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See You at the Pole

Updated on November 11, 2022
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Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Yearly Happening At Our Schools Be A Part Of The Movement

See You at the Pole Kids for Christ

Sunrise had not occurred yet, but he was awake. This weekday was different, and to him, it was a calling. Please meet at the pole was a day for them to shine for Jesus, the day he and some friends would stand up for what they believed.

To pray together might appear a simple task, not a big deal, if they went to a private school. This event occurs at our local high schools and continues yearly on national campuses.

They are a group called Kids for Christ, “yep,” I said, “K-F-C, and we’re not talking about the fast food, Chicken.” This gathering is about food for life. Kids For Christ, stand up, and they are anything but chicken!

The meeting at the pole happens amid the hundreds of students walking past the pole on a public campus. On this day, they join schools across America for a meeting that may have been irrelevant for many, but to this kid, it meant everything.

We have many of them in our midst, forming a purposeful army. Maybe they are hiding under a hooded sweatshirt. Perhaps they are afraid to speak up for fear of attack. However, today, they lift one another when they go to the pole as a unified group. These young people take a bold stance as soldiers for the Almighty God, similar to the army surrounding Jericho. They will not relent; they will trust in their Heavenly Father and will not standalone.

“See You At The Pole” is the day Kids For Christ stands in front of their school at the flagpole. The flagpole represents One Nation Under God, and on this day, they want to stand up for their belief in Christ. They share their passion and are eager to share in unity and welcome any who wishes to join them.

They hope their stance can change in these moments, one life, just one, maybe more; only God knows the outcomes. They have tremendous faith that their position is making a difference and hope to be the smile that stops a kid from hurting, the sign that a lost soul would be seeking. They shine their light together for Jesus in the free land, a country where they can worship!

A few days before this event, he had gleaned as he shared the details of what this one morning would entail. He explained that each of us would get to pick a verse and pray together. He said we would meet at six forty-five in the morning and gather for about forty-five minutes. The night before the event, he was so excited, the same excitement one has for a big baseball game or fun youth event.

This young man is quite a sports lover and most mornings involve a quiet breakfast with the sports channel, giving him a helpful review of the weekly sporting events. If you can be in his presence, we always share the delightful play-by-play update of his favorite sports teams. The sheepish grin shines through as he inhales a breakfast while following the sports news. That morning, however, was the day he could honor his favorite team of all while he was in high school, God’s team. On that unforgettable day, he could share the Good News of Christ, which burns brightly in his heart.

Please don't Kick God to the Curb

As we know, in current times within our society, people kick God to the curb in public establishments and or settings. To mention His Holy name is now treated as some form of treason.

To say His name is so ironic, given the mere definition of treason, is a betrayal of trust or breach of faith. We as a people must find this amusing and confusing when our forefathers built this country on principles of faith. Even our currency states, “In God We Trust.” Our pledge of allegiance to the flag brings reverence and loyalty to our “One Nation Under God.”

So yes, the Kids for Christ group are beyond excited that on that one day, they can stand outside of their various buildings across this great nation and say things like

“When God, our Savior, revealed his kindness and love, He saved us, not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He washed away our sins, giving us a new birth and new life through the Holy Spirit.” Titus 3:5 New Living Translation.

This verse was one that our son felt called to share with us as to his feeling about that moment in time. Like his parents, his daily walk with Christ is one we admire. Our son is quite bold with his faith and is such a fantastic blessing to watch; the joy of this day is as essential to him as a big game or any teen event is humbling. We couldn’t have been prouder of his conviction for sharing his complete love and respect for his Father in Heaven.

As I drove him to the school, I had the tiniest pangs in my heart. This pang was a mix of emotions; I am a mom, right? First, the pulse of pure admiration for Our Father in Heaven. Second, joy for the conviction He had placed on our son’s heart, beginning at such a young age and continuing with such faithful and robust persistence that day and into his future.

We stand in awe of God's work in both of our children, or should I say, young adults. Their steadfast faith affirms that they and all children are of God, and they grant us guardianship of them for a short time.

As a parent, I admit the brief entertainment of these kids' risk to place themselves before their public school; after advertising, they would stand for their faith in God, right there at the pole. Just as quickly as I allowed this thought, I put it to rest, knowing no matter what, God has all been under His control, and it is not of my concern.

Those standing at the pole are sons and daughters of a King. They are part of His army and were eager to get up earlier secure rides and come prepared for what Christ would have them do for His glory.

Don’t kick God to the curb. Please meet me at the pole next time they are there. This meeting may be the jumping point for a new believer or the continuation of a life of service to our King. See you at the pole each September on campuses across America.

Meet Them in September

I must share my slight disappointment that the pole does not have an overwhelming presence of kids on these September mornings.

As I drove by one last time before heading home, I noticed plenty of wiggle room. Wiggle room is all right, though. God gives us that. I suppose it’s what we do with that wiggle room that matters?

I pray you wiggle your way right into the arms of your Father in heaven. I pray you’re led and guided by the lifting of the Holy Spirit, and I implore you to accept Christ into your hearts. If these kids can be an example, it must be worth looking into; what do you say?

How about not being chicken and trying to be a Kid For Christ? How about trusting that He has grand plans for those who call upon His name? Maybe start with, “Hello God, it’s me, your kid. I wanted to know if you have a minute to talk to the main Guy?

© 2012 Kathy Henderson


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