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For Christ Jesus' Prayer Warrior, Sister Cleopatra Mills....

Updated on June 20, 2020

For Christ Jesus' Prayer Warrior, Sister Cleopatra Mills....

I have a soft spot for the elderly; perhaps, borne out of the fact that I was raised by my grandmother, but no one warrants and commands my respect more than the elderly Christian prayer warrior like Sister Cleopatra Mills, who is a seasoned member of Calvary Cathedral of Praise... the church I go to. Yes, indeed, her name is Cleopatra and a queen of a lady she is... with that subtle voice like quiet, persuading thunder. As I have said that I have had the pleasure of going to the same church as Sister Mills on any given Sunday and when I am unemployed, frequenting my church's Wednesday Intercessory prayer meeting where Sister Mills holds sway. I write about my elderly sister in Christ Jesus because she is a little bit under the proverbial weather, even though, I suppose, at 90 years of age, it is expected.

Our sister Mills is a prayer warrior where those near and far call her for Jesus' intercessions for the various maladies that plague the Body-of-Christ. Many of us who know her personally also curries her favor too because we know that she has 'juice' with the Living God through His Son, the Christ. You should know that for decades now, Sister Mills has been confined to a wheelchair, yet come whatever kind of inclement weather, she is in the house of the Lord... putting those of us with our perfect use of our limbs to shame.

Even Sister Mills' confinement to the wheel chair is a tale of the mercies and wonders of Christ Jesus. You see, before Sister Mills was confined to the wheel chair, she took sick and was Comatose for months and actually had the proverbial last rites performed - but the Lord had other plans. As Sister Mills tells it that while Comatose, she saw everything the doctors were doing and who came and visited her, including that one White gentleman who always sat in a chair besides her bed. When the Lord brought Sister Mills out of the Coma, she asked for the gentleman who constantly sat by her side during her prolonged slumber... only to be told that there was no such person who visited her, at least in the natural. Apparently, the Lord had dispatched one of his angels to comfort the Comatose Sister Mills, and, apparently, even the doctors and nurses believed her story about her angelic host because Sister Mills described visits and conversations that were had that said doctors and nurses were privy to while she was in deep sleep.

After the Coma, Sister Mils was confined to a wheel chair with partial paralysis, yet, as she often testified that the Lord allowed her confinement because she would not have been so determined to serve the Lord as a prayer warrior. Incidentally, often I would see a lady come up to Sister Mills and literally kissed her feet and my beloved mother told me that the lady had terminal cancer and Sister Mills prayed for her and Christ Jesus healed that lady completely. Now, I look at Sister Mills and the question that begs itself is that here is someone who the Lord has used to pray for others and many have received their healings or whatever their respective needs were... yet, the one (Sister Mills) doing the interceding is confined to a wheel chair. Such is the mysteries of the Living God because the Apostle Paul healed the sick and raised the dead, yet he too was stricken; and it was that same Apostle Paul who told his adopted son in Christ, Timothy, to consume milk and wine for the latter's many stomach ailments.

There are those who think that the President, Athletes, Celebrities, Lobbyists and Lawyers are the ones keeping everything together - but those of us in the Body-of-Christ know that it is prayer warriors like Sister Mills, who, through Christ Jesus' Grace, despite our wanton wickedness, keep America aloft... holding off the Divine judgment for our murdering of babies and our sanctioning of gay marriages. Another aspect of Sister Mill's ministry is her cheerful giving to those who are going through hardships. I know this intimately because I have been a beneficiary of her largess... so much so that I have pledged that as long as I am gainfully employed that Sister Mills will partake in my increase that the Lord has seen fit to bestow on me. To the Christians who read this blog, near or far, please say a prayer for Sister Mills that the Balm of Gilead that is Christ Jesus and Who is also the Great Physician to do a work on her and send Sister Mills back to the fold of Calvary Cathedral of Praise, if for nothing else... to simply hear her lovingly plead with You Lord for another Azusa-Street-Revival.


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