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Jesus preached repentance not tolerance: Some Christian's view

Updated on November 26, 2014

I came across a facebook status that claimed it is wrong to teach tolerance because Jesus preached repentance not tolerance. Basically, the comment was made in an update on same sex marriage but if one should stop teaching or preaching tolerance then it should not be restricted to some aspects of differences.

Some people are of the opinion that Jesus did not speak against tolerance and that his command to “love one another” or “love your neighbor as yourself” is base on tolerance because he is aware that differences exist yet he wants us to love unconditionally.

The main problem with the status is that the person seems not to understand that the teaching of tolerance does not mean one will not teach repentance. One can only repent when one realizes that one is wrong or has sinned. On the other hand, tolerance does not mean that one who tolerates does so because what one tolerates is right but because one wants to respect the rights of others to make their choices for as long as such choices do not interfere or prevent one from exercising one’s right.

Therefore, the teaching of tolerance and teaching of repentance is what can go hand in hand. Above all, when one realizes that one cannot force anyone to repent then one learns to tolerate for one’s personal happiness and peace. After all, judgment is a personal thing in that God will not judge anyone base on the action of others.

The best anyone can do is to make his or her stand known on any issue. Then speak on it if necessary but not to force anyone to accept such views. That is why the shout, “why must the persecuted always become the persecutor?” This is because each religious movement even Christians were persecuted at a time in human history. Then finally they were accepted but unfortunately none of them learnt from their sufferings so they insist others must convert. That is why some people are of the view that extremism in Muslims has caused global unrest. Such extremism is not different when we discriminate or deny others their rights for religious reasons.

Even Jesus begged for tolerance.

I once asked, my younger brother “You know me so well. Do you think I will kill Jesus if I was the king even if I do not believe in his teachings?” He answered, “God knew you won’t kill him that is God did not make someone like you the king.” Jesus repeatedly asked the Jews, “What have I done to you?” This is because although he knew that the Jews did not support his teachings but he knew it was wrong for them to try to kill him or to hate him because he did nothing to them while to the Jews it was a sin to teach such.

Consequently, Jesus expected the Jews to tolerate him even if they did not belief in him yet we have failed to learn from the mistakes of others because like the Jews we must do the work of God by force.


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