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Jesus is Lord Not A Swear Word

Updated on January 14, 2022

Jesus is LORD Not A Swear WORD

Yes indeed and a nice try at rhyming.

This is a real actual photograph, not photoshop.

And there are a lot of real sightings in several states1.

Indeed, the truth is out there, travelling the interstate highways and parked at truck stops.

I even googled it and found this lovely web forum where people who do not believe in Jesus or in God or in organized religion had a field day sharing their thoughts. This is a free country you know:

(I must warn you, click at your own risk, contains mature language)

But anyway we know that the truth hurts. And we do know what hurt does, it moves people to fight back.

But sometimes I still don't get it when people who do not believe in Jesus or in God or a god become too wrapped up to debate somebody who does. I'm thinking, if you don't believe then to each his own right? Obviously some people do believe so debating them would have little effect because they should know that the other folks would just be as close-minded as they are.

But really, if you do not believe in God, why even bother to talk about it. I know, some would argue and say that if it will affect my civil rights, if it will affect the laws that will be passed, if it will affect the things that I want to do that I can't do, then I should talk about it. Fine, but not to the point that I see some people who do not believe in Jesus or in God, talking about Jesus and God and the Bible a hundred times more than those who do believe. It's a shame really. Of course, it should be the believers who should be ashamed, if you ask me.

I mean some days, there are a lot more people who trash-talk God, who trash-talk Jesus and who trash-talk the Bible who do talk about God, Jesus and the Bible more than those who supposedly do believe in God, in Jesus and in the Bible.

And this is a fine example, there are a whole lot more people who do not believe in Jesus, who uses that name as a swear word, most times adding the F word in the middle. They add the D word to God too, all the time, many times a day, sometimes many times in one sentence.

I mean for somebody who does not believe in God, some do use that word many many many times a day. And some might argue that a few of those who do are like overly obsessed with it. I'm only joking though, for they can do whatever they want. We ALL can, we just have to be aware especially if we aren't, that there are consequences to every single one of them.

Jesus Is Not A Swear Word

But remember what that truck sign above and many others just like it says, Jesus (or God) is Lord and not a swear word. I have yet to hear somebody use the names Buddah, Allah, Yahweh or many other similar names in the same manner. (I didn't even realize that all those names end in h. Well, I know I misspelled Buddha, sorry about that, no offense meant, I just did a quick google search to correct that, well who knows, maybe it just means that I do not overly obsess myself with those names and it is not really in my consciousness or sub-consciousness for that matter, all that much for me to even use it in my everyday speech).

Lastly, all you God-believers, all you so-called Christians, all you who believe in the Bible, yes even you who have yet to read any two books in it (it does have 66 books you know so you can choose the two shortest ones so you do not have to fall in this category), all of you, shame on you if you do the same. I mean, shame on you if you use the name of the Lord in vain. If you do, then repent and refrain and share the word2. Peace!

1 Just yesterday my wife saw a similar truck in Los Angeles.

2 You do have to read the bible first to share the word. And you who talk-trash the bible, you should read the whole book too (all 66 books) and then form your own opinions about it and not just nit pick or browse through somebody else's commentary on how flawed the bible is. Do your own research, do your own reading of the entire book and then form your own opinion. Reading is fun, and I hope that you had fun reading this short one too.

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Date: 2010-Mar-12

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