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Jokes: Part 2

Updated on May 30, 2011

1. An armed robber came to rob at night in a house where a man and his family lived. As he broke the door and shouted to the man, “Where is the money or I shoot?” the man was still trying to answer when the robber looked up and saw a picture of Jesus so the robber whispered to the man, “do not make noise, just tell me quietly where the money is so that Jesus will not hear it and know that I came to your house because when I left my house I prayed to God to lead my successful in this business.” “You mean you prayed before coming to rob?” “Why will I not pray?” “You do not have to pray because it is criminal and God does not support crime” “well the only difference is that I threatened you will a gun while others make you to kindly give them your money.” “The problem is that even before you left Jesus knew you were going to steal so he did not have heard your prayers.” The robber shouted, “You mean he knew that I was going to steal and he did not tell me even after I said Amen? Okay I forgot to tell you that I also use charms to help me in the robbery” “so you see why God will never answer your prayers?”

That remind me that some armed robbers think that robbery is a business and they fail to understand that it is wrong to take what belongs to others either by force or without their permission. Some robbers when go to places of worship and they make donations there as a way to compensate for what they stole from others. I think they are wrong. Some people may not believe that robbers go to places of worship. Well, I have heard of an armed robber that stole a robber. There are also cases of people stealing things in the churches.

2. An atheist was discussing with a friend who is a Christian. After some time the atheist went into the kitchen to fix some food for dinner while his friend watched television. Then his friend saw some horrible live pictures and news of the 9/11 incident so he shouted “Jesus.” The shout was so loud that the atheist ran to the sitting room with a kitchen knife in a mood for a fight and asked, “Where his he, let me finish what the Jews started?”


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