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It's Good To Hear Liberals Quoting Scriptures - Even Though Most Times In Error...

Updated on October 15, 2013

It’s Good To Hear Liberals Quoting Scriptures - Even Though Most Times In Error…

It is ironic that the secular messiah, President Obama, is the reason why so many Liberals are quoting Biblical scriptures, albeit in error - well, at least one scripture in particular; and my Liberal brethren are not exactly quoting but repeating the mantra that Jesus did not believe in riches and the attendant so called hoarding of wealth. This mis-quote about Jesus, The Christ, not condoning wealth is repeated because of Onbamacare, which, in theory supposed to afford healthcare for all and the thinking that Christ would have wanted everyone to have access to healthcare, even the poor. I have no argument with the fact that The Christ would want the poor to have access to healthcare - but it is another thing to make the leap that Jesus did not want - or the implication - anyone to be rich.

In the scriptures Jesus said before Abraham was - I Am (John 8:58)… meaning He was around before He came in the flesh and died for our Salvation. I am reminded you of this because I can make the logical leap that it was He who bequeathed Abraham, Lot, Job, Isaac, Jacob, Boaz, Saul, David, and Solomon with their respective riches. Our Liberal brethren get it twisted by intimating that Jesus hated those who acquire wealth… deliberately perverting when the rich young man went away sad when The Christ told him to sell all his riches and follow Him (Matthew 19: 16-30). What is supposed to come from that occasion when The Christ spoke to that wealthy young man is the saying that the love of money is the root of all evil (1st Timothy: 6-10) and that the young rich man heart was solely on his mammon and not on The Christ and His teachings.

You may say that all those Biblical names that I said were rich and listed above are only found in the Old Testament - but lest we forget those too from The New Testament like Joseph of Arimathea, who was wealthy, and whose tomb the Christ borrowed for three days until His Resurrection; and Zacchaeus, Nicodemus, and the wealthy Roman Centurion that Jesus said had so much faith (Matthew 8:9)… I can even glean from the Bible that the Lazarus that Jesus raised from the dead may have came from a wealthy family on account of the description of his family/home and the fact too that Lazarus was known by many of the Jews.

Too many times, my Republican brethren, many of whom who love to quote the Bible, forget that we have to take care of the poor because it was Jesus who prophesied that the poor will be with us always (Matthew 26:11) - not that He wanted this but that He knew that many of us would rob them and engage in wanton greed - depriving them and fulfilling Christ’ prophecy. I wish that we would quote all scriptures… even when we breached them… you know that chastised us about same sex unions, multiple marriages, and Abortions. It is not so much the breaching but the perverting of The Word and in essence calling God a liar instead of asking Him for us to overcome the flesh that is always at war with the Spirit of Christ Jesus that is in us.

To my Liberal brothers and sisters who are now conveniently quoting the Bible about Jesus’ take on riches, note not out of props for The Word, but out of adherence to Obamacare - look at your brethren in the mirror who are ‘living large,’ and, moreover, who do not deign to have Obamacare as part of their health-care package - but yet are rigorously advocating that many of us Plebeians sign up for it. If those who read this blog think that I am lying… simply input many of the Hollywood Liberal icons and you will see how much they are Midasly worth. I dare say to my Liberal friends that it is not only the Republicans who are seeking to fit their camels through the proverbial eyes of needles (Mark 10:25 - notice that all those whose faces are on Time Magazine are Far Left Liberals and are Uber wealthy)… for if indeed you know your Bible, you would have gotten the gist of this last apt Biblical quote.


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