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Jeshua's Eyes - A Poem

Updated on September 6, 2011


This poem was inspired by the image of Jeshua found on the website

I am currently trying to get permission to be able to include the picture on this page, but until then, please click on the link to the website.

Jeshua's Eyes

I look into His eyes…

Instantly am I captivated

By His power and His majesty

Equally am I mesmerized

By His radiant nobility

I look into His eyes…

So gently drawn with a sweet caress

Into His compassionate embrace

To rest in the infinite depths

Of glorious divine grace

I look into His eyes…

And sense His heart beat interweaving

With the even cadence of mine

Likewise, with Oneness we are merging

Our souls we do entwine

I look into His eyes…

My fear begins dissolving

And my shadows doth retreat

With courage I detach resolving

My oft companions of pain and defeat

I look into His eyes…

This persistent self-doubt of mine

No longer is it holding sway

Oft felt unworthiness and privation

Softly slips away

I look into His eyes…

My soul’s reflection I do see

Every secret, conflict, plea and ambition

Revealed for my judgment and decree

To choose or not my soul’s conviction

I look into His eyes…

Forgiveness blossoms deep within

Surrendering habit to blame and damn

It matters less what I have been

It matters more who I AM

I look into His eyes…

Holy peace and harmony crystallizes

Throughout my cherished being

As unwelcome illusions and disguises

Unmasked, no more deceiving

I look into His eyes…

Under His guardianship I am rebirthed

As I surrender to His love and light

My power is again awakened

Becoming what is my human right

I look into His eyes…

And glimpse my role on this earthly stage

Soul passion remembrance renewed

To usher gladly a Golden Age

Darkness undeniably subdued

I look into His eyes…

And joyfully my masterpiece

Of angel wings unfolding

A sword of love and peace

Is what I am now wielding

I look into His eyes…

And inwardly I contemplate

He is the perfect eternal friend

Ever waiting my intent to elevate

And to choose I will ascend


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