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Jesus Christ and Blue Eyes...........Hmm

Updated on April 25, 2014

Does It Matter?

Jesus had blue eyes and light skin, or did he? Hmmm, now, I'm not a scholar of history or religion, yet I find it difficult to believe that Jesus Christ, son of God, had light skin and blue eyes. I also have a difficult time thinking Jesus had black skin. Yet most of the pictures I have ever seen show a light skinned man with brown hair and blue eyes.

Think of the part of the world where Jesus lived, the Middle East. What do people in that part of the world look like? Their skin color tends to be a brownish color which would be the result of a mixture between white and black. No, I'm not suggesting God is either one because the Bible teaches that God is a spirit, and when Jesus walked on the earth He was God in the flesh. Yet, it would make sense that when Jesus walked on this earth that he would have the skin color of the people where He lived, which is in the Middle Eastern world. The people there tend to have a brownish skin color.

The light skinned Jesus likely came from the white Europeans who envisioned Jesus as having light skin and blue eyes. Likewise, some black people think of Jesus as having black skin simply because we tend to see Him as looking like we do. I for instance have light skin so when I think of Jesus I think of him as having a light skin color, (I also have freckles but somehow I don't think He had those ;>)but the reality is His skin color was likely brown.


What is Skin Color?

Really our skin color is just a descriptive term to describe what our exterior, or shell looks like. It's no different than describing someone as having red, blond, black, or brown hair, freckles or no freckles. God, through His son Jesus Christ, loves the entire world (as in ALL the people in the world) and it is His desire that everyone/all is to be saved.

(1 Timothy 2:4-6)

God our Savior wants all men to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth. For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men - the testimony given in its proper time.

Now, God's son having the skin color being a brownish color would make sense because it would be a good representation of all mankind! Please think about this next time you want to think or make a racist comment????? BIG SMILE:>

Coming Soon: Is racism learned or fact?


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    • BJC profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Tammyswallow. I appreciate your comment :)

    • tammyswallow profile image


      8 years ago from North Carolina

      This is a very interesting question and well researched. It is a great learning experience. It would be difficult to conceive that Jesus had blue eyes. Well done!

    • BJC profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Florida

      Attila Elek, aren't we all ;)

    • profile image

      Attila Elek 

      8 years ago

      Jesus was an Alien with bleu eyes and Light brown hair! INFO FROM TELEPATHY WITH ET.

    • frogyfish profile image


      9 years ago from Central United States of America

      Great hub information and very nicely explained...especially since I agree with your Middle Eastern definition of appearance. It even can irk me when I see a movie on TV and 'Christ' has light blue eyes, dark skin or not...Think they should use some of those colored eye lenses to make eyes brown...oh, well THAT doesn't matter. Thank you for an interesting hub!

    • BJC profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Florida

      I'm sorry, booboo, your comment does not make any sense. You are, however, entitled to your opinion!

      Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      That's why Jesus was not the so-called son of God ! Whatever coloring or race Jesus was, people would then attribute 'his father' to be the same ! But God is above all that and cannot be described by mortals.

    • festersporling1 profile image

      Daniel Christian 

      9 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Nice Hub Ma'am. :)

    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr Carlotta Boles 

      10 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      It doesn't matter at least not in my book! Revelation 4: 2-11 describes God as a blend of colors and surrounded by a rainbow. The description of God in Revelation 4 agrees with John 4:24 and 1 John 1:5 where God is described as spirit and light. In reality, God is a blend of color. God does not care about the color of a person’s skin. AMEN!! When you get a chance, come visit me! Much love!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Historical documents -- read and learn:

      The Oldest Views and Literary Data on the External Appearance of Jesus

      The Description of Publius Lentullus

      The following was taken from a manuscript in the possession of Lord Kelly, and in his library, and was copied from an original letter of Publius Lentullus at Rome. It being the usual custom of Roman Governors to advertise the Senate and people of such material things as happened in their provinces in the days of Tiberius Caesar, Publius Lentullus, President of Judea, wrote the following epistle to the Senate concerning the Nazarene called Jesus.

      "There appeared in these our days a man, of the Jewish Nation, of great virtue, named Yeshua [Jesus], who is yet living among us, and of the Gentiles is accepted for a Prophet of truth, but His own disciples call Him the Son of God- He raiseth the dead and cureth all manner of diseases. A man of stature somewhat tall, and comely, with very reverent countenance, such as the beholders may both love and fear, his hair of (the colour of) the chestnut, full ripe, plain to His ears, whence downwards it is more orient and curling and wavering about His shoulders. In the midst of His head is a seam or partition in His hair, after the manner of the Nazarenes. His forehead plain and very delicate; His face without spot or wrinkle, beautified with a lovely red; His nose and mouth so formed as nothing can be reprehended; His beard thickish, in colour like His hair, not very long, but forked; His look innocent and mature; His eyes grey, clear, and quick- In reproving hypocrisy He is terrible; in admonishing, courteous and fair spoken; pleasant in conversation, mixed with gravity. It cannot be remembered that any have seen Him Laugh, but many have seen Him Weep. In proportion of body, most excellent; His hands and arms delicate to behold. In speaking, very temperate, modest, and wise. A man, for His singular beauty, surpassing the children of men"


      The letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar

      This is a reprinting of a letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar describing the physical appearance of Jesus. Copies are in the Congressional Library in Washington, D.C.


      A young man appeared in Galilee preaching with humble unction, a new law in the Name of the God that had sent Him. At first I was apprehensive that His design was to stir up the people against the Romans, but my fears were soon dispelled. Jesus of Nazareth spoke rather as a friend of the Romans than of the Jews. One day I observed in the midst of a group of people a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude. I was told it was Jesus. This I could easily have suspected so great was the difference between Him and those who were listening to Him. His golden colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about 30 years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between Him and His bearers with their black beards and tawny complexions! Unwilling to interrupt Him by my presence, I continued my walk but signified to my secretary to join the group and listen. Later, my secretary reported that never had he seen in the works of all the philosophers anything that compared to the teachings of Jesus. He told me that Jesus was neither seditious nor rebellious, so we extended to Him our protection. He was at liberty to act, to speak, to assemble and to address the people. This unlimited freedom provoked the Jews -- not the poor but the rich and powerful.

      Later, I wrote to Jesus requesting an interview with Him at the Praetorium. He came. When the Nazarene made His appearance I was having my morning walk and as I faced Him my feet seemed fastened with an iron hand to the marble pavement and I trembled in every limb as a guilty culprit, though he was calm. For some time I stood admiring this extraordinary Man. There was nothing in Him that was repelling, nor in His character, yet I felt awed in His presence. I told Him that there was a magnetic simplicity about Him and His personality that elevated Him far above the philosophers and teachers of His day.

      Now, Noble Sovereign, these are the facts concerning Jesus of Nazareth and I have taken the time to write you in detail concerning these matters. I say that such a man who could convert water into wine, change death into life, disease into health; calm the stormy seas, is not guilty of any criminal offense and as others have said, we must agree -- truly this is the Son of God.

      Your most obedient servant,

      Pontius Pilate


      The Emerald of Caesar

      This Likeness of Jesus was copied from a portrait carved on an emerald by order of Tiberius Caesar, which emerald the Emperor of the Turks afterwards gave out of the Treasury of Constantinople to Pope Innocent VIII for the redemption of his brother, taken captive by the Christians.


      "The Archko Volume"

      Another description of Jesus is found in "The Archko Volume" which contains official court documents from the days of Jesus. This information substantiates that He came from racial lines which had blue eyes and golden hair. In a chapter entitled "Gamaliel's Interview" it states concerning Jesus (Yeshua) appearance:

      "I asked him to describe this person to me, so that I might know him if I should meet him. He said: 'If you ever meet him [Yeshua] you will know him. While he is nothing but a man, there is something about him that distinguishes him from every other man. He is the picture of his mother, only he has not her smooth, round face. His hair is a little more golden than hers, though it is as much from sunburn as anything else. He is tall, and his shoulders are a little drooped; his visage is thin and of a swarthy complexion, though this is from exposure. His eyes are large and a soft blue, and rather dull and heavy....' This Jew [Nazarite] is convinced that he is the Messiah of the world. ...this was the same person that was born of the virgin in Bethlehem some twenty-six years before..."

      - The Archko Volume, translated by Drs. McIntosh and Twyman of the Antiquarian Lodge, Genoa, Italy, from manuscripts in Constantinople and the records of the Senatorial Docket taken from the Vatican of Rome (1896) 92-93


    • BJC profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from Florida

      Reconciled heart, what a great name, thanks for your comment and reading my hub!!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      PB7m totally agree with you. Having attended a multiracial church for over 20 years, with a white and black pastor, I realized how unusual that was. shouldn't be that way and racism is hell's way of dividng people.

    • profile image

      reconciled heart 

      11 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this post...interesting food for thought. It is true that many representations of Jesus come from white Europeans who lived centuries later!

    • polarbear7 profile image


      11 years ago from long beach

      look personally i dont consider my self from any religion me and a group of friends just get together read the bible and try to understand and live by it, and i think it really does not matter what color or race the only important is that he was son of god. and my teacher told me something like what you say in the second paragraph and i agree but like i said if someone really lives by the bible they wont care what color or race he was.

    • BJC profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from Florida

      Make Money, that's interesting - I didn't know that.


    • Make  Money profile image

      Make Money 

      11 years ago from Ontario

      This is interesting. I've read the oldest shrine to the Blessed Virgin in Poland has a statue of a black Madonna.

    • profile image

      Just.Another Girl 

      11 years ago

      In my religion class last year, we had this same discusion actually. We had the same hypothesis as you had: dark skin dark hair ect. You do see Jesus as a cuacasion and never as a Middle Eastern. I myself am a Catholic and attend mass every Sunday. So I have a lot of the same views as you do. Most of my views reflect from my parents. They are conservative, pro-life and religious as well. I have read your blog on Sarah Palin too. I guess we just have to hope for the best for America. I mean, the only way we can help save our economy is to pray that our President makes the right choices and that his stimulus plan does not get passed. My parents are insurance agents so of course, they don't really agree to the health care situation with getting assigned a plan.


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