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Online Bible Verses - Jeremiah 17:7 - Trust in the Lord

Updated on May 10, 2012

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him.”

Jeremiah 17:7

Kind of a scary scenario to describe here. Imagine being caught in a world driven by random probability and chance, with only our own ability to depend on. Even if we are highly capable, the vast majority of what could now and eventually occur is beyond our control. To an extent, then, a crapshoot. Now throw in a defect we may struggle with, a weakness of some sort. Maybe a health issue. Add to that the reality we get weaker as we get older. Throw in a bunch of little ones who are dependent on us. Realizing we are subject to dents in out protective armor, the trend seems to get less promising with time. Even the strongest then, will succumb at some point.

I suppose, for one who only has oneself or something earthly to depend on, what we describe above is real.

I look around at times and become unsettled with what I see closing in on me and mine. Feel blessed, however, to have a real and strong faith in a God who cares about me. Cares about you too. Truly believe He has and will continue to watch out for me and anyone else who asks Him to.

As time passes, I can see what I believe to be a pattern of protective intercession He has enacted to land me in a place where I am safe. Which in turn bolsters my confidence in Him, making me all the more likely to include Him increasingly in my daily life. Prompting me to realize once again who gets credit for all the blessings.


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