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Jennifer Lopez and Alexander Rodriguez Zodiac Compatibility

Updated on June 23, 2019

Maintaining a celebrity marriage is hard. So hard in fact, that around fifty percent end in divorce. Like any marriage, the reasons can vary. Often, conflicting work schedules can get in the way of a sustainable partnership. Sometimes, the pressure to gain success outside of one’s marriage can lead to one of the partners moving on.

It’s perhaps for this reason that when we hear of a successful celebrity marriage, we can’t help but wonder how. How is this marriage so successful and just what is the secret to it? We might never know the true answer to such questions, but it is fun to entertain the possible ones. And what’s more fun that taking a look at a couples’ zodiac signs?

Jennifer Lopez and Alexander Rodriguez’s Zodiac Sign

Jennifer Lopez and Alexander Rodriguez are – in what seems to be a total coincidence – Leos. Jennifer Lopez’s birthday is July 24th, meaning she escaped the influence of Cancer by a margin of just 2 days. Alexander Rodriguez, on the other hand, was born on July 27th.

Leos are nothing less than interesting individuals. They’re creative spirits, with a warm and generous heart. They possess a fierce sense of passion, and their enthusiasm and cheerfulness towards life are not easily extinguished. Of course, this zeal they carry can sometimes be a little overbearing and their desire to do things their way can come across as just plain arrogance. They also tend to be quite stubborn and inflexible, but who doesn’t have their faults?

Their connection to the zodiac sign Leo seeps into every aspect of their personality. Just like a lion, they are kings of the jungle. They are born to lead. Their endless amounts of confidence and dominant presence is infectious and makes it impossible to not succumb to their charm. And just like lions, there’s nothing they can’t achieve when they put their mind and body to work.

That’s not where their parallels with a lion end, however. If there’s one more thing to note about Leos, they carry the heart of a lion. Their bravery is unmatched and it’s what pushes them towards trying new things and moving out of their comfort zone. They never shy away from new opportunities and are constantly on the lookout for chances to grow as an individual.

However, in their pursuit of new adventures and prospects, they can sometimes forget about those around them. They may neglect the needs of others, and this is why Leos can sometimes be considered selfish. That’s why it’s important for Leos to constantly remind themselves about those around them and to avoid forgetting.

The Compatibility Between Two Leos

You have probably heard the saying, opposites attract. While there may be some shreds of truth in that, but for the case of Jennifer and Alex, it would seem that like pairs attract. The couple have been going strong for well over 2 years and aren’t afraid of flaunting their relationship over social media and in public. Just this March, in fact, they announced their engagement.

In fact, it seems as if Jennifer Lopez and Alexander Rodriguez themselves are aware of their similarities. Alexander Rodriguez stated in an interview with Vanity Fair:

“We are very much twins. We’re both Leos; we’re both from New York; we’re both Latino and about 20 other things.”

Sharing similar personality traits and interests with your partner can do wonders for your relationship with them. They provide a foundation upon which you and your partner can connect and then can build a healthy and sustainable partnership together. Possessing the same zodiac sign adds to that foundation.

Having the same zodiac sign means they share similar likes and dislikes. They possess the same interests and carry similar mindsets. It’s as if Jennifer and Alex are dancing to the same tune. They both know the moves and it makes it that much easier to coordinate and to get along with one another.

But that’s just general to all the zodiac signs. Let’s get more specific, and see how being Leos in particular influences the relationship between Jennifer and Alexander and their compatibility.

First of all, Leos strive off of individuals that carry the same energy that they themselves possess. As we said above, Leos are passionate and enthusiastic souls. They emit an energy that few can match, and their spirits are boosted when they’re around people who carry the same vibe as them. They can’t find it in themselves to settle for someone who simply is not as spirited as they themselves are. Partners who are Leos grow off of each other’s energy. To put it simply, lions belong amongst lions.

Lions can also be quite fierce. Catch them in the wrong mood and they’ll act aggressively. That’s why Leos can sometimes be difficult to handle. The only ones who can handle them are those who are just as strong and spirited.

Leos can also be quite dramatic. Extravagance is their typo, and a king requires a queen. It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez and Alexander Rodriguez like to make a statement every time they walk out onto the red carpet. It’s because they’re Leos!

But let’s delve even deeper, into the very constituents of a relationship. One thing that makes up a successful relationship is communication, and that is no problem for Leos. Leos are very open about themselves in general. They very readily share what’s on their mind and never hide secrets from their partners. This is great as it means that the two partners are well aware of what’s going on in each other’s lives. If there’s a problem, they can quickly and effectively address it and work towards a solution.

It helps that Leos are creative and intelligent. It means that no issue is too difficult for them to solve, especially when they work together like a true pack of lions.

Relationships can also benefit over shared values between partners. Values, of course, are instrumental in defining a human being, and when two individuals share the same values, it generates mutual respect between the two of them. This respect that they carry towards each other leads to a deeper understanding of one another and aids in the development of their relationship.

When it comes to respect, Leos have plenty to give out to one another. Leos tend to possess the same values. They admire personality traits such as confidence, self-esteem, and bravery and they both believe in pursuing their individual passions whole-heartedly.

What also benefits a relationship, is when the two partners have fun doing the same things. Leos almost always enjoy the same things. Going to the theatre or a fine restaurant, meeting up with friends and socializing, and making adventurous holiday plans are just some examples. This makes it all the more easier for Leos in a relationship to get along.

It also helps when two partners are looking for the same thing in a relationship. When it comes to Leos, they are looking for intimacy and trust, and they have plenty of it to give. Leos naturally link together as they each provide the intimacy the other is craving. They are exactly what the other was looking for.

By now it would seem as if Leos make the ideal couple. And they do, they really do! Jennifer and Alexander are proof of that. But that does not mean they are without their faults. It is important to recognize these faults and to accept them, so that they can be overcome.

One problem that may arise between Leos is that when they are arguing, the argument can very quickly become heated. After all, Leos are fiery souls. They tend to each bring their egos onto the table and argue over who is right and who is wrong. Leos are stubborn, and they may refuse to back down. What’s important is that they attempt to work towards a middle ground so as to not hurt each other’s feelings.

Another issue is that sometimes Leos can be so focused on their own personal objectives that they forget about their partner. They forget to include their partner, not because they don’t feel comfortable around their partner, but simply because they were concentrating too much elsewhere. Never forget to keep your partner involved and regularly updated on your life. It helps build trust and a healthier relationship.

Lastly, Leos should remember that sometimes, they have to let things go. It can become quite troubling for a Leo when their partner wishes to do something differently, but this should in no way jeopardize the relationship. Leos must always remember that sometimes, giving in to their partner is the best thing to do.

So yes, Leos can have their issues, but that’s love for you! It’s important to not make a big deal out of these issues, and to remember that in the long run, they’re nothing but minor. If you love your partner and you get along with them, then you should not be worried at all. It certainly seems that Jennifer and Alexander are aware of this and are more than enthusiastic about building a life together. Here’s to them!


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