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Journey Back To Eden: The Fall of Woman Pt.1

Updated on December 1, 2013

“And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.” Genesis 3:20

It is becoming increasingly clearer to me that the Word of God is filled with transparent truths that reveal the nature and characteristic of man. In that long ago the question was asked, “What is man, that thou are mindful of him?”

Man is that vehicle of expression that unfolds the mind of God, revealing to us the complexity of His ability to bring into manifestation a created being, after His image and after His likeness. One who can worship, and sense the presence of its Creator, touching heaven and earth in a state of being. While there is a need for religious activity to busy its flock with conferences, ceremony and religious hype, the Holy Spirit tugs at the heart strings of men and woman, boys and girls to incline their ears unto the heavenly language of God, to unravel the mystery of themselves on this daily journey of discovery. We must answer the call of the Holy Spirit to come face to face with truth; the truth of who God is, of who the Christ is, of who the sons of God are; and of who Adam and the Woman is; not to mention, we must understand who Eve is, as well as why she is? Religion keeps one busy with activity that silences the voice of God to woo the heart to deeper realizations of who we are in the creation.

Christ resides within His people in the form of the Holy Spirit, calling and beckoning the heart to draw near unto God (the source of life). Christ is in the business of unfolding himself unto the hungry soul, the soul that is willing to lay down their life of self, to pursue after the bread and the wine, in other words, the word and the spirit. There is no sweeter place of communion than when we are summoned to the holy table of the Lord, the Lord’s Table, to eat of his Word and to drink of his spirit life, so we become lively in our expression to live godly in this present world.

We must desire Him, ALL OF HIM, with the understanding, “HE THAT HAS THE SON, HAS LIFE, HE THAT HAS NOT THE SON OF GOD, HAS NOT LIFE” (I John 5:12). Religion keeps us practicing the letter, while living in the shadow of life. While we pursue each and every day to serve God, we oftentimes find that we serve religious systems that call us to assemble in worship centers, and sanctuaries of far reaching beauty and splendor, while the people who gather to these monuments of worship, are they themselves, full of dead man’s bones, void of the eternal life that they rave about in songs, and teachings; leaving those centers of worship, to face that ravenous wolf, of self consciousness, being consumed each and everyday with endless longing to be touched by the eternal God with a life that is flowing. I love what Revelation 2:17 states, “He that hath an ear (the ability to perceive with the mind), let him hear what THE SPIRIT saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of THE HIDDEN MANNA (the heavenly food), and will give him a WHITE STONE, and in the stone A NEW NAME (new nature) written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

The thing that is often missed when reading the contents of Revelation is that it is a book of symbols, and the symbols are not the truth, however they point to the truth; and so it is with the symbol of THE HIDDEN MANNA, which was the food that God provided to the Old Testament Body of God in the wilderness for forty years. That’s right, for forty years the children of Israel were to consume “WHAT IS IT?”

Today we consume only the things that we understand, things that we can logically wrap our minds around, denominational teachings of types and shadows, yet depriving ourselves of the ability to be partakers of what the types and shadows point to. The bread of God is HE (THE CHRIST), and if we are to be partakers of the God kind of life or the God kind of desire, we must be partakers of THE HIDDEN MANNA, and in order to be partakers of THE HIDDEN MANNA we must be OVERCOMERS pushing pass the church realm as shown in the seven-fold call of the Holy Spirit, “HE THAT HAS AN EAR, LET HIM HEAR!!!

Hear what?

We must hear WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING UNTO THE CHURCH or your virgin soul!

The Holy Spirit is here as a present force of life to speak to the inquisitive soul to pursue after this HIDDEN MANNA, by infusing us with an intense need to OVER COME our need to be churchy, while we COME OVER to the place of ONE DESIRE!


When the woman began to engage in conversation with the whisperer, (the serpent), she opened herself up to questions and sensations that were, for the most part, un-checked by her husband (Adam). The woman represents our souls, and our soul is the seat of desire. When the woman laid eyes on the forbidden fruit after yielding her EAR GATE to the masterful cunning of the serpent she, through her EYE GATE, saw the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as a tree that was 1) GOOD FOR FOOD 2) PLEASANT TO THE EYES 3) SOMETHING TO BE DESIRED TO MAKE ONE WISE (PROSPER – HAVE SUCCESS) 4) SOMETHING THAT WAS TASTY AND TO BE SHARED

You might be wondering why I took the long road to get to the subject matter of The Fall of Woman. I wanted to engage your understanding of what your true appetite must be in the Kingdom of God. I also want you to understand that Woman in Genesis is a symbol of something greater in scope than a female counterpart of man; woman is a symbol of the soul of man. Woman is an object lesson of the holy place part of all men; she is the mind, the intellect, the emotional chamber of all men.

When we understand this, we should see that Adam comprises two compartments within all men, man (type of spirit) and woman (type of soul). These two beautiful creatures represent the pneuma (spirit) and psuche (soul) within each man. When God put ADAM in a deep sleep and extracted from him a woman, Adam was given an outward showing of his inner soul, a soul that he was to lead, nourish, cherish, empower with the essential force of life. On the other hand, when woman (soul) looked upon her husband (spirit), she was seeing the spirit-man separated from the soul, and the twain were to become one; however get this, their oneness would be based on what they consumed TOGETHER!

To be continued…


Journey Back To Eden: Adam and His Church

Every man inherited the consequences of Adam, (ONE MAN’S DISOBEDIENCE), upon himself, being partakers of DEATH (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). No matter how good a person perceived himself to be, he inherited (BEFORE CHRIST’S REDEMPTION) the Adamic consciousness of sin and death. Some could even argue, how unfair is this to be smitten with the consequences of someone else’s actions. Why should you and I be categorized with this thoughtless Adam (ONE MAN) in particular, who took it upon himself to disobey God, and we as unsuspecting souls, be charged for his crime and treason against God?


God Is A Consuming Fire

The CONSUMING FIRE THAT GOD IS will see that THE SEEKER obtains the reward that comes with seeking GOD DILIGENTLY. In this day and time we do not have a moment to waste on being passive and reserved when it comes to seeking God, because doing so only makes the FIRE OF HIS BURNING more intense. Many of us seek without reservation GOD IS LOVE, or GOD THE SHEPHERD, or GOD THE PROVIDER, or GOD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, or GOD OUR PEACE, but what we fail to realize is that there is a side of God that must accompany these attributes and qualities of God and that is God is FIRE!

The fire comes to burn up our carnality of UNBELIEF (Wayside Heart); of UNGODLINESS (Stony Heart) and of WORLDLINESS (Thorny Heart). This will occur until Christ began to take up residence in us, bringing forth fruit unto God some thirty-fold (Justified by Faith), some sixty-fold (Sanctified by Truth), and some a hundred-fold (Glorified in the Son) – the forming of Christ in us, to us and through us. You can settle for the devil’s lie of one day someday, but there is a place in God where you can be changed in the presence of The Devouring Flame.

Many today want to pawn on us a belief that what they are in the flesh is all they can be; God understands their heart, so forth and so on. We have painted an untruth that we are unable to break away from the appetites of the sin nature; but if this is true, then Christ died in vain.


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