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Jupiter in Cancer Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Jupiter is the planet of luck and it will bring you heaps and heaps of it, if you are willing to embrace the energy with which it is delivered. Sometimes luck appears in the most unlikely of situations, but sometimes we can encourage its arrival. When you are aware of the energy governing your Saturn sign, you will have an advantage -- you'll know the secret that makes Jupiter send it your way. If you were born with Jupiter in Cancer, please continue reading to learn more about this aspect of the natal chart!

Giving Leads to Receiving

Cancer is a natural caretaker, and Jupiter in Cancer responds well to this energy. When you go out of your way to care for other people, you will find yourself rewarded greatly. Mind, the more selfless you are in this endeavor, the more rewarded you will be. Don't think you can just pop into a shelter, hand over a few bucks and expect Jupiter to shower you with good fortune. No, you must do the giving with the recipient in mind, not yourself. When you give freely and selflessly, the way Cancer does, you will find Jupiter smiling down on you.


Tune Into Your Emotions

Jupiter in Cancer will find luck when they embrace their own emotions. It is very unhealthy to suppress feelings and if you have been going through a particularly unlucky patch, you may want to evaluate whether or not you are in touch with your inner self. Cancer is very keenly connected to their spiritual self, and they are not afraid to embrace their emotions. If you follow this example, Jupiter is sure to be impressed and bestow some luck on you. But this is not a one time event -- you should make an effort to get in touch with those emotions, and remain in touch with them for the long haul. The more attuned you are to your inner voice, the more Jupiter will be able to help you.

Extravagance is Frowned Upon

If you've gotten caught up in the material temptations life has to offer, Jupiter in Cancer may not be throwing a whole lot of luck your way. This is because Cancer is a very financially conservative sign that does not waste money on things that are not important. And when I say not important, I'm talking about fancy labels and excess. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with having a comfortable environment -- Cancer's home is very important to them and they must be able to view it as a sanctuary. But they are not going to deck it out like Liberace, if you get my point. So take care to stay focused on the more important things in life.


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