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It seems we are not the one to decide to follow Jesus Christ or other religion.

Updated on October 26, 2012

Many prophets and religious founders have come and each of them claimed to be sent by God, even though we may not ascertain if they were all sent by same God. This is largely because spiritual matters are things that should be personal as it is not usually experienced or witness by many at same time. It means that any one can put up a spiritual claim, as in vision or message, which others can’t disapprove. That notwithstanding and despite the various religious beliefs with its conflicting messages many of them seem to have their various followers.

The writer recall a debate on this issue on his journey with an unborn child in which it was put forward that any laborer is worthy of his pay in that the various prophets and teachers earned what they worked for and in proportion to their work. Religious conflict has always been a global issue and men have died or were persecute for religious sake yet men refuse to learn from history. Consequently, religious hate and killing still persist in various places as man seeks to convert his follow man.

The question; is there any thing impossible for God to do? Has been asked on several occasions especially as men wonder if it is impossible for God to make all men follow a specific religion and, by so doing, end the religious hate speeches, killings, intolerance, and persecution. It is said that God sent Jesus Christ to save the world and mankind from sin. Then, if that is right, it means God want to save man. It is because of this claim that most Christians claim that Jesus Christ, like he claimed, is the only was to salvation. Then it is surprising to read John 6: 44 “No man can come to me except the father which hath sent me draw him; and I will raise him up at the last day.”

The above quote seems to suggest that nobody will come to Jesus without God’s approval. That is God decides who will follow Jesus or who will follow others just like the unborn child explained to the highest council yet to be known by man. It means God has a purpose for all things and it is not impossible for him to make all men follow same path but it can be, like some people claim, that he enjoys the praises and worships of the different religious groups. It can also be that different Gods are in operation with different messages but we know that Jesus claimed he was sent by the God of Moses while Mohammed claimed he was sent by same God yet their message differ to some extent. Lastly, it can also be that each of these founders are rewarded with followers based on their work in that a laborer is worthy of his pay.

Whatever may be the reason, it is a shame that some people use religion as a base to hate, kill, persecute or to deny others their freedom of religion. Above all, it is a shame for man to force his fellow man to follow any religion or make a religious law based on his own personal religious belief in secular society where men and women of various religions live together. People usually say that God make people what they are and it should not be different when it comes to belief.


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