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Jupiter in Leo Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Jupiter is a powerful planet that has the ability to shower us with luck, when it feels we are deserving of it. If we are living up to the potential our Jupiter sign placement brings to the table, then we will probably be very lucky indeed. If you were born with a Jupiter in Leo placement, please read on for more information about how this astrological aspect will affect you!

Take Pride in Yourself

No one is more proud than Leo Sun, and that energy will come through with Jupiter in Leo. Be proud of yourself and do not let other peoples negative comments bring you down. That said, you should not confuse that with arrogance, which is another trait Leo sometimes has to contend with. So be proud without being cocky or rude. When you stand up in the face of rejection and carry on, Jupiter will bring you great luck and success. This may be very difficult for those who have sun or moon sign that bears an entirely different sort of energy, but part of the reward that Jupiter brings comes from being brave and facing up to things you might be naturally inclined to face up to.


Explore Your Creative Side

Leos have a strong desire to express themselves and to leave behind a legacy of some sort. Jupiter in Leo will share some of this energy as well, and luck will come to those who are not afraid to try new things and share their views with other people in a creative way. This might be musically, artistically, or even just through speaking -- but it should be done with enthusiasm and flair! Why? Because you are not just expressing yourself here, you are inspiring others to express themselves as well. And when you can bring about a positive change in someone else, Jupiter views that favorably and will present you with luck in one form or another.

Take the Lead

No matter how timid you may be on the inside, Jupiter in Leo has a leadership quality that is just waiting for the chance to surface. It may be readily accessible or it may be buried deep down inside, depending on other aspects of your natal chart, but it is there, believe me! When you stand up to the plate and take a leadership role, guiding other people toward a common goal (preferably one with a positive goal of some sort!) then Jupiter will smile on you and grant you luck. It may mean that you have to face your fears in order to do this, but that sort of thing is ALWAYS rewarded well, so don't let it hold you back.


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