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Jumbled Thoughts

Updated on November 5, 2009


Silence filters through the trees like sunlight from on high.  Peace engulfs me as I sit upon the ground.  There was a time when life lay before me like a golden path yet that seems so far away. Life has left scars upon my fragile soul which aches from the attacks of Satan and is so thirsty for the companionship of the Father.  My thoughts are jumbled and confused and the state of my being is simply scattered.


I know the reality of Gods love for me.  I know the extent of that love is more that I can even imagine, yet this confusion still attaches and torments me.  Placing my trust in God is easy to do because I know that He is there for me and will take care of me yet the reality of doing so is so much harder. 


I think that we are all faced with the same conflicts; we know that God will take care of us yet we struggle with fully surrendering to Him.  As the years go by nothing really changes that fact.  As we draw closer to God, Satan uses doubt to keep us on edge about that truth.  Satan will place seeds of doubt about everything, all that it takes is just a seed and we give into that doubt, We must remember that faith as small as the mustard seed will take us through everything, even past the seeds of doubt that Satan places in our way.


Knowledge of God’s reality and the faith to turn everything over to Him is something that we must learn daily to do.  He will never forsake us and He is always there for us.  God, our Father love and protects us.  We must put our faith in Him and live in His Peace.


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