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Keys For Kingdom Ministerial Institute

Updated on May 22, 2011

Launch of Keys For Kingdom Ministerial Online Institute

 Grace and Peace brothers and sister in Christ.

It brings me such a joy and a pleasure to have been blessed with tools for everyone to utilize in ministry today. Over the past 3 years in ministry, I've been seeking God for another avenue of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to as many as I can reach. I am a firm believer of preaching the gospel here in my hometown and to millions across the world.

However, we all are living in the times where people are falling away and turning to Christianity. This is just the world we live in. In our ecomony, its almost impossible to get through high school let alone college. There are thousands of people who want a close relationship with God and discover their divine purpose here on earth. Keys For Kingdom Ministerial Institute has remedied the worries of tuition for all those who want to embrace their ministry calling in the offices of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher.

Our curriculum is quite simple to follow. We also will send everyone a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the course. The course is only 2 1/2 years of study and free for everyone with a Facebook Account. All you have to do is participate! Show that you are willing and dedicated for your own spiritual and close relationship with God.We have 90 day courses per office and other classes as well. Our main and only goal is to equip many for the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Keys For Kingdom Ministerial Institute or K4KMI is an educational program branch of The Upper Room Apostolic Fellowship of Churches where all classes are taught directly from Apostle LaShonda C. Harrell Andrews. Everything is online, so you'll never have to leave your home or office.


Enrolling is very easy. If you have a facebook account, all you have to do is search for Keys for Kingdom Ministerial Institute and click the "like" button. After you have done that, go to the discussion forum and look for "Introduction" and tell us a little bit about yourself. Read all the post in the discussion and answer the Discussion Questions. Please let me explain.

In the discussion forum, there are two questions posted that we all call DQs. They appear as DQ1 Week 1 and DQ2 Week. DQ1 week 1 are always due on Mondays and DQ2 are always due on Wednesdays. You'll have to post your 300 word reply and engage in general conversation with other students in that same post. This counts for class participation which is 40 percent of your grade.

Secondly, assignments are posted always in the beginning of the week and are due on Thursdays. All materials needed are included in the discussion board "Week 1 Assignment" Assignments count at 30 percent of your grade

There is a thread with the sermon topic of the week that students write. This gets inboxed directly to me. Those are due on Saturdays and graded. Sermons count for 30 percent of your grade.

Please do take this time to get familiar with the institute. I'd love to have you apart of my very first class. To all that follow me here and enjoy my teachings, you can now earn a certification for free.

I pray to see you all in class. God bless and lets get started!


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