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Ireland's Time

Updated on March 7, 2013

It is time…

A time of great harvest sent forth

From the heart of the Father

For the brave heart of an Irish son

Courageous and brave, full of victory and song

To pour out His glory, He has waited so long

A dance of freedom goes forth, it begins a new day

Showing all who will see that He is the only Way

'Oh Emerald Isle, You are My dear friend

Hold up your head, For I Am coming to defend

No longer looked on with shame, No longer called evil names

Called forth to a new place, No longer thought a disgrace

No more blood to be shed, His life raised from the dead

For this land He did come to save and heal 'It is done'

On the Cross you were there, In His suffering you shared

From this moment in time Love poured out, so Divine.'

Hold up your heads oh Irish Gates

And let the King of Glory enter in

Hold up your hearts oh Irish Gates

And share His victory from all sin.

Praise Him all you Irish peoples

Praise Him with all your might

Praise Him as you set your face

Keep Him in your sight

Take up the Sword, the Word in all its power

Wield it and hurl it for this is your hour

A healing is coming, it is at your door

The cry of salvation is what He is coming for?

All across this Nation people will call out

Longing for God, believing without doubt

Rise up, rise up, rise up all you peoples

Sing forth; give glory and honour and praise

For now is the hour when all Ireland will know

That God holds this Nation within His Holy gaze

Listen to what He says about you:

“Lift up My Name as a Banner over this Land

Oh beautiful Ireland, come and hold My hand

Out of ashes, such beauty will stand up with grace

For My peoples will find Me, if they seek My face

If they turn from their wicked ways and come to My Light

I will wash them in My blood, whiter than white

And My glory will rain down upon all who will hear

Yes, Ireland will once again be in My care

I am waiting for you, just call on My Name

And watch as I heal all the sick and the lame

A consuming fire will break out in the night

All Ireland will come to fight the good fight

Hear Me My people, this is the hour

So stand still and watch Me pour out My power

From this day forth and forevermore

Ireland is free from the curse of the law

I love you with a love of pure delight

You are Mine, Emerald Isle

Full of Glory and Light”

© J.M.Smith 2004


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