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Kick Life in the Teeth-Reinvent Yourself

Updated on September 28, 2014

Reflections on Life

Starting a new life - photo by
Starting a new life - photo by

Evaluate Your Life and Move Forward

When you wake up one morning and evaluate your life and you see nothing behind you and you see nothing ahead of you it can be devastating. You begin to wonder what happened - the clouds are still in the sky, the mountains have not moved and the waves in the ocean are still beating against the rocks. What happened to your life?

Start with a self-examination. Review all the dead end jobs you’ve held, your family ties, any failed relationships and the legends of fair-weather friends that have come and gone in your life. The decisions that you have made...some good, some bad and when you get right down to it you have come full circle. It can only get better, right?

Self Examination Starts With You

The only way your life will get better is for you to take charge and reinvent yourself. Define your goals, examine your dreams, take inventory of the people in your life and start serious housecleaning. Get rid of all the negative forces in your life-your job, unmotivated friends, and people, including family, who are unsupportive. That is the only way you can move forward to a better life.

Don’t look back-reinvent yourself, your job, your family and your life. If you are working in a nowhere job, taking crap from a boss from hell and are surrounded by petty co-workers start to plan your getaway. Discover what you love to do and go after it in a strategic way. Don’t listen to naysayers-just do it. If you cannot find the job that fits your new profile–invent your own, become an entrepreneur. Learn how to fund your dreams, research, plan, and move toward your bliss. If you are afraid, remember, all successful people were afraid at one time but they never gave up and kept pursuing their dreams. Study successful people, find out what they know that you should know and emulate them.

Drop-kick negative and unsupportive family members right out of your life now. They can be in your life but they do not have to be a part of your life. What does that say about family when your own family does not support your dreams and aspirations? Dysfunctional families are part of the American landscape. You must decide to move beyond them and build a new family of friends who will stand behind you and support you.

Reinvention is not only about a new hairstyle, a new body, a new attitude or a new face. It is “you”-making a complete self-assessment of your issues, the people in your life, your goals, assessing your inner being and purpose, examining the excuses you make for your behavior and your existence. Reinvention starts with you. It is looking in the mirror and confronting the reality of you. Ask yourself, “What are you doing that is keeping you from achieving your dreams?” If you never tell the truth to anyone, tell the truth to yourself so your life can become one of fulfillment, love and happiness. Everyone on this earth is here for a reason. Begin now to discover the reason you are in this universe. It is never too late to find you.


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