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Kedibone Madibuseng ( She will do anything for the money).

Updated on July 29, 2015

Kedibone Madibuseng.


Kedibone Madibuseng( she will do anything for the money).

Kedibone Madiboseng ( She will do anything for the money).

She balls on the budget of a shoe string.She is loose.Jack daniels on the rocks.Three tots.She flirts with righteousness.Giving birth to lust.

She has a bruised heart.Faith has no place in her heart.Her emotions swing out of control recklessness ‎is the off spring of her daily actions and world.

Yet I am attracted to the beauty of her soul.Yet my love is not safe in the palm of her hands‎. What am I to do?I have fallen for her.There is no turning back.

I am a star.I once lived in the heavens.I am now a fallen angel.Let us not go there, it is painful just thinking of it.

We became an item.She is my girl.Yet am I her only man?I doubt it.

I have sleepless nights.I no longer ‎sleep peacefully.Love has abandoned my existence.I am in love.There is no turning back.Her beauty is the seed of our love The fruits of a brutal attraction.

We dine.Sip on wine.Yet it does not feel like eternity.Yet when it rains we have a shelter‎. There is so much to be grateful for.Yet by human nature, love is not enough.

I am faithful, she despises me for my loyalty.She brings new men into our temple of our love.This does not feel like love anymore.I do not entertain any of her friends.Yet 5 of my closest friends have her number.
I want out .Yet my world without her presence seems bleak.

Love is when someone adores you unconditionally.

You will do anything to see them happy.You share the same dreams.The moments in your world are picture perfect.Love is having all you desire.As well as having a soul mate to share all you have with

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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