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Jesus, Yeshua, Son of the Living God

Updated on August 17, 2020
He is known by many Names.
He is known by many Names.

What's in a name

My husband's name at birth rendered him Michael L Preston. When I gave birth to our first child, a son, my spouse became Michael L Preston Sr. I dubbed him and our son Senor Senior and Senior Junior after a father and son in the Kim Possible cartoon. His childhood friends know him by the nickname of Shakie, and younger people call him Mr. Shakie. Our children know him as dad and the grandchildren refer to Him as grandpa or Grampy. In church, he is called Deacon Mike and on jobs, he has been referred to as Michael, or Mike. He has one friend who calls him Shake nuts. I have just listed 10 ways to address him and get his attention. He answers to them all depending on who is calling on him. There is a saying fro Shakespear that a rose by any other name still smells sweet. Likewise, the Savior of the world is known by various monikers depending on who is speaking and He answers to them all. I Timothy 2:5 tells us: For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.

Jesus there is something about that Name

Bill and Gloria Gaither penned a popular Christian tune titled Jesus, there's just something about that Name. This is the Name that is universal when referring to Him but not everyone agrees. Some say that we must use His Hebrew birth Name which is Yeshua. The Bible also gives many titles to Him including Wonderful, Counselor, the Son of the Living God, Prince of Peace, the Lily of the Valley, and the Rose of Sharon. The first disciples knew Him as a teacher, Lord, and Master. My personal opinion is not so much which title you ascribe to Him, but do you know Him, and does He answer when you call? There is a website that lists 25 different ways to call on Him from languages other than English.

1. Albanian: Jezu Krishti

2. Armenian: Hisus K’ristos

3. Bosnian: Isus Krist

4. Chichewa: Yesu Khristu

5. Chinese: Yēsū Jīdū

6. Dutch: Jezus Christus

7. Estonian: Jeesuse Kristuse

8. Filipino: Hesukristo

Many ways to say His Name.
Many ways to say His Name.

Do you know Him

Can you even imagine trying to tell people from these other nations and different languages that He only answers to His Hebrew title of Yeshua? What matters the most is whether you know Him and the power of His resurrection. No matter what we call Him, His blood is still all-powerful and He still conquered death, and hell. What really matters is if you have a relationship with Him so that He will not say to you, "Depart, I never knew you," (Matthew 7:23).

9.Galician: Xesucristo

10.Georgian: Ieso Qriste

11. Haitian: Jezikri

12. Hindi: Yīśu Masīha

13. Hmong: Yexus Khetos

14. Irish: Íosa Críost

15. Italian: Gesù Cristo

Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Call and He will answer.
Call and He will answer.

Power in His Name

One day the 12 disciples observed a man who was not part of their inner circle casting out demons in Jesus Name. 49 And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us. Although this man was not up close to the Savior he knew Him by His Spirit and the power of Christ was working through him.

50 And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.

There were also 7 boys who tried to cast out demons without knowing Him for themselves and they had quite a different experience. Acts 11 tells us:

14 And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so.

15 And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?

16 And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.

16.Malagasy: Jesoa Kristy

17. Maori: Ihu Karaiti

18. Papiamentu: Hesu Kristu

19. Romanian: Isus Hristos

20. Russian: Iisus Khristos

The Name above every Name.
The Name above every Name.

King of all kings

He is the King of all kings and at His Name, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord. (Romans 14:11). If you don't know Him, you can call on Him today in whatever language you speak or however you have heard His Name pronounced. Call Him and He will answer and show Himself to you, pardon your sins and give you eternal life.

21. Somali: Ciise Masiix

22. Spanish: Jesucristo

23. Tajik: Isoi Maseh

24. Welsh: Iesu Grist

25. Zulu: uJesu Kristu

Philippians 2:9 Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: [10] That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; [11] And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Cheryl E Preston


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