering all kinds of hardships and mind-boggling tribulations for introduction the gospel of truth. He suffered hunger and thirst due to lack of resources; he confronted fear and death on a number of occasions and survived. So did the prophet Job in the Old Testament, whose flesh literally rotted off of his body, emitting an unbearable smell that alienated him from both family and friends. However, after suffering the Cross of Christ, Job was awarded twice as much as he lost. Therefore, Christians who embrace the Cross of Christ will find happiness and joy unimaginable.


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